What the hell is this doing in my luggage?

What the hell is this doing in my luggage?

Oh whoops sorry that's mine, my bad.

Hey! Don't steal another man's loli, you piece of trash!

Loli in a bag, as seen on TV.

Why is she in a bag like that?

I'm a lolicon in Loli woooorld~

Maybe her butt hurts?

From what?


Those are some meaty thighs for a loli

no both of you are pieces of shit,now give me my bag back or i'll call the loli cops on you

I don't see your name anywhere. She's my loli now.

Just baby fat

Who zipped up the bag?

This guy

Sorry that's mine, we must have got our luggages mixed up.

Who put this belt around my loli?

How is that even staying on her?

That's what I'm trying to figure out, but she gets embarrassed every time I try to take it off and I have to rub her belly before she lets me keep going.

KyoAni been at this even before it was trendy.

Somebody at Square Enix probably thought it passed as good character design.

Is that kyon's little sister


from what?


She reincarnated into Fighter.

>implying she wouldn't reincarnate into DENWA

I'm a lolicon in Loli woooorld~

I want to reincarnate into her.

Just baby fat

>tfw no loli alarm clock

Kyoani can't be stopped



>tfw was just thinking about haruhi
You people never fail me, but sadly everything has been discussed to death, and even S3 NEVER jokes have gotten old...
Why did it have to end without truly ending...
Hey, uh, Tanigawa! Really though! A story about why the story had to end? I'd take that plot, even if we've seen it over and over since then! I mean, we've been waiting for Anime Kyon for a long time, and we still have at least a graduation arc! Or perhaps we could do something with turtle kid?
Or is the whole point that we're supposed to continue the story? Is that why you gave such a big thumbs up to Yuki-chan? To subtly clue us in to write our own endings to allow for more possibilities? Come on, we're looking for answers!
Great, now I'm borderline blogposting. Well, at least I tried to have a decent time in this thread. At least it's better than asking why she sits like that again. Good grief.

I still don't understand why they thought the endless eight was a good idea

You ordered cuddling material.

Then why did they send that thing?

lolis are optimal cuddling material.

The melancholy of haruhi suzumiya