N-no thanks m-ma'am, I h-have to g-get back home. P-plus I p-prefer Queen.

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Nice. What's the worst that could happen?

People who post OPs like these should be banned.

Don't forget the spice cabinet.

>not blackmailing her for LPs

Why dark side, if you really wanted me in that car, you would have animals.

This man speaks the truth

You've got Wish You Were Here in there, right?

It's a rap album inside

W-well I suppose some beer and rock CDs won't do any harm.

Woah awesome! Yeah I don't have anything to do anyway, I was just going home so I'll hop in.

Wait a minute.... How are you going to play vinyl in your car...? Something isn't right here....

>"Don't be so scared onii-chan! We won't hurt you."

Its ok

Bet that isn't even Founders you cheeky git.

Oh hell no, I wont fall for your vile tricks.

Call me back when you grow some tastes.

Are there shota gangs going around, abducting and hugging older women?


She's a pretty bold loli, trying to trick those men in public

>classic rock
No thanks, I'll pass.

>get into the loli van
>they hold a gun to your head and force you to drive
>they put youtube.com/watch?v=8keTv_vpwLc on the stereo
>they start doing drive-bys on shota street
Don't fall for their tricks, Sup Forums. They also stole my hip flask.

Never trust a loli

Be careful anons


No, that's a loli


Oh shit they're getting smarter.



I suggest you kids knock it off before your teacher finds out.

Do they play?

Try harder, loli.

Sorry loli it's not Melechesh.


All dads, remember to bring your Loli Protection Pepper when going out to do errands to Home Depot.

Sounds good to me. Hopefully it's an artist I like.

Lads, I don't think I'm gonna make it!

They're quite business savvy nowadays. Be careful.

This hand gesture does NOT mean "would you like to drink a cold one". BE CAREFUL

So it's possibly the greatest musical album of all time?

so what does it mean then?

What flowers? I dont see any flowers here.

Why do lolis like to kidnap old men?

oh fuck thats not the holy diver picture im not very good at this

Budweiser is a horrible beer.
Bring some Blue Moon next time and Saucerful of Secrets

Oh yes user, they play.
And when your down here with me

to farm headpats and s????



why don't lolis pat each others heads?

tiny hands

Their pats are not strong enough and hands are small.


Oh my god! Is he ok?!

D-do you ave some afx or squarepusher down t-there?

wrong hand to head ratio. Also, best headpats require loli to sit on your laps.
It would be akward without enough height difference.


>Sup Forums acting like they totally wouldn't become a headpat whore if they could


But there are so many of them.
He's propably infected with cooties too by now. We lost him.

Then we use some bait. What do little girls like? Cuddly animal cushions and sweet things. Use their tactics to our advantage.

We need to actually fight them off, not feed them.

What we need is icky shotas counter them.
If all else fails, mature bitches.


Lolis are evil creatures, and just like cats they enjoy harming their prey and seeing it struggling in vain.

But lolis dont hang out at Home Depot, do they?

Of course not, user! Only grown men go to Home Depot.
Now, why don't you step in and grab a beer?

I dont drink, but I would like some BBQ, for sure.



Gee whiz, have you got any of The Sweet in there?

jesus christ I can't stop laughing fucking hell

faggot music

>Pink Floyd
Utter trash

dumb cat poster

No, they just look like faggots, but the music is good.


You said there would be free beer and rock cd's!

how could you...

Pink Floyd is boring, pull out the Queen, ELO, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, UFO or Bowie records and we're in business

sorry ma'am, I only listen to eurobeat


This is a loli thread, not a pig thread.

Is that a slim jim, I sure love slim jims.


Don't call her a pig

But she is very fat.

She's chubby

You can use whatever term you want, but that isn't going to make her any less fat.

Bob Seger, nachos, BBQ, AND Dewalt power tools? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

i-i guess ill come , but just for one track ok?

She's just a little pudgy, not a good ready to use the F word.


>make a show about a cyborg lolimaster fighting a kaiju army
>kill all the lolis
Black Bullet is underrated

Any tips for self-defense against lolis?

Travel with a bro/ other male.

use their cell phone to call their moms

These are great

Rock is shit Pop is where it's at.

>Bicep curls for little girls

Boop the nose


There is no need for self-defense. Loli are peaceful and holy creatures, they would not harm anyone.

Peppers. Put them In all your food.