We Can't Study/We Never Learn/BokuBen Ch 39

box scan is out.
all aboard the fumino train

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Dump it.




ya sorry but someone else has to continue the dump, i gtg make dinner









Is Narayukia going to marry into her family and take their name? That happens sometimes

FUGGGGGG this chapter is too cute.

Maybe too cute. I guess we /lit/-fags must be punished because we went TOO FAR. I accept the punishment. Bring on the Uruka chapters I guess.




Truly, the best girl in this manga. Who can't resist her beauty anyway?


It was called "To the Moon" and it wasn't even a book you dumb broad.

>Remember when this manga was about following your dream


/sci/ is worst girl




;_; /lit/

Furuhashi's mom was definitely sexy as hell. But flat.



>Fumino's sex hair

My heart is so erect.



It's over. All the other girls can go home.


Winner winner chicken dinner


W-What did they do on that bed?!

No wonder she never gets solo chapters.


>Gets little to no solo chapters
>The one she does get is 11/10


Hey OP.

I wish you'd finished dumping.

If she got more solo chapters the harem would be over inside a month


This chapter killed the FuminoxYuiga ship.

What kinda dumbass parent loses both her kids?

She's so damn powerful

How does he know they use the same shampoo, did they bathe together?

>Fumino grabs his arm first
>she wakes up and squeezes his hand instead of letting go
>she moves off of her pillow to get closer to him
What did she mean by this?

Worse yet, why are both called Kana?

It's just sibling love. Normal incestual love.

I can feel the ara ara, WHERE'S IT?

It's not what it looks like, she was just tired.

>"But since you're siblings it's fine right?"

Okay I'm sorry but there's no way in hell that Fumino won't win, not after this shit. This is more blatant than the school concert scene from KamiNomi

You know. This chapter was really cute.

All the girls are cute.

So does each one have at least one Antagonist now that eggs her on?

She swore not to fall him. She is doing a very poor job of it.

>believing in lasting consequences

It'll be back to status quo next chapter. But these two should seriously just get married already.

too fucking cute.

To be fair, Moeyuki deserves it more than most.

> my stomach...



They make me feel all fuzzy inside ;_;

>What did she mean by this?
She attacks him for having a girlfriend (fake), makes a "joke" about dating him, puts her hair in a ponytail and wanted him to tell her she was pretty.

I think she clearly likes him but has mental road blocks. She trusts him and is getting closer and closer to him. Why denialfags exist I don't know

He needs to drop this stomach shit

nice colors version

She actually has an oro oro sound effect in the second-last panel.

Maybe she's Kenshin in disguise?

>why are both called Kana?

Family name. duh.

I think I had enough sugar for today

this must be a common excuse in the land of moon

wow that was so fucking cute

Hotel lady secretly a bro-tier wingman?

What are you talking about? Kana is the name of the little sister.

I can't be prouder from being on the /lit/ ship since day 1.
Go get em girl

Everyone is a wingman to someone.

Look They're both calling for Kana.

>falls asleep in same bed as /sci/
>holds her hand
>falls asleep in same bed as /lit/
>holds her

What do you think is going to happen when he falls asleep in the same bed as Sup Forums?

He gets clocked in the face because her retard ass toss and turns like an animal

This. Fumino doesn't like him and this chapter shows it.

That can't happen because the thirsty bitch will rape him.

Are you trying to turn this into a meme?

She's pragnarant?!

that was actually /sci/. Sup Forums would just bail out.

Yuipollfag kill yourself

The girl from is the big sis who's already with the mom in . Kana's the one Yuiga helped last chapter.

i have diabetes now.

I'm a fucking retard. This is why you never post anything at 4 AM.

Here the older sister whose name is unknown looking for her mother and little sister (Kana). She was helped by Fumino and met her mother first then is this panel the older sister and her mother looking for Kana the little sister.

This is the first harem in a long time that I like all the characters. I want everyone to win.


Why do people even like /lit/, she promised to help her friends, but now she stealing him from them. She is sort of a homewrecker.

Usually in harems I just want best girl to win because she is best girl. But here I genuinely like their relationship and they are too fucking cute, fuck.

Yes. They got lewd.

Why? Why can't this manga just give me a clearly defined best girl? Fumino wasn't even in the running until now and now she's in the lead.