One Piece

Toei fucked up again

Threadly reminder that

Anyone who complains and mocks about "running" is an ADHD-ridden "MUH FIGHTS" underage.
Anyone who says "nothing happens" lacks the intelligence to handle story progression.
Anyone who says "Oda is a hack" is a speedreader.
Hackposting is NOT criticism, it's just shitposting.
Calling out shitposting does not mean being an "Oda cocksucker/dickrider".
Anyone who replies to to this post negatively is just a butthurt hackposter.

>breasts are small and covered in manga
>breasts are huge and uncovered in anime


My memory is fading here

What did Luffy say, again?

I don't know if this makes her any more or any less unattractive.

Still Big Mom's fourth hottest daughter though.

i want smoothie to sit on me

>What did Luffy say, again?
Don't fuck up.

I'm still not sure about Carrot joining guys... unless luffy avenges Pedro or something.

In all seriousness, no memeing.

How do you like WCI arc so far?

Eh, I don't mind. She's likable enough I suppose, she just hasn't shown much usefulness besides when she and Chopper first grabbed Brûlée.

Hey at least she has a tragic backstory now, so shes on her way

The joke would be that Zoro is an autistic savant at solving labyrinths.

I like it overall, but it did feel like there was an excessive amount of running, as well as making the Luffy v Katakuri fight take forever. I mean I guess it's supposed to be the climactic fight, but the interruptions hurt it for me.

Seeing the family animated and hearing the songs are the best part of the anime for me.

This fight with Katakuri is one of the best fights post timeskip alongside Caesar.

Don't get baited by Akainu and die

Less attractive for me. Like, the big scarf covering her chest is make helps make her so strong looking and attractive

>he's likable enough I suppose
t. Chopperfag

Was great up until the cake toppling over. Now it's back to showing 1/10 of a fight each chapter and the other characters running.

It has the least amount of running compared to PH and Dressrosa. Exactly 4 chapters.


>How do you like WCI arc so far?
It's the best part of the New World so far.

Not that that's saying much, but I would put it around Water 7 in enjoyment for me maybe? Not Enies Lobby, Water 7.

>No criticism allowed the post

And this is why I haven't read/watch One Piece in years, they're the worst most in denial fandom.

You're probably right. I binged PH, so it didn't effect me, and I was irritated at Dressrosa. Reading it week-to-week definitely isn't the same as all at once.

Best post-TS arc and it isn't even close.

What's with people overblowing this whole "running" shit? There has been no running since the crew reached Sunny.

Anyone else think that raftel and one piece will somehow lead to the disappearance of devil fruit powers from the world?

did you forget the running in the seducing woods

You're right, but even that little bit of running triggered our PTSD.

I think it's more people annoyed that Oda keeps cutting from Katakuri's fight.

>they're the worst most in denial fandom
Go take a look at Hunter x Hunter, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, or Sword Art Online's fandoms.

One Piece's is bad, but it's not THAT bad.

Because since the timeskip there's been at least 50 chapters with more than a third of their pages taken up by characters running.

>And this is why I haven't read/watch One Piece in years
Since you don't know what's been happening with One Piece threads for the last few years, I'll tell you now, the threads have been rampant with shitposting and the post you replied to called out most, if not, ALL the resident shitposters. What they're doing isn't criticism anymore.

That's exactly the 4 chapters I was referring to.

the running from big mom or the running from brulee and cracker?

Good. Smoothie is garbage with awful proportions that only one or two people care about. Glad Toei didn't put any effort into drawing her as she doesn't do shit anyway besides

Water 7 > Enies Lobby desu

Would be better if at least one Germa 66 guy died. The "Oh fuck they have no emotions" would've been more poignant if one of the brothers got his brains blown out onto the table and the other siblings don't really react.

Otherwise it makes the Big Meme crew look way too fucking incompetent, every win so far has been done with massive numbers or over-reliance on Mommy doing it for them.

The one from Big Mom.

I don't remember any running from at least Cracker.

>every win so far has been done with massive numbers or over-reliance on Mommy doing it for them
That's. The whole. Point. Of her being an emperor.

now that you mention it


Who's up for some incest


As another user said, it was great (solid 8/10) until the wedding cake collapsed and the chase started. I felt Oda was going somewhere spectacular with Germa, Bege, Luffy etc. but it all just kind of fell flat with the cake.
I've lost interest and want it to be over at this point.

Luffy will be Pirate King CONFIRMED!!!

Was Zoro the strongest person in the East Blue at the beginning of the series?

Are we in Wano yet?

Arlong and Smoker.

Everytime you post this Oda delays Wano by another week.

Every day until Jobbakuri is blown the fuck out, every single day.


has smoothies flip gotten animated yet? what was tonights ep about?

>Timeskip was supposed to be the halfway point
>October 2010
>One Piece started July 1997

According this this, One Piece should be done by 2023. Will Oda pull it off before he dies?

>literally unable to hurt G4
Doffy is the single most pathetic jobber in the new world. Even Cracker hurt G4

Arlong was afraid of him, you have a point with Smoker, for some reason I always think that Loguetown is the first stop in the Grand Line.

Doffy outlasted an entire round of Gear Fourth while his internal organs were almost entirely destroyed.

Who is she? Big Mom?

I mean yeah that's to be expected when a guy with an OP fruit destroys your organs and leaves you on the verge of death. But it's One Piece so he didn't die, what are you gonna do.

Toei went all out with those Nami shots this episode.

Is this character related to Sadichan?

Ah so he just jobbed to Law before he failed to hurt G4.

They are down an entire half of the women on the Straw Hat crew.

Time to fap to some One Piece doujins. What should I go with? The old reliable Nemo Nemo girls or maybe some Nel Zel? I'm open to suggestions.

I believe that Don Krieg would beat Arlong.


My silly friend, jobbers don't require help to beat.

>Jobbed to Law
I know this is bait, but he was kicking the crap out of Law, cutting his arm off and bringing him to the verge of death before Luffy showed up and Law pulled that trick with his Room.

80% shit, 20% great.

I hate the look of full Luffy, I think it's the lips.

It's okay guys. Doffy was too weak to even hurt G4. Just accept it.

Plans change. It may not be the halfway point anymore, as of a few years ago.

It's definitely the lips.

Merely okay.

I don't feel like it's dragging, but there's so much shit going on I can't see it having a complete or satisfying conclusion. Hell, even Oda abandoned the exploding bracelets in a few chapters when he realized Sanji's escape was retardedly impossible.

>>literally unable to hurt G4

Doffy fucked him up when he started using his awakening.

*hurts G4 Luffy*
What did he mean by this? I thought G4 couldn't be hurt? Doffy is super strong and he couldn't do it so I just assumed G4 was invincible.

>Now WCI is the halfway point

I'm liking it a lot!

once Smoothie gets focus inb4 she doesn't what will her character be?

Luffy has never not had tons of help while using Gear Fourth. It's the worst Gear, it's the Super Saiyan 3 of Gears.

Easily the best post-TS arc.

The only thing I don't really like is Germa. Compared to the Big Mom crew, they're not really fun or interesting.

I am a bit concerned as to how the arc will end. I'm assuming Oda's autistic and ends the arc at chapter 900. I just hope this end of this arc doesn't get stretched out.

Doffy attacked Luffy wth a kick.
Cracker hurt Luffy with a sword.
We are forgetting Luffy is more resistant to blunt damage than cuts.

>I just hope this end of this arc doesn't get stretched out.
What do you call what's happening now?

He never landed a hit with his awakening, the mere fact Luffy was so worried to dodge everything could tell you what it could do if it landed.

I mean yeah I'll admit G4 was faster, but this was Doffy in bad shape, also using stamina on keeping up the Bird Cage, and no it wasn't just keeping it self up, that's not how DFs work.

That's how you know Oda steadily raises Luffy's power level with every new arc. Back on Fishman Island he couldn't even block Hody's teeth with his CoA but on Dressrosa he could block Doflamingo's haki infused strings without even using G4.

Now he's slowly getting rid of the G4 side effects because Luffy will have to use it in every serious fight from now on.

>has sharp strings that cut
So he couldn't hurt him because he couldn't even hit him with the awakened strings? Okay, what I said was right then.

Issho really should have stepped in when Doflamingo went from mass murder to genocide.

He's not a worse Admiral than Aokiji, but he's not great at his job.

I think Germa might get captured. If Caesar is gone they'll want someone else to continue research into giantification. Judge is the most likely replacement (also happens to be a former Vegapunk colleague).

The Straw Hat Bordello one. Colorized version.

You made it seem like he hit him with his best shots and it did no damage. I'm not arguing he didn't miss shots, I'm saying he still could have damaged G4.

All that is really irrelevant, in a true 1v1 Luffy is killed by Doffy, because again, no organs destruction so he could tank more, and no one to save Luffy.

Bro I could argue this until the day I die.

this is shitposting too you faggot

Oh yeah that's what I meant by Nemo Nemo, it's actually Mero Mero lol.

If anyone hasn't check out Nel Zel :

group:"nel-zel formula$"

Not at all. If we're not going to enter Wano for another 1-2 years then add another ~2 years for it to complete. That's 3-4 years at least. Already taking us into 2021.

Now add Elbaf (Part II of Big Mom saga), Vegapunk/Space arc?, Shanks/BB stuff, Raftel, then EOS final war. Also Reverie happens somewhere.

One Piece won't finish until at least 2027

Oh yeah I had forgotten the title. Then use the only doujin that makes good use of Robin's powers, with Franky, Sanji and Zoro.


I don't have any issues with pacing/dragging. The only reason it isn't a 10 is because most of the emotional moments fell flat.

>good use of Robin's powers
The Hana Hana no Mi is a pretty bad DF because of its weaknesses.

Reminder that you suck hack cock for free, FOR FREEEE

Wer'e talking doujins, it's a great fruit for doujins, if doujin artists were so fucking creative.

God i wish I was a good artist, I would give you bros some good shit.

The last time I watch the anime was when captain JACK was still on zou and the last time I read the manga was right after Luffy beat Crackers. This arc has been really shit. I'll just read it all in a dump when they finish that fucking cake they've been making for 8 months.

Give it a try. I forgot the title again though.

Oh! How do you know they are making a cake if you haven't read since cracker?

I fucking got you, you fucking liar.

the pacing is still mostly reasonable. Luffy beating Katakuri in the rematch. Big Mom eats the cake. Germa fighting BMC (then probably losing). I could reasonably see this ending at 900.

The biggest issue is if Sanji, Jinbe, and others start getting major fights.

The greatest one ever made.