My Hero Academia sucks

The powers are generally fucking awful. Like, you're going to tell me that a 4 foot kid with sticky grapes for hair got into the most prestigious superhero university in the country? How is a guy who can slowly disintegrate somebody when holding directly onto them for several seconds considered one of the top bad guys in the show?

For that matter, Hero Killer Stain's power is shit as well. Basically, if you have a superpower that is worse than just having a gun, you don't deserve the label of "superhuman."

Careful dude, now all the BnHAutists are gonna give you a billion excuses as to why your opinion is objectively wrong

Fuck off herorager
You are just another mad HxHfag wanting to shit on the one of the new big three
I hope your hiatus never ends

>Do you think you could size up to Urarararawaifurararaka?
>She has an amazing power and knows judo too boot.
>she could beat you up!!!

You aren’t wrong but why do you even care? Why not just ignore it or better yet don’t watch it?

Pretty much my thought to.
But whatever

I've seen worse

>this meme makes me objectively right, hater!
>fails at dabbing and gets face lodged in elbow fat
>starts suffocating and desperately prays for all might

1. I haven't brought up any of the points in that shitty image
2. The plot is shallow and childish at best
3. It being popular doesn't make it good retard

>You will never get so angry at shounens that you complain about them on a Chinese image board.

Living the dream OP.

shiggy can disintegrate someone faster than that are you forgetting the wen he wasted that doctor?

Well I'm obviously a fucking loser control freak sitting at home on my computer furiously typing to ruin people's happiness. /s

Nah, people just praise it and talk about it way too much

Who gives a fuck. Why do you need other people to validate your opinions on what's good or bad?

Just let other people enjoy what they enjoy.

Over 90% of the heroes in the series would lose to a gun. It's pretty retarded

but the story is set in japan not burgenland or irak

This. I would watch it if it wasn't for the awful superpowers and, dare I say it without triggering bnha warriors, *cliche*

I could take a baton and beat the shit out of half the people in that class

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definitely bait
but Grape Juice is still worthless

So? Who cares if people talk about it?

People are most likely to attribute their own negative qualities on others. Nice try, all you've demonstrated is your weak attempt at reflecting your own lack of self esteem across a computer screen.

Doubtful. I'd agree that someone with a gun could take most of the cast but I don't think someone with a baton would have as much luck. Even without powers most of these kids are at least fit and trained in some fighting and the ones that are weaker usually make up for it with their quirk. You know because this was written in a society that has very little gun crime and higher instances of melee weapon based assaults.

The worst part about him isn't that his power is worthless, but that the show propagates this 'adorkable' character that is completely sexist, yet still manages to be a respected classmate and survive in the pinnacle of society. Although, I guess if the recent Hollywood scandals have taught us anything, it's that society innately pressures people about speaking up.

Quads == The truth ??

I guess so, but it's not as if smuggling in small firearms isn't a very real possibility.

He is a pervert but he is not sexist though. He recognizes the superiority of anyone in class and super hero association and simply wanted to be popular among women.

He'll grow out of it after he matured and realized his full potential

Since this manga keeps on being praised with it's realism, how come some super power which has no stat boosting capabilities have some users who are able to destroy rocks or dodge bullets?

>he does sexist things
>but he's not sexist
Sounds like you have some sexism issues to work out.

>wants to be popular among women
>overly sexualizes all people of opposite gender and performs sexual misconduct on several occasions

What potential lol? Throwing glue spheres at blue?

He outright showed admiration towards Mt. Lady and other pro heroes

not sure what you mean, be more specific

On another note, how come the rock guy beats the steel guy? We do know how density works right?

And yet he objectifies them at every turn. This "admiration" is just another form of sexism and it doesn't excuse his creep behavior.

How is this a bad thing, though
Would you rather have all the villains have absurd, broken shit like time travel and the ability to shoot giant laser beams? If anything, the fact that their powers are somewhat specific serves to give them some slight distinction, considering most characters aren't especially complex

apprenticing with Mt Lady to see her boobs on a more regular basis isn't "admiration"

Instead of making hate threads off cooldown, why not make a thread or contribute to a discussion about something you like?

That's not sexism either though. He does not discrimate against women. He worked his way into the hero class to get a harem the chad way

>that's not sexism

Do you want to know how I know you're a woman?

meant it as in one quirk which doesn't boost the users strength could make them destroy hard objects and quirks that doesn't boost the users speed to make them be able to dodge bullets.

Having a show where a supervillain can't defeat a common gangster with a gun is an awful premise. Have you read worm, graceling, or even I Am Number Four? Superpowers that actually give people a noticeable advantage in life make for a much more thrilling story.

This is all true. MHA and Shonen in general are complete ass, and it baffles me that so many people can like such poorly thought out and written garbage. But to each their own, I suppose. You just gotta accept that and focus on things that you do like.

No girls on the internet, newfag.

>does not discriminate against women
>90% of all interactions with women is trying to feel them up

Why are you defending this? Next thing you know you'll be saying the Big Bang Theory positively contributes to society's ideas about gender roles.

How can it be sexism when he is working towards his goal of getting laid?

Yeah he's sexist then. It's Japan, what are you going to do about it?

>only real men know that the other gender's purpose is to be sexual objects for my amusement

*obligatory am not the person you responded to

That's not true though.
He tried peeking and saying perverted things but I don't remember him trying to feel them up.

Never even said that women are inferior to men

Yeah, that's another example of the show's lack of realism. Every character has extreme plot armor

It's bait user, stop feeding the retard

As I understand on that universe, not all people can fully use the true potential of their quirks.

Stain was powerful because he understands and used his quirks effectively on combat compared to low class heroes. (And he has that "aura")

Put it this way. Everybody can throw a basketball but not every can shoot it effectively like a professional player.

One can be racist without feeling as if one race is inherently superior to the others.

I could also get a gun and shoot Stain and that's that lmao

Well... fuck you I like it.

What? It's ok to be proud of the achievements of your white ancestors so long as you don't call other races inferior

And I am a brown

You don't even know what you're talking about you idiot
Pic is Oxford's definition on racism, I will stop replying to your weak bait

>being misogynist isn't sexist
Uh, wait I actually disag--
>stop being a triggered retard, user

Almost everyone in the class has a quirk that makes them good in close quarters combat against a normal human being, and barring that, they're in very good physical condition
The only person who is genuinely weak is Mineta

That has nothing to do with what I said. Are you okay?

> /s

Didn't he grope Tsuyu?

>dictionary definition written by white males


For example, if I say that Asians are mainly purposed toward unemotional mathematics work, whites are geared towards innovation, and hispanics and blacks are best at manual labor, that is racist and racial stereotyping.

Lmao, it's always funny when people throw a definition at you and think they've won the argument. The Oxford Definition even supports what I said.
>the belief that all members of each race possess characteristic, abilities or qualities specific to that race
The second part is just an add on

You know he can move faster and jump higher than you right?
If you shoot him on the back then yeah you could kill him.

I agree most heroes/villains will be dead with guns alone. But quirks like All for One or One for All would just block a bullet like nothing (since they are the "Superman" of this universe).

That's why it was said in the story the Yakuza was once thriving before and villains were rampaging all over the place. Until All Might came.

so you are fat and sensitive

Yeah but the thing is, he only disintegrated eraserhead slowly because it doesn't work the same way when people have plot armors.

Moving fast and jumping doesn't make someone able to dodge a bullet. The average bullet moves at 1700 miles per hour, and it's not hard to shoot someone running towards the person with a sword.

Send in the military.
All for One and One for All are powerful but still has no immunity to firearms.

>don't say anything negative, just let people have their own hug boxes
It's actually kind of sad how deeply tumblr invests this site not.

Tell me, if someone wants to call something shit (when it is), why is that something bad to do when someone mindlessly gushing about great they think something is, is perfectly fine?

If you can't handle both sides of discussion why not just off yourself, because you'll never be able to function correctly in the real world.

It doesn't say anywhere that All Might can withstand a bullet.

He witstand Nomu who can destroy boulders. So yeah, he can withstand a bullet but still not immune from it

>low effort bait like this gets 60+ replies
The state of this board

Most of this thread is just tumblr arguing about sexism/racism though

>Valid criticism of a popular show
>this board sucks
Meanwhile, trap waifu threads are getting hundreds of replies.

BnHK fags are immature.
So goes for all shounenshit

I remember someone trying this with YuYuHakusho and people simply respected him and admitted its flaws. Except for Toguro. That guy was the coolest villain ever

Kendou or Momo?

>Valid criticism
nothing of the sort has appeared in this thread

pic related. i'm not the sort of sensitive bitch that cares about this shit though, but it must be admitted that if you were the sort of sensitive bitch, that it did actually happen

>So goes for all shounenshit
>"hurr durr my cartoons are more mature than your cartoons"

The point is that we are all the heroes of our stories if we choose to be. Assuming you're born fully able bodied of course.

how fast does a bullet travel in manga?

Every villain is the hero in their own story too though

Ain't that called being redpilled?
Even women say that to other women

4-6 maybe 7.

no you are not the hero of your own story you are the PROTAGONIST

Well, yeah, my cartoons have a much more mature audience than BnHA.
It does nto even have any tumblr posters

*criticizes pathetic premise
*criticizes cliches
*criticizes misogyny
>none of these arguments are worthy of me
>Just so you know, I'm not sensitive

haha nice one

I agree, the powers are pretty shit or simply poorly handled. Like Aizawa that can nullify powers, that's cool, but why is the man given a magic robe and put to fight like a superhuman Bruce Lee? Just give the man a gun and some SEAL training or some shit.

Or invisible girl and the earphones chick getting into the #1 school in the country in the #! class as well.That class should be filled with quirks like Todoroki's Tokoyami's, Yaoyorozu, Mirio, Chisaki and so on.

He can't dodge but he can approach you fast enough to slit your throat.

No argument there. The military can definitely kill both All for One and One for All.

Not just this site.
You do this on twitter/youtube, on any type or genre of media news whatever, you'll get that kind of response.

You think All For One's attacks, which leave devastation like area bombing and scatter buildings, are weaker than bullets?

>Or invisible girl and the earphones chick getting into the #1 school in the country in the #! class as well.That class should be filled with quirks like Todoroki's Tokoyami's, Yaoyorozu, Mirio, Chisaki and so on.
Why the steel guy on the 1-B class and Moleste-rgrape-kun on 1-A? Just absurd.

I think I can shoot a crazy guy ranting in public alleys before he can run up to me and split my throat with a 2 + 1/2 foot blade

>One can be racist without being racist
um okay?

The point is Stain doesn't run towards you in a straight line.
He fucking jumps to walls and shit. He could throw a dagger/kunai/whatever towards you before you even grab your gun.
You did read/watched this series right?

Why am I even defending Stan? For fuck sake.

Let me put it simply for your small mind. All supremacists are racists, but not all racists are supremacists.
Not what I said or implied.

No, even high power firearms still won't work against One For All. Even conventional explosives won't work. I don't think anything short of saturation bombing* might work and even then you'd have to keep it up while the user is blitzing all over the place.
This is one hit from All For One. This is something One For All can block with one hand with only the last dregs of All Might's power, and persist blocking if he was at full operational capacity. This is devastation comparable to a large thermobaric bomb or a cluster bomb strike. Tanks ain't shit compared to this.

(* and obviously nuclear but they're not worth nuking)

This is the most retarded discussion. I can't believe somebody is seriously arguing that some parkour sword freak can throw a kunai or run 20 meters to stab somebody before they pull a fucking trigger.

>reading this shit when Black clover exists

Haven't you heard of the 20 meter rule?

*destroys one block
>The military couldn't do anything to kill this man

caring this much about a show you don't even like lul

Give it to me straight user, is it worth?

>Hero Killer Stain's power
how the fuck did he figure out how to use his power anyway? like how does that come up before you are a deranged killer who's murder style is determined by how the power works.

Is the manga good?
The anime has horrible pacing/directing.