Artists whose quality dropped over time

artists whose quality dropped over time

You go up the hill, and then you fall down the hill. And keep falling. And keep falling.

85 to 91 were his best years

agreed, he went overboard with muscles after that

I can understand wanting to end your series somewhere down the line but how the hell do you lose your touch that bad? Unless he doesn't want to try anymore.

Toriyama is known for being lazy and cutting corners.

he doesn't give a shit anymore at this point.

I actually think Kubo got better. Well, in terms of drawing characters at least. Maybe not better, but at least not worse, either.


yeah, characters got more streamlined and expressive, so did the movement, but gone were the detailed backgrounds and feeling of depth.

His characters were super buff in the Saiyan arc and he was near his peak back then. What made his art worse in Buu was the lack of details and weird square anatomy. Cell was better than Buu in that regard but that's when the trend started.

He hit his peak from the 22nd tournament to Namek I think.

yeah that's sort of what I was referring to. Just compare his collarbone in the frieza arc to his buu arc, where he looks like he has breasts.

Tite sameface Kubo

Toriyama can't into digital so his new colorized covers like '04 and '13 have that weird plastic look. And it looks like he forgot how to draw Goku (or how to draw at all) in the 9 years between '95 and '04.

87 was the best year for dragon ball's art. But I'd say Toriyama still has it to a degree, I really liked the art in Jaco.



94 is the best

I think Oda's problem is that he puts too much detail in now, as weird as that sounds. The compositions aren't as good.

Dragonball got Dragon Quested

Will Vegeta ever look that good again?

Kubo's art degraded so hard that in the end everyone had the same ratface with wird upper lips

Did he get better or worse?

Completely talentless hack since day one.
This guy will never get good.

I'm a no mango pleb. the latter is harder to read.


worse I like Akamatsu but I can't deny that he's a hack

The right is so much better

tradition > digital here

that's just an illusion because luffy is more attractive. that upper panel is saturday morning cartoon tier.

what a fucking hack literally the Japanese George Lucas

How does the DBS manga look in comparison to the DB manga?
Are there any other examples of series being taken over by new artists or remade by new artists?


The only characters who were(naturally) super buff in the Saiyan arc were Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Nappa. Goku only because super swole because of the Kaioken literally expanding his body. Otherwise he would be physically the same as he was when he was about to fight Vegeta.

Left is confusing as fuck.

Why is he so mad?

Oda is still doing traditional.

I unironically like his current generic faces better than his old wonky ones.

The right looks better though.

One Piece has been getting worse ever since the time skip

Oda improved as an artist but his shit is so cluttered these days trying to read it simulates having a stroke because its just too cramped with detail.
Toriyama was always a master of clear paneling

It really has, and since this isnt a one piece thread the resident rabid one piece defense autist hasnt shown up.
One piece went downhill after the timeskip hard

Everyone is more buff than they'd usually be. Piccolo has thicker arms than usual and there's also the near constant blood vein that adds to this feeling.

Not really
>Hody is throwing water
>Luffy dodges easily
>Fodder can't believe it
>Luffy stretches arm and applies Haki
>Punches Hody

Horikoshi? The fuck?!

Oda started going overboard with the details and the panels are cluttered.

ugh that made me nauseous

>Piccolo is 7'4
>Nappa is 6'10

How did this happen?

>tfw Oda's art will probably keep getting even more detailed but compacted until he dies because the man is a workaholic
if he just returned to simpler panels like in the past he'd probably add a few extra years to his lifespan

What the fuck is that

That's an amazing panel though.

His editor should know better. Hell he should know better

Even Krillin was THICC

Its the royal palace of Fishman Island which is underwater.

Same here.
I'm physically unable to read new one piece chapters without getting slightly queasy.

It's just all so disjointed and jarring. There is no natural panelflow because everything is a cramped where is waldo mess of crazy detailed shit

Finally, about time to Flip this type of threads over.

Anybody sees what happened to Rayearth's character designer?


It feels weird to say, but Krillin is too muscular at time, even though it looks good on him. Standing at 5'1 and weighing a whopping 99 pounds means he should be kinda slim, like how he's shown in Super when wearing his gi. It looks fucking weird for me, as Swollrin is my favorite portrayal of him as an adult, but it makes sense.

toriyama is way better at drawing how a character dodges.


Can we pinpoint the moment where one piece went from "this looks great" to "what the fuck am I reading"?
It seems to have been a slow process, but new arcs like dressrosa were a confusing mess to me.
Like reading a nervous breakdown.

So, when is the hill's peak expected?

Probably around marineford

That was still pretty clean compared to now.
Like you could tell what stuff was supposed to be.

anime was a mistake

Luffy's forehead grew into a fivehead

He just got tired of wasting black ink.

>make retarded arguments in the OP thread
>people prove you wrong using the manga as proof
>get butthurt and come over here thinking none of use post in other threads

How cute

Using an establishing shot and comparing it to action scenes isn't logical.

I don't think it's any more confusing. I think the main problem I have with modern One Piece are the thick lines. It looked much better with thinner ones, leaving more white instead of filling everything with contours. That and Luffys angered expression just felt better like here He also used more bruises

>Using an establishing shot and comparing it to action scenes isn't logical.
Shoo shoo one piece autist, back to your OP thread

Nihei was never that great at faces, why would someone waste time making this comparison instead of using his environment and background art

>One Piece has bad art because I said so!
Give 3 reasons how the One Piece has gotten worse that isn't subjective. I guarantee most of you can't.

From the current arc

Imagine that with oda's new art style.
The ship would have carvings on every panel and we had 5 panels with different reactionshots of the 50 throwaway characters of the arc too


>Give 3 reasons how the One Piece has gotten worse that isn't subjective.

Too much visual clutter.


Also stop samefagging one piece autist and back to your contaiment thread


His early sketchier style when he started Naruto was way more interesting to look at the then the stuff he started throwing out after the time skip.

Man, if i didn't knew exactly what was going to happen in DBZ before it was aired in my country, it would have been a very shocking experience.

Except that's not the entire page.
Put a trip on already so we can filter your lying ass.

vegeta kinda looks like tetsuo

Vol 5 vs Vol 16

damn you really got caught lacking

Yeah, it felt like fatigue started to wear him down



>Don't even argue just greentext what the person said even if they're completely right

Oda's art is starting to get clean again.

>samefagging and lying at the same time
wew. Now you're gonna pretend both of those arent establishing shots?


Name the differences between the art for Marineford and the Ryugu Palace please.

And don't use such a shitty scan next time.

>thicc 90s
>uguu 00

Modern anime is a mistake.

It started to suck in the 90s, it was fine in the Saiyajin Saga but Frieza kinda ruined it

That nausea inducing panelflow though.

Leave Oda alone, the man is dying as he draws his manga he wants to last 10 more years. Of course it's going to get worse over time

>Name the differences between the art for Marineford and the Ryugu Palace please.
No. Put a trip on and go back into your contaiment thread you mentally ill autist.
If your brain problems have led you to be this delusional about the differences in style then explaining it to you would be a pointless undertaking.

dumb poser weaboo

I'm a eurofag and we got the jap dub first

We never called it Saiyan

Freeza was the peak though.

First, not samefagging you're just autistic.
Second, that's only one reason.
Third, not only that but it's completely subjective as well.

By your logic me saying Berserk has shit art (and by that I mean past Berserk) because it's "too cluttered" and "overly detailed to the point of nauseousness " is actually valid?

>less cluter
>less detailing
>less speech balloons
>negative space so the eyes aren't overwhelmed with detail
and now shoo shoo youre making a fool of yourself