Appreciate Black Culture

take a break from your stress and recognize the creativity of those different from you!i6RD3ICI!oeeKW0SMOxzh-sMDVP4hcQ

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please enjoy responsibly

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thats a grat one user, first time ive seen it
fuckin niggers, what an idiot

>All the more reason to get rid of welfare and social security.

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GHETTO REPO is almost as fun as Atlanta Mall Cop
>Around blacks at a mall in Atlanta
>Working at a Dollar Store
>Groundskeeper at an Apartment community
>Around blacks a bodega in Detroit
All over the country and black people act the same in hundreds of videos

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so tragic
> but that wig comedy...

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>burn the coal pay the ______

>>burn the coal pay the ______
get facebook likes?

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so many niggers. damn

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> cherrypicked webms

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That gif contradicts the message you're trying to propagandize considering the person who reported him was the cousin of the perpetrator when hearing about the attack. Even went to the police station in person.

>doesn't represent all black people

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toll paid

I see this sometimes, are the subs legit? Where can I find the real video with audio?

>considering the person who reported him was the cousin of the perpetrator
OMG guiyz this changes everything!!!!!!!!!
you're saying....
tt-t-t-they really were KANGZ??!!i6RD3ICI!oeeKW0SMOxzh-sMDVP4hcQ

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>toll paid

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Thats some serious dedication to being a nig

>dedication to being a nig
gotta see it through

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>I have an idea. Leave cars like this around unlocked with keys inside. When niggers get in, it automatically activates a mechanism releasing carbon monoxide. Niggers die of CO poisoning all the time anyways, so nothing suspicious.

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That's what you get.

you know what really pisses me off about this though, not one person, especially the white ones, moved in to help her

what a bunch of fucking cowards, this shit absolutely will not stop until we make it clear that if you fuck with one of us, you are fucking with all of us, even if thier well known liberal trash i would still move in, the only way we are going to change some peoples minds is if we show them whos really got thier back

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>>doesn't represent all black people

why is it that this shit happens only in anglosaxon controled shitholes?

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>, moved in to help her

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>why is it that this shit happens only in anglosaxon controled shitholes?
no cameras in black shitholes?

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She's lucky he missed that uppercut.

im more pissed that no one has the balls to do anything. Does someone have to literally commit genocide on that niggers family so they don't breed or is someone going to let that nigger know that's not 'OK'

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Still a nigger doing nigger things.
Nigger earned my bike

rolf. bold chimps just got BBQ..

>no one has the balls to do anything
that would be racist, user
quit being such a white supremacist

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Ah the toll was paid all is right with the world

no seriously. why it is always in eternal anglo shitholes?

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>Fucking Raiders

This shit's hilarious. Women really do hate themselves, which is even more hilarious.

Welfare is the stupidest idea throughout history in the first place.
>okay let's give everyone money and make it not necessary to work
>now no one works! gee wiz who could have seen that happen!

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>anglo shitholes?
i don't keep webms of anything outside of anglo countries because those people don't matter

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If you can afford a nice bike, or gucci purse, iphone etc. You can afford a handgun.
You pay Jews Insurance you never need, buy a side arm for actual insurance.
Pretty much everyone deserved to be attacked by niggers.
This is the USA, its full of violent niggers buy a nice gun.

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>Welfare is the stupidest idea throughout history in the first place.

please tell more. Uncle Stalin will like to hear it..

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i wonder what the earthquake rating is on those highrise buildings

How the fuck do you manage, Sup Forums?
How do you exist in a city where you are forced to interact with ape chimp niggers?

I hate to leave the neighborhood when I know I am going to cross paths with some nigger
> cruising in the left lane of the highway
> holding up commerce by behaving like a spoiled 8 year old
> ooga booga-ing with their shitty music/ringtone/watching-TV-on-a-cell phone in public
> jiggabooing with a bluetooth headset / speaker carrying on a phone conversation
> wandering around town in their pajamas, head wrap and slippers in the afternoon (when they just woke up)
> in a stalled vehicle blocking traffic (if a vehicle is disabled and blocking the road, its ALWAYS a nigger)

It's the opposite of what you believe. People who have lived amongst blacks are the ones who become racist. We're programmed since the time we're born to not be racist. It's the suburban white kids who never meet average blacks that don't become racist. I can't believe there are people like you that don't recognize how sick the black community is. Look at world star hip hop, that is all over the country in low-class black communities. You've only met middle management blacks, and I'll agree not all blacks are bad. Right wing and responsible blacks do exist, but they are a very small minority.

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>I can even see the raping and murdering from a birds eye view!

A volcano looks pretty from afar to.

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jesus fucking christ
fuck the democrats for bringing them over for slavery

>i don't keep

no honestly.. biggest shimpouts are all happening in eternal anglo shitholes.. how is this happening?

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All blacks should be deported back to Africa. The ones who refuse should be put in camps untill they do agree to leave, whatever it takes.

nobody moves
don't want to be next
fucking curb stomp them

we seriously need a purge night
imagine a world without niggers and jews

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>Disregarding the opinion of a person who lives in a former hardline communist country in a side discussion regarding welfare.

lol no they're not u fucking idiot, lurk more

Title IV D is what pays niggers welfare. White fathers get seperated from their kids and their child support is what pays welfare to niggers.
Thats how bad it really is.
Democrats and title IV-D is what pays niggers.

Why are niggers such uncivilized and chaotic creatures?

Africans don't want your niggers.

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We judge them based on how they behave HERE.
other countries are outside of out concern.

These are all designed by non-black or heavily mixed architecs. You just have to live with the fact that your race is inferior.

i bet the nigger got off with nothing

Omg i want to type the sounds I made when I saw that.
Jezzus, her kneecap was a bit to far to the left for my tastes

memeflag never fails to memefag
so predictable

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I don't give a fuck if all africans died this second. I don't care what they want.

Crime rate could be worse in Kenya. Russia's is higher, and they're white.

no honestly.. all that murderous shit happens always as soon i smell filthy pepemint souse around.. it is always fucking eternal anglos who are behind..

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Nigger would rather destroy the car than have it towed for non-payment on his loan. Fucking niggers!

This thread reminds me that they're fucking APES

Thank You

Please tell me the names of the architects and engineers who designed those buildings


some of the nastiest webms i've seen come from the heart of the jungle. and trust me, it's all negroids doing the killing

>We judge them based on how they behave HERE.
but americunts are most fucking shimp shit eating maggots. you force your own cocitizen to live in shit and then wonder they fucking hate and wwant to kill you. lol.. as i said it is always fucking eternal anglos why this shit happens.

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I'll take a jew, an Arab, and some fucker from Hong Kong for 500 Alex.

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yeah cause they dont even know how to record the stastitics ... if they did have anyone recording it!!!

crime rate in kenya ... please
go home nigger, or havent you been noticing, everyone is sick of you and your bullshit, go home before we decide to mail you home

The average says it all. The two highest is the mutt continent and niggerland, who could have guessed.

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i see you shlomo. remember anons, (((they))) want you to hate yourselves most of all.

That's the most work I've ever seen a nigger do.

wrong imgage

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None of that made any sense, and your grammar is horrible.

Because they have laws that make it racist and you a hate criminal if you try to do anything about it.

no just in truth.. answer me this simple question. why are eternal anglos behind all massacres latelly?

"Pavement Monkeys" is the perfect descriptor

is he ESL?

They are
of a certain religion.