Would you go with her?

Would you go with her?

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Yes. She's lovely

But she's spooky with that face. How do u know she's going to succ u and not kill you?

In a heartbeat.

when you have something sucking your dick, you don´t care about anything else.

like i said, how do you know she's going to give you the succ?

Win Win either way

shota thread?

Luffy's gotten weird looking.

>Spooky hot female spirit rapes shota
>Gets pissed off when he tries to get away from her

I fapped a lot to that hentai

With pleasure.

>oh hell yeah milf shota time
>horror? pfft yeah right its porn, no way it'll be scary
I was so naive.

>Is supposed to have a deep man voice when chanting.

that fucking cow story was fucked up.

Why not. She's cute and her being an apparition relives the fear of unknown from death.

That good feeling you get when around women who are taller than you.

>he couldn't manage to fap to the cow story

Is she trying to sell me fucking vegetable juice?

I think I never got to the horror part because I busted then shut it off.

this thread got me curious so i looked it up, it wasn't really that scary and i didn't even finish fapping.
Off to watch more hentai i go.

I'm not a shota, it wouldn't work out in the long term so I'd have to decline.

did you read the entirety of the douijin or just the tall lady part?

i just watched the OVA that image is from.

Most people seem unaware of this, but she is suppose to sound like a deep voiced man. Not a deep voiced woman, explicitly a deep voiced man. A women with the literal voice of a bassy sounding man. What I'm saying is, if you say "yes", you're a faggot.


Those fucking monkeys man...

What's all this from? Is there a manga I can read?

That's just what she does bro.

So wait this shit was based off a real japanese spirit?


I bailed halfway through.


Yeah shes also that jap horror game with the schoolgirl and the camera.

oh boy

Most of that isn't even that bad. That spirit in the car was pretty hot

You mean every jap horror game?

Pretty sure Silent Hill 2 didnt star a schoolgirl with a camera.

Yes, her name is Hachishaku-sama, which iirc literally means 8ft tall woman or something. She prays on little children canonically so the whole /ss/ thing fits perfect. /ss/ is a true patricians fetish. The more the better. I wish i had a mommy like that irl(not mother, but mommy in the sense of voluptuous older woman). 2d is superior though.

The series is called Fatal Frame here in the west, though i think Hachishaku-sama is only in the 5th one.

Now I actually want to be raped by a ghost.

Nothing wrong with wanting to fuck Dr. Girlfriend.

Imagine when you scroll through the comments on this thread and then you'll be greeted by a spirit female stalker with a grin to teeth face looks at you!

Fuck I love spirits like this even without the rape bit what are some more spooky stories

Honestly I don't know. Japanese spooks and folklore seems really interesting though. I'm sure some user can point us in the right direction, or we can just google it.

She's kind of spooky either way but she only makes that face rarely.

But her tits are enormous, so it's kind of hard to refuse.

Does anyone else find those kind of long black nails hot as fug? I don't know why, but those nails are really doing something for me.

>doesn't fug the driver


It's a modern web creepypasta more than anything found in folklore. Jyoka's story follows the original perfectly, which isn't copywrighted because it's just some web post, except for the additions of sexual encounters.

I was pissed that Hachishaku-sama and the older boy from the first story didn't fug at the end. That would have be great. I'm a sucker fro simply love stories like that. Vanilla hentai is best.

Did they animate the cow too?

As far as I know, the only part of the douijin that got animated was the part featuring Hachishaku-sama

Yami Shibai

For anyone unfamiliar with tale,

It was impossible for this story not to end up as straight shota.

johj ji jijo

I only watched season 1 of the anime, is the manga worth reading or nah?

>Tfw you start off fapping but end up stopping since the stories are actually pretty interesting and the atmosphere was great as well

>bust a nut to episode 1 of hentai x
>the plot is interesting so you watch the rest without fapping
Fucking Bible Black swear to God.

I lost my boner after the car story but the plots were great. Snake lady 10/10

I'm not a kid anymore yet why did reading this frighten me?

I'm not a shota, so no.

is that a new member of the Straw Hats?

Because different shit frightens different people. I remember when I would watch marble hornets years ago there was a video where slenderman is just standing in the corner of the room in the shadows. I sometimes still wake up convinced theres something in the corner of my room.

Fuck yes I would
>tfw 6'3" and have a thing for taller women
>tfw the only girls taller than me are genetic aberrations who won't live past 30.

Yes. I love tall women.

The last shot of the driver is still one of the most chilling things I've seen in any manga. On that note, does anyone have a proper stitch of the two pages of it? Looking at the releases, they're either left separate or pretty poorly combined. I could've sworn there was a good one floating around, but perhaps I was just not looking closely enough at the stitch being posted.

this got animated? since when?
they did all the stories right?

Few months ago, just hackishaku.

Look at her mouth, you just know


>Few months ago
missed it somehow
>just hackishaku
it's getting more parts?
hope the also animate his incest story, and I mean both chapters

Man the fifth Samurai Jack season is weirder than I recall

Episode 2 when?

>woman gets raped by a disgusting monster
>man has sex with good looking monster

is this the so called "male privilege"

Found one. Bizarrely, the chinese translation had a proper combined page. Thanks Chinks.


A minor for now(?) villain, actually.

Jyokas Hachishaku-sama, no. Satsuki Imonets Hachishaku-sama, hell yes.

All that season proved was that Jack is a mothafucking dummy.

Why the hell would they animate most that sick shit? Well the monster girl segment was great but nips have the worst taste imaginable.

that spread never fails to make my spine shiver like a dragon vibrator

I fucking love spooky girls but I am not that fan of giants.

How big are her feet?

why not?

Pretty big. She's 8 feet tall.

Up until they get to earth again it's pretty fun

>tfw no 8 feet tall ghost gf who rapes you as little kid and continues until you're an fullgrown adult

its only a dream, its only a dream

Speaking of which, did Moth waifu ever get finished?

read it ages ago, cant remember it unfortunately


>that ending

What the fuck man spirits aren't suppose to know techogly

Sadly I’m too old for her now. Maybe if I met her years ago, she could have held an old flame to accept me today, but I missed my chance.

If I was lucky enough to marry her, my one rule would be she can’t eat our children.

I like the car one the best because possession fetish, but it could equally have been just her smiling at the end because she's completely lost it rather than her body been taken over by that grinning spirit so I was a bit disappointed it just ended there without further explanation.

Jyoka's other lengthy series has furries but the way it's handled is pretty similar with the cow chapter with people being raped and unwillingly brainwashed and transformed into the same thing as their captor.

that ending and the tadaima

Did they fug at the end?

Seems more like it’s purposely left ambiguous. I got the idea that she just have sex with small boys until all their life force is gone and they die.

Yes. Then they got married and they lived their lives together happily until he died.

Nah, the story about the two brothers haunted by executed female ghosts is more disturbing.

Isn't she suppose to eat him it looked like she was almost swallowing him whole no matter what was she took him.

They lived happily ever after and that's that, mister.

>cock goes here.png

In a fucking heartbeat but unfortunately I'm to old now