Initial D

What exactly made the first half of Initial D so goddamn excellent? I've never been so pleasantly surprised by a meme anime.

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>meme anime
Please commit suicide

>meme anime
It wasn't originally a meme. People who didn't watch it made it a meme.

Initial D is fucking great all the way through. The music is fucking awesome.

>only the first half
The 2nd stage is pretty underwhelming and the 4th stage is one of the best seasons

I don't know. Been wondering myself.


maybe because most people are used to underdogs being typically weak and roll their way into the top but in Initial D, Takumi gives 0 fucks and got rid of his underdog status in just 1 game.

Parents are in Japan so they can see my sister as she gives birth to my second nephew (brother-in-law is in the Air Force), so I asked my mother to get me a couple Initial D mangas and I'll pay her back.

I'm not sure how weird that is because I know you can order Japanese mangas online... I guess I just want it to be special.

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How can I leave if I kill myself?

What is your favourite Eurobeat song?

i've tried to watch this show but the fact that the cars look like ABSOLUTE SHIT always keeps me away, the jump from good looking old-school 2D to the ugly old 3D kills me

i'm not blaming the series but the CG hasn't aged well. i'll have to force myself one day.

Slutiest worst fmc of all time.

Chapter 200 here. Please tell me she isn't sucking cocks in tokyo on a daily basis.

The first stage is half racing half SOL, the Eurobeat is the best in the series and the SOL parts are actually very fun.

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>meme anime
So basically you turn 18 today? Happy birthday.

I always see people complain about how heavy the SOL is in the first season but honestly I liked that part a ton and felt like it was more of a draw than multi-lane drifting, personally once races were decided by the amount of leaves on the road I lost interest.

Nigga is lucky as fuck doesn't lose a race. I just stoped caring after that leaves o the road bullshit.

>meme anime
Sucks to be you.

Nothing beats this.

Watch Initial D Battle Stage.

M A K O A N D S A Y U K I' S V E R S I O N I S A C O V E R


First Stage is the best series of them all.

B-but it's better.