Sweden YES

Swedish Social service newest poster: Information to you who are married to a child.
Literally advocating for child marriage.

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but in all seriousness I bet we’re going to have these soon as well.

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My dude your wars are part of the problem.

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I dont think you get the gravity of the situation, this isnt made by some politician, this is made by non-political workers in a govermental agency
these people arent appointed by politicians, they get their job the same way anyone else does
my point is that even if we voted for literal nazis and they came into power, people like this would still be working at all of our goverment agencies

>Soon America will destabilise other african or middleastern countries thanks to a made up casus belli which will provoke an increase of migration from said places to Europe,see Europeans?That's how you manage migratory movements ah ah ah ah
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Europe is changing. And that's a good thing!

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So what shall be done?

Besides ugly SJWs and retarded roasties what women would choose a nigger over a native European?
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>Besides ugly SJWs and retarded roasties what women would choose a nigger over a native European?

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>even if we voted for literal nazis
>people like this would still be working at all of our goverment agencies
So people cannot be fired?

If you vote for literall nazis, these people would hang for entartung

Same reason they want horses

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I'm sorry but is this he exact translation?

Can one of you swede anons find the contents and translate? I really would like to know what kind of 'info' someone who is married to a child is being given.

I'm calling bullshit. No way any country, not even Sweden, is this cucked.

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It's govt workers trying to "not offend" anybody by telling immigrants that child marriage is not our culture and illegal. and that sex with minors under 15 is consider rape.

they don't even mention prison sentences.

They need to accelerate their efforts. It needs to go more turbo.

Go faster!!

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politicians cant request that specific people should be fired

sometimes you exaggerate to make a point, but i get it autism is hard to live with for you

So showing diversity and representing Sweden is somehow bad now? Fucking Sup Forums. Sup Forums wants transparency and the truth and yet when Sweden provides it, they shit all over Sweden.

How many of you twats have even been to Sweden.

Your country is a shithole Sven, thank god i dont live there haha

but if being married to a child is illegal, what use is to make panflets? aren't the people who marry children being arrested and so on?

>they don't even mention prison sentences.
as if you'd even go to prison as a 1st timer

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>politicians cant request that specific people should be fired
No but by installing the right people as managers of public institutions you can pass down a culture of whats right and whats wrong.
Case in point:printing pamphlets for pedophiles is wrong and should be punished.

Problem is these people operate in a vaccum and they believe they are doing the right thing, if a sane person is made to manage then this will go away quickly.

here is how it goes:
1. Man comes to Sweden
2. He asks to bring his wife from [Insert third world nation here]
3. goverment says yes
4. oh shit she is 12 years old.

And then in fear of racism they dont speak out against this so its allowed but they arent getting married in sweden but they get protection and recognition of their union which is the problem.

nvm found it here


can't seem to download it tho...

Your the ones that fucked everything up in the first place.

>fired upon
Fixed that for you

>aren't the people who marry children being arrested and so on?
but user, that would be racist

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Sw*des deserve everything that is happening. day of the reckoning for smug nordcucks soon

No they aren't, the socialistic government voted against making child marriage illegal if they were married elsewhere before they came to Sweden. No one has been arrested or prosecuted for having a child bride that I know of. This info paper even states that it's illegal but at the same time uses phrases such as "if you are married to a child we may split you apart for a short time if needed"....

May? If needeed? They absolutely allow it and the burden is also put on the child to express her wish about the marriage in the info paper.

>Efter starka reaktioner har Socialstyrelsen beslutat att dra tillbaka materialet om barn som är gifta.

it's fubar situation, explained by anarcho post. basically also we haven't had to deal with this for decades, no hundreds of years.

it's been illegal to marry a child since 1734 in Sweden and here comes droves of immigrants some living by old tribal rules and backwards culture compared to ours. Also by the time they get to court (can take 4 years) the kids are over 18 and consider adults.

Shut up Daneland.

This was an eye-opener on how they view muslim child marriages though, they see it as problematic, not illegal. Our "feministic" government sees a 12yo girl married to a 40yo mohammed as problematic but may allow it. This release exposed them.

i wonder if they would have the same view if it was a 12 year old little girl named Linda married to a 40 year old man named Anders, i doubt it
also i saw that the bosses at socialstyrelsen had to come back to work from their easter-holiday and had a crisis-meeting about this brochure

>Swede hating on Sweden

All anti-swedish threads are made by swedes

Who the fuck cares? Let's be realistic, marrying kids is the only way any of us can ever get laid.

>Swedes know more about Sweden than non-swedes
Ground-breaking statement there Sven, im impressed

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What's wrong with child marriage anyways?

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No, that has been illegal since 1734. So they should really see any 12yo girl with a swedish name getting married to a man of 40 as criminal.

Can you blame them? Your country has gone from best country in Europe to the biggest meme

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