AOTY thread

And why is it Made in Abyss?

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MiA, PriPri, and SSR are all acceptable AOTYs

Because Riko is the daughter of this goddess

Wasn't even AOTS

You're right: It's anime of the decade.

SSR is ok.
There isn't a single thing in beats houseki no Kuni
or Made in abyss in.
There's some mystery to it and it's comfy but that's far from GOTY worthy.

Kemono Friend was better

Thoughts on Reg sticking his dick in the insane moth loli?

Maidragon is AOTY though

Ch43 translation where?

That is a really support theory

What if it was the abyss that impregnated her?

Because of sniffing. Really. Heavy. Sniffing.

It was this.

Literally no one gives a shit about bakeshit on Sup Forums anymore

It would explain her attraction to the place.

Well they did when it aired.

The direction and atmosphere is superb though. Probably not AOTY but credit where credit is due.


Best anime of the year are:

>Rakugo S2
>Made in Abyss
>Owari S2
>Houseki no Kuni
>Girls Last Tour

If anything other than these are your AOTY then you need to have your shite taste checked out

Rakugo Or suka suka
this season has some realy good shit though, might change my opinion

How do you think Riko feels whenever Reg is doing dirty things while she sleeps?

>liking sjw shit

Oh speedreader-kun. You so funny.

>muh sjw boogieman

That's the dub, retard. She says something completely different in the original.

I must be the only one who didn't see anything special in Made in Abyss. I mean, the anime is technically alright, but that's it. Far from memorable.

Well you're just wrong.

i droped it on episode 3

it was just too boring to me

Just as Girls last Dab and Kemono Friends, some Sup Forumsnons really like the contrast with moeblobs and a mysterious/post apocalyptic setting. Both of these shows have no substance whatsoever but they're "comfy" with "shocking" moments here and there.

The connoseur part of Sup Forums has Maid dragon as its AOTY

Sorry you missed out on good smells user

>The connoseur part of Sup Forums has Maid dragon as its AOTY

Rakugo is the fedora tipper side of Sup Forums's AOTY, tied with 3gatsu

>I should have killed maruruk when I had the chance

> My particular faction is truly patrician

lol, k

>is the fedora tipper side
what a fuck are you talking about? there is literaly NOTHING edgy about rakugo

Okay. I liked the concept, but the plot was too slow, tiring and didactic.

Bored in Abyss would be a more appropriate title.

>lol, k
Thanks for proving me right.

Undisputed anime of the year coming through

Thick adventure feel.

The last page is hiding Mitty's bad eye. What does it mean?

Princess Principal was too rushed and totally shat the bed at the end. AOTY candidates are:

wehraboo kino
loli torture porn
fat dragons
3DCG meme show


Maruruk inspired forbidden homolust in Reg, turning him from the path of the loli, to lusting after traps.

Sorry for your shit taste user, your little Maid Dragon has no substance and it is stale. Not even the huge tits and lolis where able to save it.

Nice wrong opinion.

What if I think Maidragon, SSR, and KF are all great?

If you believe anine to be all about silly naturo plots or silky character piece design you are an edgelord.

MiA is a masterpiece. Read the manga if you are manly enough to stand it.

Or go watch the next naruto. I don't care
You probably hate madoka too

>3DCG meme show
Kemono Furries or Terminator Grandpa?

>silky character piece design
ESL-kun please calm down

He turned Reg into a patrician.

Jewelry Buddha.

Anyone know if the original text reads it word for word, or if the runes can be converted to kana? I'm curious if it has a sentence-final particle.

>The connoseur part of Sup Forums has Maid dragon as its AOTY

Why did you ruin your perfectly good bait user?

That’s not true, they are simply good friends

MiA is great but I'll never understand people who fap to it. There isn't a single attractive character, except maybe Lyza

Reminder to report general forcing shitposter

It's not even a boogyman when it's right there, who do you think writes this shit?
Dubs were a mistake.

AOTY is still Kemono Friends. You know this to be true.

This is what I expect from Made in Trash faggots

Very good friends.

I don't necessarily think MiA is a masterpiece or anything, but I think the mystery and world it presents is a spectacular lure that's hard to resist. The series itself talks about the "yearning" of the divers and I can't help but feel it myself as well. That and the art of the manga is some of my favorite I've ever seen which improves my overall opinion of the series.

nanachi wishes she was that good of a friend

MiA is AOTY for me, but the one that brought me most joy was pic related.

I'll never not laugh at this.

What a funny way to spell Meidoragon

Except it could be a shitposter who hates MiA and uses typical shtiposter tactic of making fans look bad.

>cutest creature in the world
>make her a villain


rakugo remains AOTY
MiAfags go home filthy pedophiles

I can never tell if the people behind threads like this are aspie shitposters or false flaggers trying to make a show look bad.

Vatican Miracle Examiners

I also can't help but think back to Air Rivals/Space Cowboy and the M Gear. Fucking hate that piece of shit floating asshole of a ship that can buff and heal everything yet shit out damage.

If he keeps using same file which he saved from randomc blog that suggest he doesn't even watch the show or he streamed it = falseflagger

Because having the “villain” always being a big and intimidating individual gets old

My personal favorite is still pic related. It was a fun show about magical bakas doing cute things, that happened to be the most /u/ title of the year as an added bonus. It's for fans of the genre I suppose.

>Made in Abyss
>Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
>Houseki no Kuni
Is this the year of cute girls doing suffering things in a world humanity left behind? Kemono Friends would fit in there too but it's generally more upbeat.

this is indecent

Good idea, I'll try to find the raw of that chapter.

>Maidfags are still upset

>tfw since fall anime has started and they're all shit it's safe to say Made in Abyss is AOTY

Its AotY because Bonedaddy made an appearance.

>Houseki no Kuni

Translation still not ready?

SSR also doesn't really have anything bad happen like MiA does. MiA is basically putting children into a battlefield while SSR is letting them explore an abandoned neighborhood.

Why would I be upset when Maidragon is the more popular show worldwide



your taste is indecent

Look at that smug Frame, it's just radiating smugness.

Because she has ulterior motives that might not necessarily make her evil.
Like every bad guy so far.

stop posting this
i'm warning you for your own good

Kemono BTFO

The music alone in Just Because makes it AOTY.

left or right, user?

I just hope we get a second season as good or better than the first

Dragon Ball Super
My Hero Academia
Black Clover
Kekkai Sensen

What's with all the moeshit fags in this thread? Probably voted for Hillary.

The second season entirely depends on how well they do Reg vs Bonedrewd.

It might be Houseki no Kuni, though we would have to wait and see how well they do the Winter arc.

Too lewd, get some swimsuits on them!

This is the true aoty.

Found it. Here's the first (and I think only) time the note is translated for the reader.

1. Houseki no Kuni
2. Rakugo S2
3. Made in Abyss
4. Uchouten Kazoku S2
5. 3-gatsu no Lion S2
6. Owarimonogatari S2
7. Mahoujin Guru Guru
8. Girls Last Tour
9. Kemono Friends
10. Maid Dragon