Why does IQ have a leftist bias? Why are most high-IQ professions like STEM & academia dominated by the left...

Why does IQ have a leftist bias? Why are most high-IQ professions like STEM & academia dominated by the left? Why are the highest IQ states and countries left-leaning?

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Le jewish cultural marxist brainwashing in the universities with the frankfurt school of witchcraft and wizadry

People that think they're smart love getting on their high horses

IQ is correlated with high trait openness which is linked to left leaning political belief.

Lol New York/Jersey IQ 110. U trying to tell me that the City infested with niggers, thugs, spics and liberals average out on 110?
>OP may be rite, they do have one of the largest kike populations tho

For the same reason Texas has lower SAT scores than California but White texans score higher than white calfornians, hispanic texans score higher than hispanic californians and black texans score higher than black californians.

Migration lowers the IQ average and makes the population go into conservaive mode as they witness the reality of diversity.

IQ predicts success which translates to $$$ which translates to a nice position in life— and when you live in all white neighborhoods/academia you can pretend to be a mega-moral intellectual by importing third-worlders while not having to deal with the consequences

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It has a liberal (in the European sense, i.e. libertarian in American parlance) bias, not a leftist one.

>which is linked to left leaning political belief.
Wrong. This is based on an equivocation of "liberal" with "leftist".


Also niggers make you vote right wing and niggers bring down avg IQ

Also Engineering is rightwing, economics is paul ryan right wing

There are three categories of people, for the purposes of this question:

1. Those too dumb to question tradition. These are overwhelmingly conservatives.

2. Those smart enough to question tradition, but not intelligent enough to understand which traditions are useful and why. These are overwhelmingly progressives.

3. Those intelligent enough to understand the value of traditions. These are, again, conservatives.

Category three is a tiny minority of conservatives, while the vast majority is category one. This means the average intelligence of conservatives is lower than that of progressives, even though the most intelligent category of people are conservative.

most economists are democrats these days

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Never underestimate peer pressure and group dynamics, especially in circles with an intolerance towards other opinions. You'll be vilified for expressing conservative views in liberal hotbeds. Thiel recently called Silicon Valley "totalitarian" in this respect.

Source : your ass

Because academia has a leftist propaganda bias and the lower class, uneducated life has a right wing propaganda bias.

t. in academia. If you don't come in with your own notions you will adopt theirs.

The government gives them money so they like the government. Big surprise.


Oh look, a category 2.

Lots of niggers in republican states

But more importantly
>that is a chart showing average SAT scores in those states so it means LITERALLY NOTHING

Thanks for playing shill
2/10 for making me respond
>try harder faggot

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People who are surrounded by broke morons don't vote for big government programs that aim to spend taxpayer money on broke morons, news at 11.

Maybe you should instead ask about the outliers, like Bobby Fischer, with a staggering 185 IQ.

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Oops, I was off by 2; 187.
So why would Fischer go completely silent when he's one of the smartest people alive?


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High IQ doesn't mean you don't fall victim to cognitive biases & irrational thinking, indoctrination, manipulation, etc.
Whether you come to the right conclusions or not depends a whole lot on what you consider as facts to base your conclusions on. If you accept something as factually true (e.g. because it is general consensus; because certain "experts" / "scientists" agree) even when it isn't, you can not possibly draw the right conclusions. Just look at history and it's scientists who based their research on theories that were, to their time, generally accepted as true. Many of them were undoubtedly extremely intelligent - and many times, extremely wrong about many things.

Red states are full of niggers

You list is fake, you low-IQ ape.
The primary factor that determines a state's IQ is the percentage of white people. The secondary factor is opportunities, as states with important cities and industries draw a lot of highly educated professionals, though usually not enough to counterbalance the massive IQ drain that shitskins represent.

Third. Engineers, who are the STEM group that is by far the most rational and deals with solving real-life problems, are one of the most conservative groups out there.

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Pretty damn true.
It's funny; a person that's read fewer books than he can name on one hand can easily say "I hate fucking niggers."
Give some braying jackass a couple dip-shit Hallmark movies moralization bullshit, and throw in some feelsy moral soap boxing, throw in some "look here see evolution = 100% go jack off because no jebus no mo' and nothing more", and he's going to go egalitarian and feel just oh so swell while being even more idiotic than ol' "I hate me some niggers."
Have a person actually grow the fuck up and accept reality, look at the data and the findings without deluding themselves, see all the counterarguments are empty trash and cheap tricks, and it's right back to "I hate fucking niggers" again.
To put it all very simply.

why are you so retarded ?

I don't care how many times you trot out this same bullshit thread. I have never met a leftist who I would regard as intelligent. They all share the same traits and they always remind me of these famous words.
>A little learning is a dangerous thing

Because he couldn’t be bothered.

Look at the french voting polls. The places with higher number of arabs/niggers combined with environment that forces people to interact with said minorities voted for Front Nationale. Now it makes sense also for areas with high concentration of migrants who are segregated(minimal interaction) to NOT vote for Le Pen whilst the majority of people have limited interaction with said minorities,therefore not affecting much IQ or political stances. Therefore the combination of which more minorities come in contact with AVERAGE people(iq around 100) and make up a bigger percentage of the ethnic composition and smaller general population with less intellectuals(less academics) drags the IQ down and "culturally enrichens" society through crime ultimately becoming a valid reason to normies to vote conservative.
Also the reason the IQ of Bulgaria being 93. With 6 mill ethnic bulgarians and 1 million IQ 80 gypsies and Turks.

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You could at least post real info.
Who in his right mind actually think that Connecticut has an average IQ of 113?
Also California has one of the lowest IQ in the US.

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I came to this conclusion as well, many years ago. Nice to see someone else independently having realized the same thing.

A lot of liberals seem to make up the "slightly above 100 IQ" part of society. They think they're smart, because they're comparing themselves to the dumbest segments of society, but they can't think for themselves, and base their entire ideology on what they've been taught to believe. Their primary influences seem to be pop-culture, pop-science, left-leaning media and the morality that has been forced down their throat by the marxist education system.

They're cut from the same cloth as the useful idiots in the Soviet Union, who were exterminated once they no longer served a purpose.

This picture is false. It should have been obvious by the wild deviations from the average.

Please see: snopes.com/fact-check/state-iq/

related: clever silly hypothesis.

also taleb's concept of anti-fragile.

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I'm in NJ and I can guarantee the average IQ isn't 111. That information on there alone just makes me question the whole chart. This whole state is filled with motherfuckers that need a napkin held up to their lips and a hand on their shoulder to get anything done without fucking it up.

This is 14 years ago the times have changed faggot. Also the northeast has less niggers to drive down the average.

>California once had an average IQ above 100
How times change

Graph is BS. The Whiter states in the midwest have averages between 100-105.
California is actually much lower, being in the mid 90s.

well in a sense they are conservative because they're just trying to maintain the (contradictory) values they were raised with

cause conservatives are stupid obviously

>the states with the most freed niggers have the lowest IQ
imagine that!

This is a great summarization of beliefs according to intelligence. Grew up with no religion, zero values, became agnostic fringe of atheism. Few years ago started realizing the troubles of such beliefs and the eventual ramifications of removing important beliefs/values. I would state I'm mildly spiritual now, seek out a wife who holds good values and hopefully understands the importance of why to have them instead of a blind follower.

what a boring worldview

Because they have a sheltered life where the whole left mentality seems to benefit them.

Same as university kids. They go straight from a weak, tolerant, politically correct learning environment straight into another one (uni) at 18 and end up with a weak distorted view (leftist) view of the world that they stick with until they've spent enough time in the real world to see that they were wrong in their youth. Or they stay liberal and end up as a 50 year old 'hip' and tolerant adult who is down with the new generation of weak liberal youth.

Apart from questions about the figures, which are probably fake of course, the upper states are Whiter and the lower ones are Blacker. “STEM” professions are not left leaning, Acadmia is not a high IQ “job”. I would rather ask how come less intelligent races and objectively less able people congregate with the being left leaning. (At leeast from our perpspective)

part of it is because young people are liberal, as they age they get conservative

No fucking way Maryland has an average IQ that high. This state is like 33% nigger.

Wow no tautologies there lmao

>what a boring worldview
Yeah, because whether or not it's boring is more important than whether or not it's correct, you mental midget.

High IQ individuals lack social awareness subjecting them to being preyed upon by commonly used subversion techniques

if you asked any "leftist" in STEM fields if race is a social construct, if there are infinite genders, if egalitarianism is even real, if communism ever worked, they would laugh in your face after slapping it.
What is generally considered to be liberal by the general populous is not the rhetoric the (((((media))))) is propagating. Also sage

Because you need a higher IQ to be able to rationalize something that's obviously retarded.

>Why are most high-IQ professions like STEM & academia dominated by the left?
Because conservatives pretend they are left so they don't get fired by bigoted leftists.