When did you start watching anime? what about now is it better or worst?

when did you start watching anime? what about now is it better or worst?

Depends what counts as "starting watching".
I already got exposure to some Jap cartoon stuff as a lil' kid (Moomins, Silver Fang, Pokemon...).

Otherwise, 2003-4 was the point when I truly "got into" this stuff.
Yeah, shit's mostly worse nowadays, but only because mid-to-late 00s was so amazing. Yet I've found something new to watch almost every season, even this year.

OP here
seasonal anime is mostly trash but you can find great gems every season/year that Sup Forums doesn't talk about
also i agree with you on mid to late 00s many modern classics came from that era.



Started at 2007. Now it is better.

Early digital anime was mostly pretty bad. You think otherwise because of the handful of great shows from that time you can remember, like Azumanga Daioh.
tl;dr rose-tinted glasses

First anime I watched was either Devil Hunter Yohko and The Bioboosted Armor: Guyver OVAs back in the mid~late 90s from Blockbuster. Didn't really get into the anime thing as a whole until I got dragged into Naruto a few years later down the road. Oh man, starting up like four of those shit quality episode downloads before bed on 28k dial up.


2003. Shows around that time weren't that great in hindsight. It got better and then it got shitty again.

Technically the first anime I watched was Moomin but I don't think that really counts.
Other than that I got my start around the late 90s early 2000s watching shit my weeb mom imported like Lain and Eva.

I think the percentage of good shows is about the same, the volume is just greater and there needs to be more time before the true classics will emerge.

I have been casually watching anime since I was a kid, but like most popular ones like Naruto, Shaman King, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Elfen Lied (at least where I lived, it was popular anime to call "cartoons for adults" cause it was unnecessarily gore-y).

I started watching anime seasonally just a little over year and a half ago in 2016 Spring. I'd say last two seasons have been fairly shit, no particularly outstanding anime in good sense and bad sense. I don't shitpost nearly as much because there is just nothing to shitpost about.

Current season is just ok with Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou being my AOTS so far.

>dial up.
fuck, I miss those shitty days. It used to take me a whole week to download an episode back then.

That's why those cheapass reencodes with retarded codecs like realmedia existed.

the very first animu i ever watched was Legend of the Overfiend. A buddy of mine rented it thinking it was gonna be some action animation. After that it was like Cutie Honey, Tank Police, Akira, Ninja Scroll, etc. and this was in the mid 90's I believe

2015, bit of a newfag
Shit is still pretty much the same though it seemed more common for there to be shows that were genuinely great in the early to mid 2000s


yeah, I never bothered with those. I image they looked like complete shit though.

just give it 3 or 4 years and you will say otherwise

i am 30yo

you think Sup Forums will remember the 2010s anime as fondly as they do with mid to late 00s?

But Azumanga is shit in terms of art and animation and yet an awesome anime since a comedy series doesn't need to look good to be funny. Same goes for many other series, humor was superior back then.

First anime I watched was Samurai Pizza Cats in the early 90s, but I didn't start watching regularly until the turn of the millennium.
To be honest I'm not sure. There's just so many goddamn shows now compared to when I would have started watching, but I think the overall ratio of good/bad is more or less the same.

I didn't watch anime as it came out until about 2007. It seems like the average quality is about the same but the best shows are slightly worse than they used to be.

I started watching seasonally in fall 2010, although I was first exposed with Sailor, Pokemon etc in the 90's.
Worse now, but 2011 and early 2012 are hard acts to follow. Even the first show I watched week by week, Panty and Stocking, is a hard act to follow.

Nice MAL thread.

2011 was a tremendous year for anime. One of the greatest. The best year. People will look back at 2011 and wonder where we went wrong.

Started in the late 90s. It's much easier to obtain anime today than back then, and the translations tend to be much better. But I think the industry has stagnated since the mid-2000s, and writing quality and plot diversity have declined.

Yeah like you have any idea.

Way better

fuck off

My parents got into anime around the time I was born, so probably 1993. I like that anime is easier to watch nowadays. You used to have to go to conventions and buy bootleg vhs tapes.

>Claims to have been watching since 2007 the golden year
>Thinks its better now

Keep it up user, you will be Sup Forums's future


2017 May.
Coincidentally, Net-juu is me irl. Living as a NEET now.

>inb4 NTR and back to normalfag by December

>blatant newfag



That is a bit unfair since I really like this season and year.
Due to internet infancy and early fan subs 97 gave me
>tenshi myo
>el hazard
>ah my godess
Truly a great time to be alive.

I wouldnt know since, even though having watched ~700 shows/movies/ova I dont watch them in chronological order and rarely even pay attention to specific release dates


2014. I'm a newfag. I've been on Sup Forums forever but was an anime hating Sup Forumstard. I think I got into it at a pretty good time, I like moe and CGDCT so there wouldn't have been too much of that in 2007.

What gets me is the people who say we're going through an anti-loli era when stuff like Shoujo Ramune and Implicity are getting animated. Sure, there might not be as much loliservice in TV anime but there weren't much HC animated loli hentai back then either.

>3dpd phoneposter

2006 as a casual viewer.it worst back in the days we got better ecchi harem stuff with great stories

I started watching anime two years ago, im 22 now and all my friends make fun of me.

>Depends what counts as "starting watching".
This. Technically Dragon ball Z, Sailor moon and pokemon in the 90s but I didnt realise it was anime at the time.

First got properly "introduced" to anime in 2002 and saw Gunsmith Cats. Promptly watched all the classics after that.

Generally I feel like anime has gotten pretty but it's artstyle going to shit at the same time as well. Also the shitty 3d CG that's starting to get more and more common is basically putting me off of new shows altogether and is resulting me in going through my backlog.

Pretty much this. I remember being at University in 2002, 2003 and having to get anime either through waiting all day to download 30mb .avis off of Kazaa, or going to lan parties and leeching whatever shit people had on their harddrives that I hadn't seen already.

I remember I once borrowed the whole Love Hina box set from a guy in my dorms so I could spend 3 days ripping the files to .avi format, then the filesize/quality being so high that my PC wasnt powerful enough to watch it cuz of desync issues and 5fps.

Anime is way more accessible now with CR, better internet speeds, more variety but like the gaming industry it's kind of gone to shit because of it.

Excluding Sailor Moon and Pokemon I started watching anime around 2002.
It's better now.

>or worst

It's odd to think that people who started posting with something like the SnK or even KLK boom aren't entirely newfags anymore.


My first anime was kinda fucked up though. Not sure how I stomached Higurashi at the age of 10.
I still regret finding anime at such an early age.
I still have friends from that time as I was running around being a full weeb unable to hide his powerlevel trying to show everyone muh animus.

they still talk about it to this day



I know, i'm surprised I haven't turned out to be more fucked up.

Around 2001, I think it is better now. There are more good shows but also 5x as many bad shows.

Tsugumomo, Tenshi no 3p, Shomin Sample, etc. there's still plenty of loli fanservice anime out there. they're just not the center attraction of the show like they used to be

>about the same ratio of mediocre to good, just with changing trends

Am I the only one disgusted by the sheer number of posters ITT who didn't start watching anime until the 21st century? What the fuck

I feel like most people here are between the ages of 16-23.

I don't remember when I started to watch anime, I just watched anime, and eventually discovered that I can watch it on Internet too, for free.
My first anime was probably in 2003-4, the first time I used Internet to watch anime probably was in 2009.
Sure it was bit better, but I don't really feel it was too different.

During the 90's. Masked Rider, Speed Racer, Gundam and Escaflowne vhs/dvds.
When Animax came out in 2004, it was easier to watch anime, I remember watching GTO, Gensomaden Saiyuki, Wolf's Rain, Texhnolyze and And Yet The Town Moves on TV.

I think anime is better in a sense that there is a lot more options to choose from and it is much easier to access thanks to the internet. Some people might argue "quality over quantity". However, other than the blatant garbage anime that has no soul (the animators, producers and the source material is bad), there are quite a few anime that are good enough to bring sufficient entertainment.

I'm actually surprised at the amount of young people here, like this guy >2008
>10 years old

All TV anime is seasonal.

Just keep in mind the average poster on this site was born in the late 90s now and that people born in 2000 will be able to post here in a few months.

Truly a veterans.

I started somewhere around 2005 and furiously masturbated to everything I was able to get from my friends on a huge '2-3 ep per CD 200CD' suitcases. Love Hina, GTO, Eva, Azumanga, TWHE, Mahoromatic, Trigun, Haibane etc etc.
Video quality was horrendous, translations were BAD, and I mean seriosly bad.
Usually several CDs were corrupted, so I had to extract and read .srts and .subs just to get a general idea what did I miss. It was horrible.

I think anime became a little bit better since then.

Why can't they just go to reddit or tumblr? Stick to your own generation's websites.

Because even they hate those shit holes.

I've been lurking since 2012.
At least I'm not as cancerous as the dumb phoneposters or normies that have flooded Sup Forums, right?

I lurked Sup Forums in 2005 when I was 12. You're an asshole.

It's generally better even though the mainstream shit makes it seems otherwise.

So instead they make this place into a shithole by being here?

>I've been lurking since 2012.
You're cancer.

You should have been permab&

No wonder the general level of genre knowledge has fallen off so hard since 2010. You shits think Sailor Moon is a cornerstone of anime. Truly depressing.

>everyone is not as old as I am and they have invaded my sekrit clubhouse, thus, they are cancerous even though they literally do everything they can not to be and are all unbelievably retarded



>So instead they make this place into a shithole by being here?
You're acting like someone is a terrible poster by default because they were born after a certain date.

Dumb blogposting thread.

When I was a Kid they showed Robot Carnival and Vampire Hunter D on Sci Fi, and I was pretty much renting what I could since. Things are much better now. People like to romanticize fansubs, but even ten years ago at the height if the torrent boom, there were a lot of shows that didn't get good subs for months.

Fuck off. Old people should leave Sup Forums

>wow how could anyone be disappointed by a flood of extremely inexperienced posters pulling down the general quality of an imageboard that once catered to high level hobbyists
>it's a mystery

Around 2004.

There's been nothing in the past few years that got me as excited as the shows in the mid-late 00s. And no, it's not because of some mysterious growing up, because rewatching the older show, they still feel fun and exciting. I still pick up a handful of shows every season but end up dropping most of them because they're unwatchable garbage.

That's a lot of dubs for one poster

Why couldn't they be high level hobbyists either?

>implying newfags are coming to Sup Forums clog up the entire board with low quality shit to fuck shit up for you "high level hobbyists"

Haven't noticed shit since I started lurking other than the occasional thread being saged to high heaven.
I get your disappointment, but calling out people who lurk to NOT be like this is kind of misdirected anger, don't you think?

>when did you start watching anime?

1989? Don't know, it's always been around since I can remember watching tv. I remember watching Astro Boy, Hutch the honey bee, tekkaman, and mazinger.

>what about now is better?

They really crank it out now by the dozens and dozens a season where before there would only be like 20 anime airing an entire year. It's super easy to watch what I want, when I want and there's a lot of styles and stories.

>what about now is worse?

It isn't nostalgia goggles, 80%-95% of all anime airing a season are mostly shit, but it evens out cause for every 8 bad anime, you have one good one and there's 24+ anime airing a season. So while individually, they are of lesser quality, eventually you'll get a gem. Personally, I'm not a fan of these 12 episode series. They don't tell a complete story, they aren't satisfying, and you feel like you barely even get time to remember character names. I miss 24episode anime and 50episode anime.

Because they are inexperienced.
>hey guise i started watching animoo seven years ago but i'm totes knowledgeable because i watched some stuff on a rec chart and read some wiki articles but i totally match up to those who have been watching a steady stream of anime for over twenty years from when anime was extremely niche in the west

>12 episode series
The popular ones tend to get multiple 12 episode seasons at least. It is simply safer for the industry to gamble on 12 episodes instead of 24 at a time.

The popular ones tend to be generic romcoms or battle shonen series while the series that try to branch out are snuffed early because they can't match the same sales as re:nisemonogatari-on

I think it depends on what people mean by "started watching anime".
Like growing up I watched stuff like sailor moon, CCS, Pokemon, Last Exile, basically whatever I could find on TV.
But I didn't actually start watching a bulk of shows on the internet till like 2009 when I got a half-decent internet connection, before that it was all 56kb shit that even youtube videos took four hours to load.

>Like growing up I watched stuff like sailor moon, CCS, Pokemon, Last Exile
This might surprise you, but that's "watching anime". Wow.

I'm surprised you even still come here then since most people here have probably only been watching anime for 10 or so years

I started in the 90s, as a child, but didn't get really into anime until after I graduated high school in the 00s. I mark 2010 as the year I graduated from being a casual.

I don't really think anime's overall quality has changed much in the 20 or so years I've spent watching it. I feel like TV productions have become a lot more varied in style and content, but that might just be because my access to anime in the 90s and early 00s was very limited.

Anyone that has started watching anime after 2014 is just going through a fad phase for them. It isn't a way of life and a passion that will be kept up until their death beds like it is for me and a handful of select anons I can point out in this thread.

From 2002 is got better, but then it got worse. Much, much worse.

True, but at least the chance is there.

Around 2000 was when I watched my first sub, but before that i did watch stuff like DBZ and sailor moon not knowing it was anime. Anime does feel worse nowadays but that's partly from having watched so many and losing interest and noticing that every season there's another battle harem show with the same exact setup and nowadays that will also include an isekai. If something new and original does appear, it tends to be AOTS though

It was on TV though, where you wouldn't always be able to see every episode, had to wait a week, sometimes several episodes would be cut.
I always people exclude the "Saturday morning cartoon" block anime in these threads.

>I feel like TV productions have become a lot more varied in style and content
Yeah that's pretty much wrong. Trend piggybacking in anime has become more prevalent than ever and the market is hyper-focused on modern otaku* who only like certain types of anime most of which focuses on fanservice girls.

*they call them otaku but they're actually extremely casual and very different from the otaku movement of the 1980s which people like Hideaki Anno came from

>Trend piggybacking in anime has become more prevalent than ever and the market is hyper-focused on modern otaku* who only like certain types of anime most of which focuses on fanservice girls
You sound like you haven't even looked at an anime seasonal chart in 10 years.

>The popular ones

AKA Idolshit, Roboshit, Haremshit. Those are safe bets trying to milk an already established franchise. The last popular anime that was over 12episode in length was LWA, and it had 2 prior movies, one being a fan paid project. We don't pay for anime and the studios will chase where the cash goes.

>You sound like you haven't even looked at an anime seasonal chart in 10 years.
It's text and you're retarded.

For pointing out the truth?

I only started watching in 2014.
I started reading manga back in 2016 and it's my preferred genre now since I can read it wherever I want and the actual content is far more diverse.