Is it time for America to break all friendly ties and alliances with the U.K. and declare them an oppresive regime yet?

Is it time for America to break all friendly ties and alliances with the U.K. and declare them an oppresive regime yet?

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I would, but they won't. I also would've moab'd china's sandbar islands a year ago.

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Absolutely. They do not share our values. I have no affinity towards them any longer

All of the states in every white country should do this to one another, and should do this to every non-white country. Break the globalist status quo.

America doesn't share its own values, T.B.H.


We need someone to liberate us. Not so fast, JewSA.

>muh jews

user., you're boring.

Trump need to overthrow the UK's monarchy, establish House of Trump.
Poor Charles though.

Oh. MONTY PYTHON, has to go. So offensive, especially "Life of Brian"
Round up those offensive bastards.
NO MORE HUMOR . It's offensive.
WTF tight ass English faggots.

We should bully Britain and break off relations if they don't get their shit together. After that we should smuggle guns to the white people left.

Fuck the Jewnited Cuckdom. You ARE "The Jews".

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why does he have a picture of a twitter messsage and not an actual report?
looks like fake news

The person who sent the message to the police did it as an experiment to see what the police would say. He then sent the message to him

I laugh at England. Do not fuck with Hindu beliefs, gaijin, until you give back the relics stolen, your future will remain ours. Curse is real

Attached: 1522251673831.jpg (661x1024, 89K) petition to formally censure the UK for its tyrannical behavior when?

Like that will do anything
I think were gonna need some freedom from you guys soon, I hear Scotland has some oil.

You've been Jewed longer than us.

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Hey how about you do it to isnotreal instead?

If I ever went to Europe I promise to be HORRIBLE. Using my American soverignty to fight and harrass muslims and hopefully be deported before I am kebab'd...and if American does this, then they will just assume all Americans are anti-Islamist

Hey but they'll get Prince Baron.

Go make the dick cakes for the faggots you naughty Mutt. Fine or jail

We'd happily overthrow your government if you all could be trusted not to make the same mistake again, but since you can't you all can suffer until you start your own revolution. Only then will you see the error of your ways.

That's not really far from the truth. The left aren't Americans.

As a Hindu I don't care. We hate Muslims wish white people would get the fucking memo.

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Video in question. The Jew will stop at nothing. The fucking video is even called “it’s a joke”

This is it goys of the UK its time to take a stand and all start making videos like this. If we all go to jail surely thats the best place to organise right?

It's time to break and severe alliances with all Jews and save our UK brothers. Jews want to fragment the Anglo-sphere.

Then why isn't Corbyn getting arrested?

Oil for frying burger or oil for SUV? You know what, it actually doesn't matter. Carrier group inbound.

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Oil you say? We'll get some B3s over there as soon as we can. We get oil, you get manifest destiny'd, and the left flips shit over Trump warmongering and liberating a "sovereign" nation.

I had hope that Brexit meant that the UK still has hope. Also the Queen invited President Trump to the 56% wedding.

But I don't have much hope.

>is anyone else getting sleepy

>goy, why don't you want jewish politicians in power? you antisemtie!! muh gdp and shit!!!
>you need 5 million more people to grow and to pay for the pension we have stolen!!
>so on, so on

what's the point anymore

Fuck off kike

Can you not just start us off with a 2 nukes?
London & Birmingham please.

Please form a coalition to sanction our island and maybe our people will throw out this government when they endure a little hardship.

Put up a blockade or something.

Brits deserve this.
I don't even consider them people at this point

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The U.S. can't afford to help anyone now that they're giving 3 billion yearly to Israel

>“England and America will one day have a war with one another which will be waged with the greatest hatred imaginable,” Hitler insisted. “One of the two countries will have to disappear.”

Sounds like a win win for everyone, come on over pal.


Maybe you'll be able to reflect on it and not suffocate on the developing irony.
The entire point of the Revolutionary War was to be free from Jews, you fucking retard. The real Americans did a good job of it too, Jews never got their hooks into your banking until the last real Americans died off and then you couldn't be happier to hand it to them.
You think you're free of the Jew because you have guns (that you're seemingly frightened to use unless it's at a school) and because you just keep repeat muh freedom. It's the exact same mindset that liberals have with their "durrr we beat da Nazi dat mean we da good goys cuz we do as we told". You're both retards.

The way youre going, itll be just like iran

Oh no I can reflect on it, we're in quite the fucked up situation here right now, but we're currently attempting to fix it, while britain is jailing people for nazi-dog-salutes.