Ahh my Goddess Author Sued by Secret Lover

>Be married w/ child
>Flirt w/ another
>Live w/ other girl secretly
>Divorce wife
>Run from other girl, taking all the stuff
>Flirt w/ cosplayer
>Try to marry her
>Other girl sues you

Looks like Fujishima's Ahh my Goddess has some skeletons in his closet


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Serves him right.

Didn't the author of Sailor Moon leave him for Togashi?


Does this mean that K1 divorces Belldandy and marries Chihiri, Sora or Urd?


Stupid girls ruining someones lives again, nothing to see here

>Japs like NTR.

Why do manga artists think this?

He was going for the harem route but the girls were never friends with each other.

Good thing I have no ex to sue me over a gf I can't get for the money from the job I don't have.

>He gave K1 a punishment that he knew he deserved himself.

Obvious mistake.


No, hxh and sailor noon have beem happily married for a long time now.

How honoraburu!

Remember Yabuki and his bitch wife

>dude screws over multiple women
>women, reee!!!

>literal adulterer
>iz da wimenz!!!!!!!11!!1

Sure, bud.

>one of Japan’s most famous cosplayers Nekomu Otogi, then 20 years old, announced that she was marrying 50-something year-old manga artist Kosuke Fujishima

being married and having mistresses etc on the side is pretty normal for Japan though. Marriage in Japan is often pretty loveless and sexless, so the wife will get her own lover and husband gets his own mistress.

The author was tired of drawing harem manga because he wanted to form a harem in real life but forgot that he was in the wrong country if he wanted a legal harem

The commend about Haruna being based on Yabuki's ex-wife is completely wrong. It's never mentioned among Japanese fans and Haruna was created by Hasemi instead of Yabuki as well. Both Haruna and Lala got a smaller presence in TLD, but that was because the series focused on Yami and Momo rather due to some fictitious lawsuit.

>be cheater
>get surprised there are consequences

t. Japanese society expert

NTR is garbage.

>fictitious lawsuit.
Nah man, that shit is real. So is the whole "took his kid" part. Even the japs talk about that shit. Why are you trying to act like you know anything if you know literally nothing?

Haruna isn't based on the guy's wife. He didn't even create the character in the first place.

>Ahh my Goddess
Literally who?

I always think of it as
>YuYu Hakusho & Sailor Moon have been happily married

>manga artist fucking with 4 bitches

how the fuck do these nips do it

can you even sue over divorce? the wife doesnt have a case, doesnt change that fujishima is kind of a prick tho


Money and status. Plus he's Japanese, so of course he doesn't look 50.

People forget that TLR always had "writer"


Shows us that the fun is not on the beta nice guy.

You've never heard of the series?

It's a pretty comfy romance comedy up until the twist reveal that the MC was cucked from any intimacy by his partner.

>t.white knight

>guy deceives and scams multiple women
>women start getting him back for what he did
>fucking bitches and whores!

/r9k/ please stay in your shit lined lane.

Asshole deserves any punishment that comes his way for what he did to Keiichi.

No wonder why this guy was fine with a cuck plot angle.

Meanwhile I, the supreme gentleman, rot in this miserable lonelyness.

Did (((Weinstein))) do this?

Yeah, and you know like 0 new people every day, how someone is going to found so a gentleman if he is so boring and autism?

I have a BMW.

He has to be respected because he is able to have sex with tons of woman not just one, the girls don't need to be respected because they can have sex with tons of man not just one because it is normal for them.
Also found this cool quote
"'A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.'”


Guess that ending was for him.

Yeah, that's true. I guess it's because nobody cares about the "plot".

Alpha as fuck. I can't believe spiteful omega males in this thread are hating on him.

living the life

Is it an E30 or E36?
If not, you should just get a boyfriend, you fag.

>we must respect this dude because he can get laid!

How old are you? 14? The guy is a cheating asshole so he deserves what he's getting.

Would make for a pretty good romcom

The women has no case our boy is getting away with it

>t. cockless MGTOW permacuck

It takes skills and mind with tons of planning for a man to finally get a women but all a women needs is to open her pussy up and she can get any boy she wants so that's that. Which is why the guy needs to be respected for going out with multiple girls for his insane mastermind planning unlike women who just needs to go to a random man and asks him to have sex and the man would just do it.

>t. roastie

Are you underage?

There are some shitty women in the world, but you know what? Same thing with men. It's about the individual, not the gender.

I have Armani sunglasses. $350 bucks.

He did nothing wrong. nu-Sup Forums is filled with garbage

only the dregs of society believe it is some amazing feat to get laid.

>Going for 3D in the first place
>Nothing wrong

No but it's an amazing feat to have a harem

It's not like he actually cares about them. He's obviously doing it for the sex and the thrill of fucking around with multiple women

Good, fuck that hack

to have a harem of women that accept the harem status maybe. to fuck another chick while you have one already though is again as simple as fucking the first for normal people if not easier because of the forbidden fruit effect.

>retards get triggered whenever a woman cheats on a dude
>but they're ready to suck the cock of an asshole who cheated on multiple women

Nice double standards.

Doesn't change the fact that he went from 3DPD.


Nice assumption but you're wrong. I don't care either way these stories are just entertaining

What are you saying? We all think that he is a terrible guy

>"'A key that can open many locks is called a master key, but a lock that can be opened by many keys is a shitty lock.'”
So we're literally saying it's down to the shape of physical biology now? Seems arbitrary.

So Sup Forums, we will never tap that?

>All these anons mad at him
It's not like he fucked your mom guys

one man trying to solve all of japans birth rate problem by himself. True hero

Is this a joke or not? the only reason why the statistic shows it is higher is because most of the times the womens cheating partner doesn't actual care about the relationship and is just in it for sex

>Run from other girl, taking all the stuff
She probably forbade him from fucking her after he moved in which how that lame plot twist came about

Milk carton with wheels.

I wish you’d provide a more substantial explanation that doesn’t rely on generalizations.

It’s his life.

More like 3

1) Wife: has a child with her, divorced that one

2) Secret Fiancee: living in secret, basically a mistress, got all the stuff from their secret apartment

3) Cosplayer: gonna marry this one

Seems like the 2nd is suing the author

Source on that?

>board filled with little girls is upset that a mangaka is cheating on multiple women
Seems about right.

He already got the cosplayer pregnant.

tfw you'll never tap fujishima

Cucked his women like he cucked his MC. Truly the NTR king.

>author of famous manga that glorifies true love and devotion is a cheating asshole

Rather ironic.

Already had a child actually

Looks like someone didn't read the manga

Wonder if he has to pay child support if he DIDN'T marry the cosplayer.

He does have a child with the original wife, might be supporting him/her also.

I read the manga. All the cuck talk is a meme and K1 does marry Bell.

The kid was born a while ago
>“I have something to tell everyone. The other day, manga artist and illustrator Kosuke Fujishima and I got married. And also, there’s a baby growing inside of me. Sorry if the news comes as a shock. We’re hoping to take good care of our child. I’ll be working hard to keep working as a cosplaying mother, so please be patient until then.”

There is this thing about the spouse going away with school/college-friends and what happens there isn´t really talked about.

I hope he sue back that whore ""ex-fiancee"", bitch probably just attention whoring and playing victim as usual

>up until the twist reveal that the MC was cucked from any intimacy by his partner.
How so? Reminds me of that peeping manga where the MC had a girlfriend that only let him fuck him with a condom and her real boyfriend could creampie her.

>Have child
>Still wanna keep cosplaying
>Consider cosplaying a fulltime job

>I’ll be working hard to keep working as a cosplaying mother
God that's so trashy.

His sexual desires were sealed away and she didn't tell him.

>Doesn't want to see your hot Mom cosplaying sexy character
GAY desu

>cuck in comics
>chad in real life

Yeah...nah. If you cheat you are an asshole regardless of gender

Yes, how dare this person live a life without justifying himself to unrelated strangers on the internet.
Capitulate to mine and other literally who's opinions.
There should be laws about this.