"Information for you who is married to a child"

>"Information for you who is married to a child"


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>info to do who are poison with the child


Sweden will soon be a haven for legal loli
The otaku will drive the muslims out, which may be even worse.

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Is this the power of aussie banter?

Go be lågom somewhere else.

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put this in the next you laugh you lose thread
let pewds read it in real time on camera.
if you laugh you will fucken lose

Nice, need to show this to my 6yo daughters husband.
Hopefully he will stop beating her and let her go outside once in a while.

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Step your game up Japan.

it's just 'lagom' retard

Gift is the verb form of the noun 'giftemål', which means marriage, pleb.

hehe that cant be real... right?

so... what does the pamphlet say?

>Swedish word for poison is "gift"

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Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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>noo don't look at this thread!!! here, your waifu assange is in danger, save him!

Who is this woman? She haunts my dreams.

Olga Katysheva. What the shit бpaт you don't have Google Image search in your lands?

It should be "Information to you whom is married to a child", not "Information to you who is married to a child".

We do, but it would be quite inconvenient to use it right now. Cпacибo бpaт.

Gift is an adjective Muhammad, haven't taken you SFI-classes?

no it shouldn't

Not English, try again.

They stole that from germans

We are willing to rectify this issue by offering refugees as payment.