Crusader! What have you done today to reclaim your lands from the mudslime hordes?

Crusader! What have you done today to reclaim your lands from the mudslime hordes?

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I gave a hijab woman an nasty look

why did that dumb chav hit those guys?

Obvious reasons.

Great use of funnel tactics desu

looks like a russian savage
euroboys are all pussies and incapable of fighting


Only fucking slavs have the balls to hold it down. Meanwhile hans and sven are watching abdul rape their sisters.

Russians slowly harness, but quickly drives.(c) Russian folk proverb.

hahaha this video never fails to make me laugh

>Meanwhile hans and sven are watching abdul rape their sisters.
You would too if you knew my sister

I dont get it, you got any better translation?

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That's not remotely funny. Even with consideration taken into the fact that Germans can't wrap their heads around humour watching your sister getting raped is just a fucked up thing to even try to joke about.

Did my deadlifts and benchpresses so I can have a strong upper body for snapping mudslime necks when it's time.

Slow to get going, quick when they do?
Prepare carefully but then go all the way?
You get the idea

>That's not remotely funny.
It would be if you knew my sister

That makes sense,thanks mate.

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It means that you can kick russian ballls for ages, but when our patience is over we will kick your balls so hard and quick that you will regret anything

I confirm, this vid is from Russia, from some years ago. Idr what it was all about though.

it's the little things

brains of brawn

they were trying to rob him
never fuck with a slav that wears a leather jacket

Implying that lad was a soft cocked, christcuck

>another cryptic japan response

what does it mean???

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Bong explained it very well imo, your translation killed it Ivan, sorry. Cool and true proverb anyway.

Left a couple of quarans in public toilets.

They were clearly going to follow him out. Elevator durkas had it coming.

he executed that perfectly, when outnumbered strike first and fast using surprise

Its not mine though


Top kek

in Soviet Russia, if you kill your enemies, you win!

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>skinny fat dude tries to stop him but his conditioning makes him act like a passive bitch
>woman on the other hand is amazed by the slav's actions. Moves into position to have a better view of the asskicking and you can see she's clearly aroused and biting her fingers/lips
I'm convinced that the immigration crisis is just a fucking huge failed shittest western women gave us to weed out the weak.

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>I don't know why these muslimroaches got beat up
come on

On a closer look, she even stops the door from closing so she can keep watching
Fucking lmao


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to je ruski brat?

thumbs up

>so I can have a strong upper body for snapping mudslime necks when it's time.

Bro you have to survive the nigger level first.

why do serbistanis love larping with the russians so much, when you look like the guys that get bussed on in that webm?

Her face at the end is priceless.

Sad but true.
Baby steps i guess

The soy is like ples staph

europeans have not had a serious fight against muslims in centuries, at least western europe. my people just wrapped up their crusade in 1990
> t. lebanese maronite
get triggered PLO rats. I'll discuss with secular muslims but no political islam bullshit or your ass is going back to sabra, or to israel where they treat you even worse

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he's holding his womans clutch too LOL

proxy detected

> ID is literally Maronite Christian

you euros are alright, dont come to beirut tomorrow

>That guy who tries to use elevator like nothing is going on.

ale rakusky bratek, ja som vobec nie srbom

t. non serb slavic, zu zeit im serbien, und wirklich ich hasse serbische cigojner

I like how the dude is just trying to get in the lift

Her panties were absolutely drenched.

he should have punched the little bitch boy in the green too

It makes sense to me.
English is a shit language.

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beast mode

the guy in the green shirt is the best

jajaja ihr seid alle auf magisch "non-serb" im serbien, guate witz

smart dude.

fuckin beautiful

I agree. Not only because I despise skinnyfats since they cleary don't have a psychological problem like obese people, just lazy fucks.
But trying to stop a dude that basically went full berserk in pure instinct fashion (alpha as fuck imo) is just asking for a beatdown.


shut up. i found out just now that my mom is a person who funnels in stupid whores into the machine.


first one he hit never got off his back, hahahah

ich habe wahreit gesagt, ob du glaubs oder nicht ist nicht meine problem

He was doing what I call the "baby kick". Its like when you are bullying your little brothers, they'll just do that.

That sounds slovak

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Who's that? Ivan?


like a fucking submissive puppy

I think he was hoping I'm a diaspora too
it's a classic strategy with yugos onhere, I'm so fucking sick of it

*keine meine problem

pravda ze je slovensky, len to rakusky turek nevie rozoznat

what a pointless video..well done!

What do you mean, user?

Fuck me in the ass, shit.

shut up dad, go kiss mummy Hungary and make up already

typical swede

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>you will be fucked blyat
top kek


I went to work and contributed to the system that is crushing me.

>mummy hungary
>gypo centrale with no jobs

I'm russian at heart, i take no shit from anyone

but daaaaad

I will fucking make you bleed

nije moj problem oida verstehst

I use to think germany was cool, then I realized all your men died in ww2 and you were left with pussy faggots.

or a slav wearing a track suit
or a slav wearing [insert anything]

Good shit. This guys is not taking bs from mountain niggers. Actually while in the army we had 3 chechens who arrived later and were living with the newcomers while the main platoon was staitioned in the fields. So they cucked at least 15 people there in the barracks, but once they came to the fields where the platoon was stationed they began to cuck guys there. Damn they were cucking our officers and frankly it was pretty funny. I was not paying attention cuz I think: if you let yourself be cucked, then you deserve it. BUT then one of them tried to cuck me. I fucked him up so badly the other churkas didn’t even bother to come and help mom not even talking about revenge, although they hissed smth like: you better not sleep tonight but I know it’s all bs. The most outrageous thing happened right after the fight. The thing is our officers saw him picking on me and saw us two going behind the barracks so when it was only me who made it back they asked: so, what do you suppose us to do? To close our eyes? I was like: why not? You keep them closed all the time. And only one based dagestani captain said: it’s good that he fucked him up because if he didn’t beat him today I would have had to go to jail for animal mistreatment tomorrow

be born north of you
be called yugo


or a slav not wearing anything

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Nuffin mate, haven't seen a muzzie in years.

yeah its like in one of muh vidjas stand in a door frame and no one can swarm you lel


2007 me and 2 friends were outside a bar having a smoke when 5 sand niggers asked us for cigarettes in a rude way.
We refused them and politely told them to fuck off, they became hostile and told us to hand over our wallets and phones.
One of my friends fucking exploded and knocked them down in a matter of seconds, me and my other friend barely had time to even react.
My firend who knocked them out is really tiny and stick thin.
3 of the sand nigger laid unconscious while the other 2 were moaning and crying when the police showed up.
We were brought in for questioning but released after an hour due to it being considered self defense.
The police praised my tiny friend who knocked the arabs out and called him "little Sauron".
That was one the most interesting nights of my life, sadly.

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Is yugo problem a thing in Austria?

I know that slovaks might be annoying there but didn't expect yugos to be.
I don't really know much about habbening in west since last time I was in Austria was for a holiday in Vorarlberg 2 years back.

you're improperly using the word cuck here and it makes it hard to understand what even happened.

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>be born in newzealand
>hurrrr it's not actually new, GOTEM

russians and slavs in general are the best. They help each other no matter what.