Shieldbro Spinoff: Yari No Yuusha No Yarinaoshi CH1!

Since the latest chapter of shieldbro is going to take a bit to release, i'll dump the (a bit low quality) raws of first chapter of the spinoff manga and the translated text in the post itself. Credits for the original TL are for LH translations, i just changed and fixed most of the script.

Without any further ado then, here we go. Chapter one of The Do-over of the Spear Hero.

>So this is my second death.
>It was because those 2 girls who wanted to die together with me, they stabbed me and then I arrived in this world.
Girl 1:
>I won’t allow you to stand in my way! I’m the only one who deserves being together with Motoyasu!
Girl 2:
>I am the one who will follow him to Heaven!
>Who stabbed me first?
>I can’t remember.
>Those idiots. I don’t want to see their faces ever again.
>I was reborn as the Spear Hero…..
>I fought for my loved one, to save this world.
>.If it ends like that…. I’ll be happy no matter what the result is.
>…..At least that was what I used to think…..

>When a Hero falls.
>I don’t want to die!!
>The clock is moving.

*noisy chatter*
Man in robes:
>Oh Brave Heroes!
>Please help us save this world!

>Where is this…..?
>What’s going on?
>What happened….?
>I surely remember that i died…..?

>This is…..
>One of the 4 Legendary Heroes.
>The beginning of the Spear Hero in another world.

Man in robes:
>Our world is on the brink of destruction….
>We keep on fighting, but there’s not much time left…..
>We would very much like you to speak with the king.
>It’s the same as the first time I came here.
>My HP has recovered.
>But the levels and basic stats are higher than what I remembered…..
>This is a useful advantage……
>All of my spears that I owned are in the armory list.
>What is this unfamiliar spear?

Dragon's Era Minute Hand 0/300 LR.
Abilities unlocked
Equip bonus:
Ability [Time Regression]
Special effect:
World divergence.

>This spear’s extra ability is… going back in time?

>Is this…
>The reason I’m here again is because of this spear…?
>But I’ve heard and learned enough to know that all previous knowledge in games is useless.
>…Eh? I’ve learned that?
>…From who…?
*Door creaking*

>So these must be the Legendary Heroes.
>There you are. You piece of trash!!
>I’m the king of this country.
>Aultcray Melromarc the 32nd.
>Heroes, show me your face.
>This guy is a total old bastard!!
>That’s right. His daughter!!
>The princess of this country, where is that bitch!?
*looks around*

>She’s the one who deceived the Shield Hero.
>.Due to my lack of knowledge, she took advantage of me too.
>Then I was made to become his enemy!
>She won’t get away with it this time!!

Man in robes:
>Please help us stop the waves that have been formed recently in this Kingdom of Melromarc.
Naofumi & Ren:
Man in robes:
>The spatial fractures in this world, or as we call it: The waves of destruction.
>It is the source of many vicious monsters.
>We don’t have the strength to stop their advance anymore.

Air strike bump

>It was that wave….!!
>The truth—-!

>I can’t remember.
>It’s odd. I know it’s something very important….
>It’s like the past is being covered by a dark mist that I cannot remember, how annoying.
>Does the reason that my memory gets all blurry…..
>Relate to the result of my time regression?
>If I think about it….. The memories from before I died are all blank…..
>But there’s something I will definitely not forget!!

>Those beautiful memories with Firo-tan.
>I can still remember our first meeting.
>At a village name Ryute, located near the border of the town below the castle.
>It was destined at that place that I met Firo-tan.
>She hadn’t reached angel form yet, she was still a Filorial.
>There was someone besides her…..
>I’m sure that person was the one that had taken care of Firo-tan since she was an egg…..
Who is it….?
>I can’t remember….

>I was still unaware that I was being tricked by those women.
>I thought of them as friends, even though they were nothing but pigs.
>And then…… when I knew that I was just a joke all that time, when I gave up all my hopes. It was then…..
>Firo-tan was beside me in my darkest hour.
>Even until now I can’t ever forget that face of hers.
>Come on, cheer up.

>I want to see that brightest smile of Firo-tan again…..!
>Now, Heroes.
>Tell me your name.
>I’m Amaki Ren.
>16 years old, high school student.
>I’m Kawasumi Itsuki, 17 years old, also a high school student.
>Iwatani Naofumi, 20 years old, college student.
>Wait a moment….?
>Doesn’t my trip back in time like this mean that Firo-tan's egg hasn’t even hatched yet!?
>If I don’t remember the shop where I bought her egg then…..!!

>Introduction….. It’s your turn…..
>My name is Kitamura Motoyasu.
>21 years old…..
>What kind of mood is this….? //what's with this kinda mood?
>Is that so? Wh…..what about your job?
>My….. My job is……
>College student….. No, not that. Spear Hero…. That’s also a no…..
>Then it must be…..

>Love Hunter.
>This guy must be a total NEET.

>So what should we do now?
Man in robes:
>You heroes will take on adventures to improve yourselves.
>And enhance your legendary weapons.
>You mean this.
>This doesn’t look like a weapon….
>So this is just like a game.
>Can the 4 of us form a party?

forgot to put the other part.

>That can’t be done.
>Because our weapons need elements and materials to upgrade.
>If the Heroes are in the same party,
>Our weapons will impede each other's growth and we won’t receive any XP.
Fighting -> 0 XP.
>Motoyasu-san seems to know a lot about this.
>Is it…. true?
Man in robes:
>Ah yeah….
>Let’s just follow his word for now…..

>So that means each of us have to form our own party, right?
>Don’t worry.
>I’ve prepared your partners.
>Now, future saviors.
>Come to the Hero you want to accompany!

Team Ren.
Team Itsuki.
Team Naofumi.
Team Motoyasu.
>Why do I only have 2 people on my team….
>Motoyasu has 3 beauties in his…..
>….Hey? Motoyasu….?

>Why do I have to handle all these pigs….!?
>It’s disgusting, I’m going to throw up!!
>Oink Oink!?
>Hey old man!
>What did you think to bring these pigs to my team!?
>You dare to call a king an old man.
>Then let’s switch our parties!
Man in robes:
>Please don’t create disturbances here! You can’t switch your party like that!

>I will give each of you 600 gold coins as travel fees.
>Now you can begin your journey!
>This is a little different from last time.
>I planned to stop that girl from deceiving the Shield Hero.
>But she’s nowhere to be seen….
>This is annoying! Get out of my way!
Man in robes:
>Spear Hero!? Treating your partners like that is a little….
>Who cares, these pigs need to be kicked out of the party immediately.

Man in robes?:
>Brave Heroes, please wait for a moment!!
>I have to quickly find Firo-tan first!!
Slave Dealer:
>Welcome to my shop.
>This must be your first time here.
>Can you tell me your wish?
Slave Dealer:
>I want an Aria Filorial egg
>I must’ve bought Firo-tan’s egg here!! This must be it!!

Btw, it seems that an Aria Filorial is what Firo's filorial subspecies are called. They're probably attuned to singing and stuff. Hence the name. Apparently, most of the filorial's motoyasu raised were Aria Filorials

Slave Dealer:
>Then please choose from these eggs.
>….Which one of these is Firo-tan?

>Which one turns cherry blossom when it hatches?
Slave Dealer:
>You can only know that after it hatches, sir….
>That’s true….. I had raised many Filorials of the same kind as Firo-tan….
>I can’t identify any color of the eggs.
>At the end, I picked it based on my intuition….
>This must be Firo-tan, I know it!
>I will create my own destiny once again.

>Even if it isn’t Firo-tan, it’s still a Filorial so there’s nothing to worry about!
Pig Princess:
>Oink Oink Oink?
>Oink Oink Oink Oink.
>What….? This pig….
>Is she talking to me….?
>I think I’ve seen her somewhere before…..
>I don’t understand a word she’s saying.
>Too noisy. Don’t talk to me, you pig.
Pig Princess:
>Oink Oink?
>Oink Oink Oink! Oink Oink!

>I still haven’t remembered why I died, and why I started over from the beginning….
>But it’s okay as long as I can remember Firo-tan and the Filorials
>Why do I have this uneasy feeling in my head….

>Why did I get called so early in the morning…..?
>What the hell happe……

>Is it true….? That you intended to rape your partner….!
>What’s this….?
>I thought that everything was fine but it seems that Shield Hero is in trouble….!?
>Even when you’re in another world, you still dare to do this kind of thing, you scumbag.
Pig Princess:
>Oink Oink Oink Oink.
>What are you talking about?
>All I did yesterday was sleep in my room after dinner.
>….? Is that… the pig from yesterday?
>What are they talking about?
Pig princess:
>Oink Oink Oink Oink Oink…..!
>You’re lying! If you say so then why is Mein-san crying like this!
>I heard that name before…..

>Sexual assault against my people is an unforgivable crime.
>Were you not a Hero, I would sentence you to death!
>That’s why I’m saying that this is a misunderstanding.
>I didn’t do anything!
>Could It be…..

Second bump

>That’s right. That red pig….
>She was there.
>That bitch princess!!

>Out of my way, riffraff


>What the…..
>I’ve…. Just remembered….

>How could I forget such an important matter…..
>I’m from the future, I’m here to repay you.
>The Love Hunter has arrived!!
>Father! (In-Law)
And this is the last page, hope you guys liked it. There's the LNs too, there's two volumes published recently. Dunno when the shieldbro chapters are coming but i think Soon-ish?


so is this canon? and man how much is he into bestiality?

LH Translations already got english scans though.

Wait do firo and spear-dude actually end up together or is it just his one-sided affection?

They needed a bit of proofreading. I posted my version of the script for people to read it, but i'm not going to upload it anywhere else. After all LH got it first.

Canon in it's own universes. At least until the raphtalia we all know picks him up and ships his ass back to the main story.

Horribly one-sided. You'll see when we get to Volume 11 of the LN, or if you read that part in the WN.

I don't get this series' reason for existence.

This, though it's interesting to see an unpunished Naofumi
What happens with Raph though?

APPARENTLY, the author wrote this when the readership made him change the original ending in shieldbro. Maybe as some sort of revenge or something.

I dunno what this supposed to revenge, but there's literally no appeal to it. It's just come off as Tryhard Naofumi 2.0 Lancer Edition who is also full-blown pedophile now.

>Tryhard Naofumi 2.0 Lancer Edition
Not even close to what you said. Naofumi is wrathful, motoyasu is just insanely obsessed with firo.

did they just make a spin-off out of the most hated character on the series to make him develop there so people would not stop hating on him?

so people would*

You'll find out when he gets into some shit in the main novels.

>not thinking how cool Street Racer Motoyasu is
He gets better later on.