I can't wait for Toradora christmas!

I can't wait for Toradora christmas!

which ones are we watchin this year

>watching anime where worst girl wins

I'll tag along. It's not like I have anything better to do.

What was her fucking problem ?


Fuck this guy

She was best girl. And you can't prove me wrong.

Parent issues, so she hits everyone except Chad-kun. Too bad the MC is too much of a loser and doesn't defend himself against a violent person.

MC has Stockholm Syndrome, he fell for an abusive person.


fuck off

Who /melli/ here?


ami a bitch

I have insider information that Ami will win this year. Very reliable source.

Go to bed, Taiga.

but shes not wrong, short girls are cute

I can't wait for the tsundere christmas carol

Adaptation. JC Staff made her more physically violent than she is in the LN. Physically violent tsunderes were the rage back then.

What does they keep doing this ? I mean those anger issues are neither funny nor justified,I can't understand why everyone in the cast find normal that the MC as to act like her personnal punching bag and talk to him like he was some kind of dog.

It's supposed to be humorous. You're not supposed to take it seriously. Japan is super fond of slapstick.

shes like 4'0 and scrawny, its not like she can cause damage anyways

I read that it was the same for Louise.

I don't think we saw the same show

was senpai made of glass or what?

That is true, but nothing about Taiga's personality is cute. Worst tsundere since Asuka and Hana.

the way she acts isnt cute, the fact that its all a massive sham by a sad little girl is

Do they really like the Three Stooges that much?

That's what I call the Asuka complex, bad childhood causes her issues.

And Ami was that conceited. And Minori was that autistic. Exaggeration is good art. Subtle and understated may be more realistic but no one makes threads for Hyouka saying "greatest love story ever told."

Ami didn't win the ryuuji-bowl but she did win my heart

and the fact that deep down theyre just a scared vulnerable girl is what makes them cute/appealing

Cringiest moment of that cringe-fest of a show.

Still has a special place in my heart

My favorite scene.