Net-juu no Susume

Too cute for this world.

Started watching for Mori, stayed for Lily


I don't know, I think she might look better with shorter hair. Say, a little off the shoulders.

Give it to me straight, is this NTR shit? I almost had to turn off episode 6 from the feeling of discomfort it gave me.

No, it's just josei otomeshit.


Why’d they have to make her a slut?

She isn't a slut, just sakuai is a beta cuck, he waste his opportunities

Is this series written by a woman? The last couple of episodes really give off that vibe that this is written by a woman.

>Ugly 30 year old jobless woman gets swooned on and fought over by 2 successful men
All it needs is rape and its like I'm reading a trashy romance novel for old bats.

I got the feeling from the 'next time' it was going to be like Mizuryu Kei Land where she says 'I'm not really into popular guys' and then ends up getting plowed like a field and addicted to his man meat

Have people dropped this en masse after the last episodes?

Next episode will determine if I drop it or not. Episode 6 pushed to the limit though.

She isn't a slut. Male is a faggot. She moved on. End of story.

>Is this series written by a woman?
Yes, author is a female.

>2 successful men

Compared to the average user, they are.

Both of them are salarymen, user. That's pretty much a wage slave.

Koiwai is a total bro. He is just acting and is setting her up for Sakura-chan. He knows that Sakura is betamax who can't initiate without a proper motivation.
The real triangle drama is between Lilac, Kanbe and MoriMori.

>your totally my cowokers type
Blonde guy is such a cuck holy shit!

Why was the last thread deleted?

All they talk about was about Sakurai. I don't see how he can lose?

Has anyone here dated someone they met in an MMO?

They have a stable income and can provide for their families if they ever get married and have children.

What's so unsuccessful?

>Chad Senpai calls Morimori to say what's up, bullies her because it was tomorrow
>asks Protosaber how cute Morimori looks, Sakurai says VERY
>Morimori.exe does not has spaghetti overflow
>Chad tells Morimori to go out with Sakurai

Chad Senpai is bro of the season

>Not enjoying shit written by women

>Sakurai offers to walk her home gently
>she accepts


To be completely honest, Im a total sucker for shojo and the romanticism of rape and assorted forms of abuse
And I would really enjoy seeing Morimori-chan getting raped

>Moriko bumps into guy in street
>declines offer of a date from him
>another guy asks her out
>she accepts offer from this other guy
>Sup Forums: "hurr durr worra slut xD"

>And I would really enjoy seeing Morimori-chan getting raped


>To be completely honest, Im a total sucker for shojo and the romanticism of walking home gently and assorted forms of hand holiding
>And I would really enjoy seeing Morimori-chan getting headpats

She didn't even really decline him out of disinterest, shes an awkward NEET. She was fawning over him when she was alone. The only reason his friend got a date was because he pressured her to.

so help me god if they don’t fuck


>"oh hey, it's a show about old neets who sit in front of their pc all day long, maybe it explores their shitty lives a little"
>episode 4, mc goes on a date, has 3 bishounen lusting after her

Well, she's cute as fuck.

Sup Forums is full of incels since that shit closed

Headpats is the fetish of the thinking man

Getting there, I'll give it one last try.

It's like isekai except it's a woman this time.

>shoujo melodrama
>by pure coincidence the people who play together all know each other in real life
>not only do they know each other in RL, they also all suddenly and coincidentally meet each other

Turbo slut

He kinda forced her hand too, I feel like people forget that part.

She would enjoy it, so it's fine.

And they kinda know each other.

So how many thick, bulging loads do you think CHAD dumped in her uterus? I'm betting she's got triplets cooking in there after the absolute pummeling his footlong gave that poor hole.

Is Lily mindbroken?

I met my wife in WoW

We dont know, but an edit of her without pupils would help


Me too, she's pretty well made for a figurine made by western piggus, Jaina too cute


t b h is it even possible to rape a whore of her level? I'm pretty sure they would enjoy getting porked by a literal pig. As long as you have a meat tube over 8" they're golden


How did it feel to find out "she" wasn't actually a 3ft mailbox-dancing gnome?

Did you propose or did he?

>Implying your pussy doesn't twitch upon seeing this literal sex god
Don't lie, I know what you're going to be dreaming about tonight.


>tripfag lost to the dick


Please stop posting these, it's disgusting.

Fuck off faggots

Last thread got deleted and judging by the quality of posts in this thread it will be deleted as well. I guess since this anime uses MMO as one of its plot elements it inevitably attracts Sup Forumstards who just want to blog about their MMO experinece, retarded tripfags who never made a post longer than 5 words and underage faggots who reply to them. And now 6 episode later they are all butthurt because turns out it's romance anime even though it was obvious from the very beginning..

I hope you all die from cancer.



I tried, but I'm no Michelangelo.


>I hope you all die from cancer.
literally the most common insult from a kid

Now this

I thought that was 'faggot'.

your mom's a kid

Sakurai is such a hodamn coward. I hope morimori choose blue. She seserves a guy that has no problem showing her how much he cares for her and is honest about it.

Calm down ESL-kun

Sakura-chan is a nice docile young man. I'm sure he'll win MoriMori-chan's heart one day.

How sex with sakurai would be like ?

best i could

He's most likely a gentle lover.

Maybe green might win.

I'm more annoyed by that stupid "as long as you're happy" -smile than his beta cowardice.


jesus these japanese autists are so fucking obnoxiously polite

She seems more disappointed than mind-broken, honestly.

>Ugly 30 year old jobless woman gets swooned on and fought over by 2 successful men

But it's okay when it's a 30yo jobless man?

>cucking yourself so hard that you get into a bunny suit and erp
anyone made doujins yet?

i actually think the smile makes her look more yandere


i really really love my waifu

the women will fix him, one way or another

Nobody said it was not okay.

>Ugly 30 year old jobless woman
You take that back mother fucker!

Now look, at first I was mad because Koiwai was being a douche by pretty much pressuring Morimori into a date even though he knows his friend likes her, but after this episode Sakurai proved to be an eternal beta cuck, there's no way one can root for a dumbass that actively destroys the chance he gets. This is what we get for siding with a cuck that plays female characters.

Not my male love interest!

emnity for you ff14 plebs

>a chariot fag
>and a morimori fag
You're my best friend now
Also I didn't notice chariots pupils until quite a bit after I waifued her, but always thought her eyes were beautiful, and I didnt even notice morimoris
I guess I subconsciously have that fetish

forgot to post the picture

Me too, bro, me too. Took a while to figure it out.

the state of my dick


Sorry to be the barer of harsh truths, but she is absolutely ruined. Where there once was a cute and unique neet now stands and a generic and boring cake.

>generic and boring cake.
I'll take it.

please stop doing this to my wife