When are we getting season 2?

When are we getting season 2?

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When were getting D-Frag Season 2 and HotD Season 2

Sento is so sexy, shame never ever.

I don't understand why Kyoani hates making second seasons so much.

I have no hope.


After Kyoani stop making shit.

If it was Kyoani's property we'd already have 3 seasons, 4 recaps and 6 movies.
But it's Kadokawa's so never.

They'd rather just make new shit like Violet Evergarden, rather than finish their franchises.

They aren't in charge of Amagi getting a second season.

I need my Salama sex goddess!!!!!!!!

Half of their stuff for 2018 are continuations of their franchises

>best at drawing female bodies
>mostly staffed by females
I like to think Kyoani has a member who is impossibly hot, and the other girls bully her into wearing sexy outfits while doing naughty poses, and use her as a reference to draw hot babes.

that footjob pic is top tier

Never ever



>I don't understand why Kyoani hates making second seasons so much.
I don't understand why anons keep pretending to not know KyoAni is the most reliable creators of 2nd seasons of any studio. If they can make a 2nd season without needing someone else signing off on it, they almost always will.


which one, send it bro


>we will never have that 1TB of porn

season 2 when?

KnK? PW? Maid Dragon? None of those have a second season.

This was a dumb and bad show
I did not like it

One thing I like about Kyoani is that sequels are not unexpected from them.



Did the number of times sento flicks the bean a day to mc ever get answered? I know it was brought up in the truth serum episode but never got answered

how come people always talk about this

It was cute. The fact that she masturbates to mc on a daily basis is gap moe for sento.

>not reading the LNs

Peasant. Feels good being a LN patrician.

Someone fill me in on this lol


>it will never again be magic hour

Someone fill me in on this lol.

Who fucking cares when we're finally getting a new season of Full Metal Panic?

This is what peak performance looks like.

Actually kyoani loves season 2s. Until recently they couldn't count to 3.

i still remember the stream ep chat
the threads
the wait for the vivid release
all the fun
;_; it hurts. I love the fairies so much

I can live with that.

Can anyone explain why she is so sexy

After Haruhi 3

>expecting a second season with how lewd the recent LNs were
Never user. We're never getting it.

Lewdest body, purest mind.


>semen fairy

Why did she want to kill the MC in the first episode? He didn't do anything wrong.

more spoilers fucking when?

she didnt shes just an autist who doesnt/didnt know how to talk to people

>tfw no Shitpost Fairy
>tfw no bath-addict gun girl
I'm sad. I need more.

I want the girls to sit on my face

Muse has a body made for bullying!

I never fapped so much to a girl before

Chine overlord has v1-6.

Soo thicc




All the girls are hot but something about Muse just makes my dick hard.


>This scene
I really wish we got more.

Did KyoAni peak with Amagi when it comes to sexy females?


Just fuck already

I've been posting pictures but I haven't even seen the show. Is it worth watching?

>KnK? PW? Maid Dragon? None of those have a second season.
KnK has a film that ended the story. And KyoAni only own a minority stake of maid dragon.

PW? Sorry, don't know which one you are talking about.

It's incredibly cute.

People here are generally too stupid to realize that most of the anime studios produce aren't original IPs owned by the studio. It's easier to blame the studio instead of Kadokawa or another brand holding company.

Because anime exists to advertise the source material.

still proud of all you anons that made this possible

Literally a thicker Senjougahara.

>crab tsundere
>kappa kuudere
at least get your *deres correct man

it's great,
apart from the waifus, the mascot characters really make the show more enjoyable.

>PW? Sorry, don't know which one you are talking about

Myriad Colors Phantom World.

Not even close to the same.

Sento > Mai > Shinka

Hopefully never.

i loved both but i feel like phantoon world needs a 2nd season 1st before amagi

A second season of PW would end up being almost entirely anime original.

Tits too big

>Sento still getting high quality official LN art
>My wife won't get any new LN art anymore

Nante kotta


Don't be mean.

Sento is perfect

Do you want them to turn into SHAFT and milk one franchise for an entire decade?


Totally different. Senjogahara is often just playacting to tease/manipulate Araragi, though sometimes she's legit being pissy which makes her unpredictable. Sento is a straight-laced type who might not always be open but is pretty straightforwards. Sento doesn't really mess with people, Senjogahara does it all the time.

Goddamn, I want to itch Sento's ditch.


>their franchises.

Are you aware that none of those are original works? It's not up to them to make a 2nd season or not.

So Sento has some big areola's around her nipples? Impressive, very nice.

>What is Chuu2 S2

>Kyoani is the LN publisher

Pick your battles son.

The adventures of Kanye-kun and 50 Cento are pretty fun


>KnK and PW LNs aren't published by Kyoani


KnK is done
PW anime is completely different from the books and is still super recent, too early to cry for S2.


>Myriad Colors Phantom World.
Ah, that. I think they are making a movie of that?

But seriously, it is one of the worst selling shows they have ever done other than Munto. Don't tell me you actually WANT a second season?