Shingeki no Kyojin 99

What are your predictions for the next chapter?
How hard the Marley dogs are getting BTFO?

Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

>The Grishacuck was the mankasafag all along

Pieck and Porco will have ravishing sexual intercourse during Grim Reminder


That's actually kind of funny. One of the most critical events in the world stage in over a hundred years is about to happen and they'll just be chilling in a hole.

>Eren gets into the stage
>"Oh my God, he's here! GUARDS!!"
>On the top of the surrounding buildings there are several survey corps members
>All Marley soldiers were killed
>Eren smiles and says "Now... Let's get started with the second act of this play. Pay attention so you don't miss anything of what actually happened inside Paradis"

That would be the best case scenario.

How would you feel about Annie returning, seeing her dad and smiling but she also has to see her dad die and then die herself.

Not very good.


>TFW a girl will never hold me down and grind on my crotch with her pants still on as she gets wet and turned on.

Yeah, Eren in the last chapter certainly didn't look edgy threatening to blow up the building above them.

Billy is trying to lure them out as bait, armin transforms and BTFO's all the elites.

Billy orders bombs to be dropped on him but they don't work. Billy decides he has to take care of this himself so he transforms but before he can attack, mikasa transforms into a titan and BTFO's him.

It's then revealed that mikasa ate annie and is the new female titan. Eren rolls up in a wheelchair and by now has convinced reiner to join him.

Zeke runs away to report to high command.

End Chapter 100

Tell me the future, anons.

You've never played denial games? They go retarded over that stuff.

>anyone outsmarting the genius of Armin
>Mikasa being a titan
>Zeke being just another Marleyan dog
>"high command" not being obliterated since they were right there at the festival

Why does she rape him so much?


>mikasa transforms into a titan
Speedreader, I swear. Of course is leddit spacing.

Japanese men can't stand plain old vanilla sex and Eren can't rape Mikasa because she would just give consent immediately.

Annie OVAs and comeback when?

>Right here

>Annie OVAs
Next month
>and cum on back when?
Now that depends on Armin



Wait, what? There'll actually be an Annie OVA?

Yes Lost Girls was announced ages ago.

I'm very out of the loop.

Araki would be on top 100%

· Good Ending.

Armin/Mikasa is endgame.

The slut deserves it. But realistically Isayama won't kill off his moe unless he wants to earn edgelord points

>deserves it
Explain this bullshit

How much longer do you think the manga will last?

Someone explain this meme for me

Minimum 2 and a half years if we're lucky

Silly user, girls can't love girls

Gas yourself.


>salty EAfag

She'd probably allow herself to get sliced in two for the chance of a consensual hug.

This is the last time Mikasa emotes.

Some anons don't like her just'cause.
Then they saying mean things about the one girl who only has eyes for her husbando in this series.

Because she can't help but be an unfaithful slut. Saying she deserves death was maybe taking it too far.

>unfaithful slut


Is this the new forced meme?

Disgusting. Off yourself Armongwhale.
>EM mass suicide
Yes please. Hopefully Arminius and Shitren get raped and killed too

What about ch. 50?

>Only has eyes for her husbando
>Annie pleases old men for information
>Hange wanted the Keith dick before becoming Manlet's fuck toy
>Sasha only thinks about having meat in her mouth
>Hisu is used goods lesbian
I guess you ARE right user.

Kill yourself Pignercuck


Stop making me sad please


She also cried during the serumbowl.
And she looked flustered during the beach scene.

>She also cried during the serumbowl.
Literally only Isayama thought that was something worth crying over

Guess what bitch? this is his manga.

I didn't want Armin to die either though.

I don’t see Annie returning. If Paradis was willing to execute Eren, there’s no way they wouldn’t have done the same to Annie.

Precision engineered for cuddling and neck kissing.

one of your best friends dying isn't worth crying over?
do you have friends?

That's a pretty good cosplay.

Oh I was just asking that user if he would make that trade. Personally I think it would be fun to have her back for a few chapters especially to see Reiner one more time but yeah it's not guaranteed by any means.

if they managed to break the crystal Annie is dead meat, her fans are just in denial

>fat Armin
They called it a long time ago

How much?

That's a nice Eren.

i can't wait for her to be split in two during the grim reminder

What? If it's a prostitution thing then don't bother.

Where is this panel from?

Die in a house fire for wanting that.

Being an anniefag I did say she might be dead, just a few days ago, some other anniefags said the same but the user defending it said he's not an anniefag guess he effected some, but someone in the last thread said the 'promises of returning don't get fulfilled' and I agree, these people need to be ready

I agree with you, Satan.

>your anus
>to me

Glorious trips, Satan-sama. Grim Reminder next month.

you will receive a grim reminder

>satan in from leddit

How much would you spend to cuddle her you dirty loose pants larry?

>A-armin will definetely transform and kill all the Marleyans next chapter, y-you'll see

Is Reiner MC now?

He has been for like 8 chapters

Go away

According to Isayama, he is another protagonist, so yes.

>Posting fanart to prove anything
It's hilarious how that is the only thing you can rely on, since canon kicks your sorry ass.


Armin a wobbly shit

Yes. Gabi is main gol. Making SnK great again.

Happy Birthday Galliard.

I'm not poor.

What's this from?

Monthly commentary from authors.

That's interesting. Do you know what it says?

Isayama is shocked he's been making snk for 99 months.

I see, thanks. He has been doing it for an admirably long amount of time

Those generally has the protagonist of the manga as icon, but Isayama completely ditched Eren now.

So you think it's to show he has replaced Eren?

He's so fucking handsome and a decent MC imo.

>Too poor to rent your waifu

He's trying to say Reiner is the protagonist, now. even the backcover has changed to fit the warriors. He's been fawning over Reiner for some time now.

>Decent MC
>Not even 8 chapters into his arc and he wants to kill himself already

Whatever, go away and bother someone else.

Do you think the story, in retrospect, will be a two part thing? When it's finished, it would be interesting to have a Eldian half and a Marleyan half. Not literal halves.

Snk has two more volumes confirmed. Some say it'll go to have 130 chapters. At least Isayama is having a lot of fun right now.

Two volumes? That would be a very rushed ending, don't you think? I think 130 sounds like a good number.

Because there's to ovas to be launched in the next two volumes.

Oh, you mean there's two more volumes at the very least?