>you’re the bad guy the whole time
>the cult is good
>cult leader talks about degeneracy, sin, greed, corporations, politicians, how the world is fucked
I bet you thought this was going to be just another game for leftists to circlejerk killing white guys. Guess who were the good guys the whole time? Those cultists you murdered.

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yeah Mario is great

I don't give a fuck about anything that Ubisoft shits out but I loved how leftards were praising the premise months ago and how Sup Forums and Sup Forums were swarmed by shills promoting this game with the caption "checkmate drumptards" and now that the game is out and it doesn't support their retarded ideals they went extremely butthurt about it.

Because they didn't do it with buildings designed as mosques or synagogues. It's always about blowing up things that look Christian or White.

Sup Forums has better things to do besides play video games.

Because I'm not being employed by Ubisoft to viral market on mongolian cat exportation depots?

Nigga i wish i was being paid right now for this. But alas here i am.

I'll pass. Still thinking about picking up Kingdom Come tho

FarCry 4 was a massive letdown after the maximum based game that was FarCry 3. So, I'm not so keen to jump on the bandwagon again for another letdown.

Imagine shilling an absolute piece of trash game this hard and not even being paid to do it.
What a sad cunt you are.

I wouldn't say it was red pilled it's just not completely pozzed


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fuck off

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i mean...only one of us got beat by emus, nigel

>Paying more then 20 dollars for a video game

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>you're gonna love call of goyim 6 this time around!

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No we don't.
However, I've got my videogames that take up enough of my time, I have a backlog...I don't need more, I'd just be paying for something that sits in my steam library.

>paying for video games

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dark souls 3>shit>far cry 5

it's too expensive

Yes, because the red pill is that you are the bad guy ZOG.

I haven't played it. Going to finish kingdom come first.

I would say that's only because it's difficult to go full-on poz and actually make money.
They can either cram the game with socjus and nobody buys it or they can try to walk the middle while still making an interesting game.

And that's the key

It's impossible to make an interesting character while following (((their))) rules. What would Joseph do in a game like that? Rant about his privilege? Meh. Rant about how Jews control the media? That's certainly more memorable, so it can easily backfire on them.

Think about FC3 - who the fuck remembers the lead character, the player? Nobody. But everyone remembers Vaas, because he was interesting. Same will happen with this one.

It's a funny thing about game dev and socjus - heads, we win, tails, they lose.

Because video games are for children?

It's great but the music gets repetitive as fuck.

>he has not a single video game which hath internet usage to procure interactions against foes
who are thee a fucking naive?

It's a copy paste far cry game minus climbing towers plus shitty ai.
I'm not impressed.

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online vidya is double gay

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Another call of duty bullshit

No thanks. Step up and graduate to strategy or role playing dude. FPS is for swag fags

Awesome. Thanks for saving me an evening of downloading shit.


Instead do it in real life and stop wasting your time on stuff for kids


>no tower climbing
Well I definitely ain't getting it now.

Buy it user its the best rpg in years

you first, glow in the dark nigger

you actually like repetitive, copy pasta towers in your games? BASED

We're not all third world poorfags

>Doesn't know how to pirate online vidya

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it may have helped if you mentioned what gaym that is


Don't get me wrong it's still fun to blow shit up but basically thats all the depth you get from farcry.
The uncharted games are much better if you prefer having an actual story.

>"politics" in video games


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I unironically do. Not the tower climbing itself but being thrown into world without a map and having to uncover it step by step was pretty cool.

That was definately a good move by Ubi but the game is still shallow as fuck.

How exactly do you uncover the map in 5?


>linear, third person, story-based game vs. open world, first person game that is all about exploration and fucking around

how is this even relevant?

Linear games are superior to open world bs imo.

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Far cry "villians" are always the wokest. Just look at Pagan Min

I'm not buying your shitty game

So by just walking there?
I also feel like the location makes it loose the last bit of mystery that you had when looking for treasures in ancient temples in 3 and 4.

This 2bh. Open world games, Far Cry series especially, is just "wasted potential: the games". Everywhere you go it's just "oh this game would have been nice if [...]".


I'm too busy playing League of Legends every day for the past six years.


If you dont get it go back to plebbit.

You can't go full on pause and actually market and sell something that takes effort to do. Pause only works when you can sit down and let it hit you like a wave like Game of Thrones, Bill Nye Saves the World or Last Week Tonight. Actually putting forth effort in order to accomplish goals is inherently right wing. No liberal's going to pay 60 bucks to work hard to be virtue-signaled to.


Why the fuck is it so difficult to make an open world game with a decent story which keeps you hooked?
Rockstar did it with red dead redemption and argueably the gta franchise.

You idiots are such delusional retards that you can't tell the difference between someone making fun of you, and someone supporting your beliefs.

The whole point of the game is that your beliefs are so heinous that pretending to run around slaughtering people who act on your worldviews? That makes someone a hero.


i gave up for 4 years but started playing again,the community went to shit,bunch of 12 yo baguetts crying about not getting ganks or that they will report you for telling them to fuck off

For games like Nier: Automata I'll gladly pay
>it was on sale

All my online multiplayer games were pirated you capitalist scum.

>Nier: Automata
Pre-ordered it. Best game of my life, not even exaggerating.

I want a sex android right now.

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I don't tend to run my mouth in the game unless I've been drinking. I main support anyways so I'm usually the first person to be blamed. I do tend to back it up with the few or zero deaths at the score screen .

I really don't care about the community as my day ends at 2pm EST and nearly 40 years old.

nothing ike a failed attempt to be the fpbp. nice try, fuckstick

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im waiting for someone to crack it

I only play FortNite...

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>still pirating games

They rely too much on mindless autism. Far Cry 3 world is huge but everything looks the same everywhere. Then they drop a 100 collectible objects all over the place and they expect this to a compelling enough reason to explore everything