Dragon Ball Super

I can't take it anymore guys. I've been bearing this abuse for two years getting minuscule morsels of good in exchange for my suffering. But not anymore. This is too much of this shitty fucking show. I'm switching to Kamen Rider

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Never come back loser


Z TIER (Daishinkan)
>The Grand Priest

Y TIER (Angel)
>Vados (Y+)
>Whis (Y+ likely, Y minimum)
>The Other Angels (Y)

X TIER (God of Destruction)
>Jiren (X++ likely, X+ minimum)
>UI Goku (X+ likely, X minimum)
>Beerus (X+)
>SSB Vegetto (X)
>The Other Gods of Destruction (X)
>Champa (X-)

S TIER (Super Saiyan Blue)

>Super Kefla (S++)
>SSBKK (S++)
>No. 17 (S++ likely, S+ minimum)
>Golden Freeza (S+)
>Toppo (S+)
>SSB Vegeta (S+)
>SSB Goku (S+)
>Hit (S, but technique is S+++)
>Ultimate Gohan (S-)
>Kefla (S-)

A TIER (Super Saiyan God)

>SSG Goku (A++)
>SSG Vegeta (A++)
>Dypso (A, but technique is S)
>Legendary Kale (A)
>SS3 Goku (A-)
>Kakunsa (A-)
>Berserk Kale (A-)
>Obuni (A-, but technique is S-)

B TIER (Super Saiyan 2)
>Super Saiyan Kale (B+)
>SS2 Goku (B+)
>SS2 Caulifla (B+)
>SS2 Vegeta (B+)
>SS2 Cabba (B)
>Final Form Freeza (B)
>Magetta (B)
>Ribrianne (B- on average. Inconsistent. Seemingly shifts between D- to A-)
>Monna (B-)

C TIER (Super Saiyan 1)
>SS1 Goku (C+)
>SS1 Vegeta (C+)
>SS1 Caulifla (C+)
>SS1 Cabba (C)
>Majora (C+)
>Saonel (C+ likely, C minimum)
>Piccolo (C)
>Pirina (C minimum, C likely)
>No. 18 (C)
>Bergamo (C)
>Lavender (C-)
>Basil (C-)
>Frost (C-, but technique and strategy is B++)
>Rozie (C-)

D TIER (Base)
>Goku (D+)
>Vegeta (D+)
>Caulifla (D+)
>Jimeze (D, but technique is C+)
>Gohan (D on average. Inconsistent. Seemingly shifts between D- and C+.)
>Cabba (D)
>Botamo (D)
>Kale (D-)

E TIER (Human)
>Krillin (E+, but C- when assisting No. 18.)
>Tenshinhan (E)
>Ganos (E, but gradually increases power tier. Technique stayed at E.)
>Dr. Rota (E-)
>Roshi (E-, but technique is B-)

There are two rankings: one tier for power (the main letter ranking) and one tier for technique where noteworthy. Experienced Saiyan's like Goku and Vegeta seem to be capable of using higher tier technique to supplement base or weaker forms without transforming.

Anyone not in the list is irrelevant.

Stop posting your shit head canon list every thread

>liking that edgelord

Vegeta is worse than Sasuke.



>people actually think that SSB Vegeta is weaker than SSB Goku
Vegeta had the stronger base SSB form, as shown by his fight with Black. He'll have the stronger UI form as well. Gokuk can only keep up because of kaioken.

>no Zeno

Your opinion is wrong.


You can make one (1) movie canon. All characters introduced in said movie will be canon. Which movie do you pick?

>inb4 Gogeta

IMO, should be Hirudegarn and Tapion film.

Isn't Kamen Rider just the Power Rangers?


just 1 more episode until they're forever irrelevant
sure they will appear in some shitty filler episodes after this arc
but thats it
no more shitty fem saiyans


> Vegeta
> edgelord

Super's Vegeta is even less edgier than Goku, considering he's a doting daddy now, while Goku was just making smug faces at Toppo when the latter suggested that he was evil
like a fucking autist

Kamen Rider is literally better in every way to begin with

This episode was 80% the crowd and zenos talking a lot of bullshit. The rest was the two mary sues arguing and trading blasts.
Lazy episode.


Thx doc

I deal with it by not considering DBS as canon.

except ratings

Who was that dude in the begining of today's episode?

I'd choose either the one that fits in perfectly (Bojack) or the one that fucks everything up the ass timeline and characters wise (World's Strongest, Tree of Might, or Lord Slug)


I don't remember subscribing to this blog.

Reminder that dubfags are among us and their names are Caulifaggots

Man this guy brings out those HQ recreations like lightning


Kefla/Caulifla&Kale getting hammered by Frieza and later dying on the bleachers would be poetic justice.

Goku is ringing them out next episode.

It's either him, or Frieza.

Frieza did say that he was going to go after the other U6 saiyans. The Saiyan race has always been a thorn on his side, and it was Saiyans who killed him for no reason, so it would make sense for him to take out the monkeys.

goku won't ring out kefla
frieza will. if they do that its poetic, think about it. Frieza just knocked out cabba, vegeta's protege. knocking out kefla would complete the circle, getting both of goku's proteges and at the same time wiping out another universe, getting one step closer to the master plan of the super dragon balls. Frieza has been the hallmark of this season so far, i dont think he'll disappoint next episode

Much deep wow so potery

Fuck off Sup Forumsedditor

>Whis above Jiren

Well, to be fair, Beerus made him blow up their planet. The Saiyans' anger at him was largely displaced.

itz masterpiece and ill fit u irl u dunt agre

No that's Sentai

The sex was intense in this episode

l-lewd, though male+buttstuff isnt my cup o tea

Only Vegeta hates him for that. Everyone else hated the Saiyans. Goku and Gohan hate him because he's a cunt.

>Only UI can stop this madgirl

/our queen/

>Goku gets knocked the fuck out
>Oh boy time for my nigga Frieza to ki-
fuck this

So what happened to Kale's part of the personality? This chick literally just seems like a stronger Caulifla

>rooting for a female character
back to plebbit, soyboy

Does Toei enjoy ruining power scaling?

He's just biding the time for perfection.

What has been ruined in this episode? Do tell.


Kale has no personality. They literally had nothing to work with. But I suppose if you want to reach, the reason why Kefla acts like a psycho bitch and laughs maniacally sometimes is because of Kale.

Even Kefura noticed it.

>This chick literally just seems like a stronger Caulifla
Because that's what she is.

Just because you are insecure of your masculinity so much that it affects your opinions of cartoons doesn't mean anyone else is.

Do you suck dicks to reaffirm your masculinity too?

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Potara fusion makes a new being and the reason why all Potara fusions are cocky is because of the immediate power they're born with. Also Kale's cocky too when she's in her controlled form.

Really impressive... that's what I'd say if she were a non-fused character, a saiyan fusion that is barely stronger than a tired Goku SSB Kaioken is lame, the problem was clearly Caulifla, she's shit tier compared to Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Kale.

Anyway, I see that you're already accepting the inevitable defeat of Kefla, good for you... that's the first step.

But you just called "soyboy" a guy who was thinking with his dick.

>U4 dismissing Potara

their fusion is so perfect that it has a chad personality, I think Vados said so.

vegito also doesn't act like goku or vegeta, he was a big showboat.

You are watching and discussing anime, don't pretend there's any masculinity left in any of you.

Leave 18 to me

Well, the other option is Goku, who is a brain damaged manchild.

Can I get a count of how many SUGOIs were in this episode?

who's this new char?

Reminder that so far, Vegeta has only been hit by Toppo when he has been off guard. It's been that wa since their fight began. Both don't seem to be at full power right now but Vegeta is portrayed as superior so far.

So, who will be U4 victim... Piccolo or 18? I hope 18, Piccolo will absorb the Namekians, he will be the Super Namekian God.

Only because she attacked Goku when she was tired. What a pussy.
Kale is kind of annoying. It's for the best. At least Caulifla has the power to back up the attitude now.

Gohan Mustard

I don't remember Vados saying anything about personality, just power multiplication. Vegeta and Goku are arguably both showboats in certain situations. Vegito had Goku's jokiness and Vegeta's sadisticness.

It's gonna be 18. She's overstayed her welcome. Piccolo needs to job in the Gohan episode to push him to do something.

>Not recognizing Gohan G├╝ero

New arc when? This tournament feels like it has been going on since the 80s.

Why don't you stop spamming this?

>Leave Jiren to me


Not till March.

Goku's dumped all his int stats into PE Class. He's a good enough fighter to have fought Kefla directly to try to trigger UI again.

Nah, 18 is losing in 117. U4's victim will be Piccolo or Gohan. Gohan and Piccolo will eliminate the Namekians in 118.

Can anyone that sincerely likes Kale or Caulifa tell me why? The only positive thing they brought to the show so far was making Goku act like a villain last episode and their characters have 0 good qualities

>6 more months

At least they're not on Namek I guess,

I want to fuck a Super Saiyan but i'm not gay.

They are only liked by people who are starved for db waifus and saiyan girls. They don't care about anything else, only the porn and you can tell just by reading the posts.

Piccolo and 18 are the next ones. It was obvious from the beginning that the strongest and most relevant 5 of U7 are Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Gohan and 17.

No one from U7 is getting tagged out until 119. 117 will be 18's episode, where she hopefully beats most of U2. 118 will either be U6 or U2 getting deleted. 119 will be 18 getting blown up by the insecto. The Namekians aren't a big enough threat to justify Piccolo getting dropped out, unless they fuse.

Caulifla by herself isn't that bad but her duo is Kale is shit. Kale herself is shit because her character revolves around Caulifla.

This part of the episode pisses me off. It was better when you got a little recap of the previous episode before the op because it welcomes you into the new episode a lot better, but shit like this is like mixing an advertisement from the week into the episode to try and get people to watch it all the way through

>117 will be 18's episode
No, it will be a 18 and 17 episode. I don't see how she could beat most of U2 when she is already weakened. She is not that strong too and U2 has five people.
>The Namekians aren't a big enough threat to justify Piccolo getting dropped out, unless they fuse.
They are strong Namekians and they won't be the ones to eliminate him, it'll be U4.

How much time has passed for the tournment in the past 4 episodes?

>YFW you erase another universe, who can stop this curse??

I only started liking Caulifla after episodes 112/113/114 when she recognized Goku as being superior, stopped acting like a dumb cunt, and started showing some sort of affection towards Cabba. I hated her in the previous episodes, especially the one were the pride troopers were made to job to her and Kale. It helped that she finally stopped being treated like a mary sue and I like underdogs. She's gotten way too much screentime this arc though. I don't care for Kale since she has no personality.

40 seconds.

>when she is already weakened
That just gives them more of an incentive to use the potara. Beerus turned down the idea because of the potential of losing two allies at once, but if one of them is too injured to manage anything anyway, why not use them to create someone much more powerful?

Because it's refreshing to have some actual Saiyans again without all the whiny earth nonsense that their current kids have. Gohan has a family and a job and is worthless, Goten and Trunks are comic relief characters at best, and Future Trunks coming back was just an asspull for merchandise and it wasn't even subtle about it.

This gets us exposed to the whole Saiyan thing again that I've missed since early Z. They had a whole crazy space backstory and they just dropped it completely once Freeza was out of the picture.

>Expecting Goku to be eliminated

Fucking retard.

>finally got home to watch the episode
So what does Sup Forums think of it? I found it funny that the gods' arguments about the potara was strikingly similar to the ones here. Also the people who said Kefla has no rack got BTFO.

Pretty interesting animation. Those sprite drawings were really jarring, but the up-close shots were very well done. I'll be taking gif requests for a little if anybody has one.

>That just gives them more of an incentive to use the potara.
They won't use Potara. Don't be delusional.

I don't think you understand how this works user. Unless your're Tien, if you're in U7, you CANNOT be tagged out unless you have you little moment to shine. Krillin had his when he saved his wife. Roshi had an episode and a half dedicated to him. The namekians are not enough to "satisfy" Piccolo's moment. He needs something like protecting Gohan from some bullshit as a callback to Nappa killing him, or beating up the fused Namekians. Whoever gets eliminated through U4 will be defeated through a sneak attack, not an actual fight. So 18 will have her "moment to shine" in 117 and be defeated afterwards.