We are 25 episodes in the newest Yu-Gi-Oh!

How would you rate it so far? Personally, i would say the Anime is Mediocre so far.

pity bump

its alright.

Didn't even notice the red and green glows in that art.

It's on the lower side of 'ok'.

They obviously need to rethink how Yugioh anime is made since they're literally running on half the number of animators compared to past series, and the show suffers for it. I fear Vrains is simply a casualty in that transition between Arc-V and series 7 where they figure out how to have decent production values again.

What can we do to make Yugioh great again other than a DM Super show that is based off the manga?

>a DM Super show
Why the fuck would you want DM characters in a hideous and terribly written sequel. DBS fags are such cancer

you're right those characters don't need to be tainted, GX super pre-tainted characters.

Spin-off where legacies show up for maybe half a dozen episodes and the actual main cast are entirely new, compared to a direct sequel. Are you capable of recognizing the difference?

no i'm saying make GX super so you don't have to fuck with the original characters. I don't know you're talking about.

How about a new Yugioh that's actually a good shounen so that previous characters aren't at all necessary?
This timeline isn't going to let that happen, though

i want to rape aoi

What did you say again?

Yugioh will never be good again because it is purely an advertisement for the card game and nothing else anymore.

Not saying DM wasn't like this as well, but as everyone knows by now the manga did not start like that and it always had a clear direction, even when it hopped into the card game stuff - You can tell the manga never suffered from having to 'show off' this brand new card to get everyone to buy like the anime after it does.

But now it's literally just a weekly advertisement. Plot, characters, everything else is an afterthought.

but that was always evident.

it could be better, it's not putrid shit


I'm still not a big fan of Playmaker's design

It could be great if it just had more damn SoL episodes

The potential is there but they are obviously not using so it just feels mediocre at best right now

Someday you are just going to have to accept the fact that the MC just wanted to be a Tron/Troll/Batman hybrid for his online avatar design

my biggest beef is the hair, I hope they change it, they can, but they probably won't

yusaku will fix it

For some reason i'm really invested, but i suppose i wouldn't recommend it to others.

By being the most boring MC yet?

he'll hack the anime.

he should stop being like this and more like this
someone confident, his serious character is boring

It's ok. I like it more than Arc-V at least. The big duel arcs with Playmaker have been good

its terrible but still better than trash-V

Is it me or the latest episodes have been boring?

Not a fan of the Hanoi lieutenants?

Normal Yusaku only works when he is being a socially awkward autist

>everything was resolved like nothing
it was awful

i mean, is kind agreat that right not PM, Go and BA sort of unite against them but their duels haven't been exciting. I'm just waiting for Yusaku to explore mor about his past rather than see him duel again

>he should stop being how he is and more how he is

For what it's worth and based by how things are it's basically above average or in the middle. Then again, you could say the reason for this is that they are trying to play things safe and a huge apology for what happened with ARC-V that sometimes leaves hits as well as misses.

Hot Dog Guy is feeling angry now.

Say something nice to him.

It's like Zexal but less offensive. Not conducive at all to a weekly watch and have to wait like 30+ episodes for anything mildly interesting to walk into the show

i wanna eat his hot dog if you know what I mean
seriously, coffee and hotdog isn't a good combination

is just that I wouldn't mind Yusaku being serious but he should use his avatar to be someone else, kinda like what Aoi is doing. I think Yusaku looks miles better when he smiles and maybe mocks everyone with that overconfidence he has. Even Yusei smiled more times than Yusaku

good link 2 for rokkets when

But he only cares about his objective: Revenge and the unfortunate people who get caught in the crossfire. He'll smile more when he realizes his revenge is a mistaken path.

He barely looked like he gave a fuck when a bunch of people fell into a coma because the Hanoi were looking for him, and Blue Angel just basically cleaned his mess

I don't think he will be changing the way he is any time soon

yeah, that pissed me off. Is one thing to focus on your goal but seems hypocritical to let everyone suffer the same way you did

i just got bored of already boring characters, the whole “im motivated by revenge” bullshit has been done so many times and the duels at the point were i dropped this felt the same every time step 1: duel starts play maker is winning step 2: badguy starts to kick playmakers ass step 3: playmaker is loosing on accident to use bullshit asspull gets new card and turns the game around. last step play maker one shots opponent due to ridiculous effects and wins duels last 2 episodes rinse repeat cash the fucking creators and animators checks

damnit i ment to say purpose


wait is that on GX?

only in gx is such degeneracy as buff yugi and genderfluid relations possible

>the only good thing about this show

>Still no retrain of Yubel like how Neos got honesty neos
Should I give up hope for HERO support in the PP20 as well? It seems like it's going to be giving slots to LINK monsters instead.

>his token twelve year old had boobs and called him -sama
that judai guy was a real fucker

genderfluid dragon-human chimera


The more scifi it’s gotten the less interesting it’s become.

Judais boyfriend was also buff. Even Yubel is fit on one side.

>25 episodes in
>no Shun

This anime is no good.

The visual theme of the setting is ultimately superficial window dressing, and you're pretty retarded if you prioritize it over the actual issues.

Like how the monster designers seem to only get worse with time, not better, with making the monsters look cool and/or interesting in some way. Or how the strain of the animators to keep up with deadlines can almost be felt with how stilted and janky the animation can be at times. Or how the OST is actually pretty lame and represents a huge missed opportunity to elevate the impact of meh or good scenes in duels to another level through the music. The colors in Link Vrains are better, but they still frequently tip toe that line towards absolutely garish.

>the visual theme is ultimately superficial window dressing, you're pretty retarded if you prioritize it over all this other superficial window dressing

>Doesn't look like a low class whore
>has a neat scythe
>Sup Forums ignores her


It's not the theme that's the problem, it's the execution you mongoloid. 5D's pushed its near-future scifi thing and was better for it and probably had one of the most interesting setting (in its part 1) in Yugioh anime.
>hurr durr scifi is inherently awful where's muh kangs
Is absolutely retarded.

>"I'm going to duel this monkey!"
so that's why people don't like the first season of GX, what's even the point of all the filler? it's not like there was a GX manga they didnt want to catch up to...

GX benefited from riding on DM's coat tails and could be relaxed and lazy about everything for like 100 episodes

*He blocks your path*

What do you do?

Tell him that in the future his sister will be permanently absorbed into someone else and he will probably never see her again

its really more of a cartoon now than an anime.

>he will probably never see her again

Looks like a counterpart to Dark Highlander. It even has the same attack.

>anime can be cartoons


That would never happen.

I don't remember Heartland looking so pale

>its really more of a cartoon now than an anime.

what wheres yugi i thought that yugi was in all the new ones but older and with crazier hair dos, like how in pokemon ash gets less animation every remake.

Can you go back?

lmao no. DM, GX and 5D are all in the same timeline but then ZEXAL came and detached from that timeline and be its own and later ArcV only made it worse by turning previous timelines into dimensions

g-generation next

Arc-V's dimensions are separate and alternate versions of the settings of previous series, not a direct continuation of those series themselves. Ideally, Arc-V just wouldn't have existed at all

it was the comfiest season

yeah that's what I tried to say, at first we had DM then GX and last 5D, then Zexal tried to detach from the timeline to be its own one and ArcV took Zexal, GX and 5D as their own timeline separately and DM being the standard one for ArcV

so thats why 5d had the end of the world theme in the ending.
i might have missed some references to DM and GX in 5D that mentioned it was a continuation.

i actually never heard of Arc-V until right now. i kind of stopped watching after the end of 5D and then got back into it with Zexal but fell out before the ending because it got kind of repetitive.

>i might have missed some references to DM and GX in 5D that mentioned it was a continuation.
they weren't often mentioned but here are some highlights:
>Kaiba Corp still exists (you can see a building with the logo in the first opening)
>Domino city is called Neo Domino City
>Yugi's high school bully is now the chief police (Kaz confirmed is the same person)
>Bonds Beyond time shows a pic of Yugi winning a tournament and Yusei goes back in time to were Judai is and then go even back to where Yugi is which confirms that all 3 are in the same timeline.

the end of the world thing in 5D was an exclusive thing happening to 5D and never implied as a foreshadow for Zexal's reseting the timeline since that was made to be it's own stand alone series

>i actually never heard of Arc-V until right now. i kind of stopped watching after the end of 5D and then got back into it with Zexal but fell out before the ending because it got kind of repetitive.

You can watch ArcV now without finishing Zexal since both are not related in anyway except of Heartland being the dimension name of XyZ dimension in ArcV and Kaito (one of the many other cameos from previous series to appear but aren't the same as their series debut)

Oh, also another thing, Duel Academia exists in 5D which is the only reference you get from GX but is no longer an isle apart from society but a school that exist within Neo Domino City

It's quite mediocre. I have never digged these "virutal reality hacking" scenarios like the one we are getting here, which seem to treat computers and their workings in a way that's completely detached by reality (see the whole "stealing" informations that consists of going to an actual place and just grabbing there).

Besides that, Vrains doesn't have much going on for it after 25 episodes. Characters are flat and not very interesting and the decision to keep "the incident" some kind of secret from the viewer for so long got stale after a while. Duels are resolved too fast and are not interesting at all, especially when they start pulling skills out of their asses (some say this is better than action cards but I'm not entirely sure).

I had praised them for their decision to start off with the plot since episode 1, but considering how lackluster the world building is maybe I would've liked the usual 12-15 episodes of slice of life / light duels we usually get. I still have no idea whatsoever how a mmorpg about card games can be so important or why people would even use it.

Blue Angel is cute and I want to protect her smile.

duels are very boring to watch, even when they aren't riding their hoverboard. I really can't put my finger as to why it is so boring but it doesn't feel the same way as how DM used to do it. Maybe because is so heavily focus on archetypes there isn't any deck that works from synergy anymore

honestly it wasnt that the story was so confusing that led me to stop watching ut more or less because the friends i would play it with moved or got so good at it that i couldnt play a game beyond 5 turns because i wouldn't buy lots of cards so my strategies got readable nd theyd always beat me so i just kind of ditched the series because it only reminded me of losing.


>I really can't put my finger as to why it is so boring

Too much focus over combos and not enough emphasis on "that one monster" you can't wait to see come on the field, not to mention there is no attachment whatsoever between Yuusaku's and his own deck. I sense no hype when Decode Talker appears.

There is no gravitas nor importance to anything that happens, not to mention that duels actually are not over-the-top enough to make the plot convenience stand on his own.

This is compounded by the fact that the combo themselves are boring. Everyone in the world has no concept of any other summoning method that is not link-summoning and this makes for long, drawn out summoning sequences I am fucking hating (arrowheads confirmed! The summoning conditions are....). Everything is solved by links because they need to sell the new cards, but coming from Arc-V I can't fathom how anyone can consider this an improvement. Egao might have had shit plot, but at least the duels had variety.

>Judai's boyfriend
Didn't they sparingly interact for a week before he was captured by yubel?

yeah, the monster don't feel that impressive to be seen summoned anymore. I mean sure, DM had the character have very unrelated monster types in their decks but seeing them being summoned just peak your interest to see what the duelist is up to. Atem's deck wasn't dark magician archetype deck but you were excited to see him summon a new monster or wanting to see how useful that monster will be. Arc-V almost had that impression because they focused on every card type. Meanwhile VRAINS is so stale and very slow, not to mention they no longer hold cards since is all digitally. They need more "iconic" monsters

that's all you need for love

might as well say he was married to Sho for fifty years if thats all it takes.

no because Sho is married to his big brother.
Has GX ever shown a single straight coupling?

sho really wants to fug his blamagi girl

With the standards you set for "coupling" i could say almost every man and woman who had interaction. in the context of the show though they had tome kiss samejima.

I forgot the more obvious one, misawa and the amazoness chick.

i meant human to human because in that case Judai and yubel also counts although Yubel is like 50% woman

An Arc-V rewrite without cameos and a much better witten Synchro Arc.

Underwhelming. Not as bad as Zexal, though.

It's decent, but not much more than that. I enjoy most episodes, but so far the only thing that really captured my interest like the high points of previous series was the spooky brain-eye in Yusaku's backstory.

I'm seriously considering dropping it. This hasn't happened since GX.

rei is a qt