Age_gap yuri is the purest form of love

Age_gap yuri is the purest form of love.

When will we get an /ll/ anime?

That's a big gap.

Yuzumori san might get an adaptation


>want to go for a walk
fucking brutal


Is it decent though?

Nope. This is where I draw the line. This is fucked up.


But it's mutual yuri so it's OK.

Age Gap Yuri is shit unless if it's also role reversal

I personally love Yuzumori-san, but it might not be your cup of tea if you're looking for the usual /ll/ tropes
I love that one, I want to see more of it
That's what Yuzumori-san does

Technically OP pic already a role reversal.

We already agreed that age gap yuri is fucking disgusting;

>Sup Forums is one person

No, get fucked.

We did though.


When did the Congress of Sup Forums commune?

This was the best part of Flipflappers.

Thanks, kind sir.
A few months ago on /qa/, but only pass users were invited.

16–17 December 1934 in Montreux, Switzerland.

The best yuri age_gap is if the older woman was so certain of her heterosexuality until this little girl appeared in her life.

Age progression > age gap


I need more of this, I only just read it yesterday

Where can I find more of this?
I've already looked in the trash

Have you tried looking in the /junkyard/?



>mochi will never continue this story

it's even better when the older one gets cucked by a male :^)

Age progression with age gap a best

Papika wanted to fuck Cocona since she was a fetus


Age gap loveis best love no matter the gender

This user gets it

What the fuck did you do to that picture?


Have my friend send it to me because I couldn't find it

I can't believe I never considered shipping that. I'm a bad /u/fag

it's literally one-sided canon, what the fuck user?

>Role reversal
>Age gap
I'm hot and bothered.

Was it really explicitly stated in the manga? Flew miles over my head.

They're both fucked, not sure who messed with them.

This does look nicer. Thanks.

It was me, I messed with them.

>you will never experience this

You monster.

Is this ntr trap

Ozen looked devastated when lyza introduced her new boyfriend. Nothing is explicitly stated though.

Doesn't seem like it.

>tfw ill never be a christmas cake
>tfw no cute sadistic loli to dominate me
just me end now famalam

Age gap with a loli where the loli takes the lead is great no matter who their partner is.




I always wondered who ended up with the magic dick for conception in that relationship.

Probably Noriko

Seems like a pretty big futacock.

How do you feel about age gap yuri between a loli and an office (Christmas Cake) loli?

I would post an image, but sadly none exist.

How's this?

These pairings only work if the younger one is the dominate one.

That's no gap that's a fucking canyon.

What's wrong with dominant old/ submissive young? Does it hit too close to home?

If I trib this old cunt, will she die?

It would be extremely wrinkly.

Tell me there is more of this


Is just a gag, she marries the brother of the loli

Read it yourself friend,It's called Majo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane.

Kill yourself

Tell me how you really feel.

ah yes I remember the schnapps, and sadly not too much afterwards!

Absolutely beautiful.

>younger girl ends up taller
My heart.

sounds like the plot of a crab x bat story right there

There is not nearly enough "loli fucking grown woman with a strap-on" content for me to be satisfied.

but you think heterosexual age gap is not fine

>old people with teens/early adults
>opens image
Well what am I supposed to do with this erection now.

That's how it is with futa lolis too. Half the time she is fucking her brother when she should fuck her sister.

That only works if the older woman is really old.


I like this

Especially if it's paired with Yuri Femdom.
Sakura Romako is the GOAT Yuri artist.

How wicked.

Good one user

Older women corrupting little girls who grow up and turn the tables is my shit

Sounds nice



I honestly thought she was disappointed since he doesn’t look impressive in a motherly kind of way. I mean she might as well be Lyza’s Mother and father at the same time

Are you implying fathers don't get jealous when somebody bangs their daughters? It's a common trope, but I guess most people don't realize what it implies.

No, this is just gross. Delete it.




That’s what I am saying. Fathers get jealous but that doesn’t mean they want to fuck their daughters and I got the same feeling from her. After pretty much raising her and mentoring her some little midget fuck comes along and takes her away, bangs her and impregnates her. Think of the implications too that getting her pregnant would make her a lot more vulnerable to danger

>Fathers get jealous but that doesn’t mean they want to fuck their daughters

This whole post is a Freud goldmine
>that doesn’t mean they want to fuck their daughters
>Immediately jumps to the boyfriend impregnating their daughter as the worst result, not mistreating them
>Says right after that she needs more protecting (provided by the father figure) when she's pregnant
>I totally don't want to fuck my daughter, but if she gets pregnant, it better be when she's still in my house