This is a Parkland survivor

How do you feel about your guns now? She has shrapnel in her face from an AR 47. FUCKING SHRAPNEL.

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>faced this pain

Something something, comment on her race something something, crisis actor, something something we're here for lonely lulz




>couple of flesh wounds and a black eye

how will she ever recover?!

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Fucking leafs

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nigger beat her up, confirmed

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How do you get a black eye from a gun? Did she hold the stock up to her face when shooting?

Are you lonely?

Ain't this the girl that puked?

She's weak.


>AR 47


A nigger done knuckled down on her. Thats what really happened.


>ar 47
Nice catch. Fucking shills.

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>AR 47
oh well have a (You)

>leftist 'humor'
that's just sad
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Millions of kids will die in the coming civil war.

if you idiot progs really wanted gun control you'd be wheeling her and the other victims all over tv, not those other two twats.

Repeal every anti-gun law immediately.

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Well this is clear proof that an AR is no more dangerous than a rolling pin

Lmao sure, because she's not on opiates right now.
I got my jaw slowly broken when I was 13. Aparently, most of my lower teeth roots are fused to my jaw and when I went to the dentist to take out a molar which was about to fall (but wouldn't for obvious reasons) he just used local anaesthesia for my gums.
Imagine the feeling. Little by little, feeling the cold creaking of your jaw, slowly filling your mouth with intense pain while you don't know what the fuck's going on. Feeling a part of your body slowly being separated from you while being fully aware of it. I started screaming, punching, swearing, until it ended and I passed out when I saw my molar and the root having a fucking huge chunk of bone fused to it.
And I still like to go to the dentist because it makes my mouth feel clean.
Fucking kids this days are pussies.

Would she have preferred acid instead?

She's going to fall in love with the shooter. When you make a woman look like that, they love you forever.

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>AR Shrapnel gives you a black eye

Eh have your (You)

That's because you went to a dentist in Mexico.

Can somebody photoshop what an AR 47 would look like?

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See? If bump stocks were allowed, her pain would have ended right then and there.

You do know that one of the only reasons why Americans hop the southern border is to get cheap, quality orthodontics right? It's the second best in America right after Colombia. I'm not bullshitting you.
I have an extremely rare condition and no one could have foreseen it. I just went there to take out 2 teeth, one in the upper side which came out fairly easy and the one at the bottom, where my teeth are fused to my jaw. Crazy stuff.
I"m just glad it didn't really affect my jaw development. I'd kill myself before having a mouthbreather jaw.

I truly appreciate the effort but it's lame except for the bottom left

>AR 47
Subtle, have a (you).

Nice fake picture. I love my Guns.


What happened to her eye? Did the evil black rifle domestic violence her?


>AR 47

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go cuddle your guns when you go to bed. I'm sure they're more comfort to you than children.


typo ?

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So long as you're sure.

So, she got beat up by a gun, huh?

So fucking fake it hurts.

Did she date a nig

I feel the same.
Are you going to show me a picture of a car crash victim and ask how i feel about cars?

Your logic is fucking retarded.

Dat puzzy still work?

This 100% triggers my autism.

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>Get shredded by shrapnel
>Get bruised eye

I bet you she doesn't even go to that school....

I bet you she's not even a US citizen.

Its real tho. bulgy SF bought it to fire 7.62/39

Ar 15 upper, ak 47 lower

Nikolas Cruz was in bad mental health and he would have killed many people anyway.
With pistols or a can of gasoline or anything else.

she definitely needs some gun to defend herself from the bullies

Good point.

Yeah? Lots of real shit triggers my autism, though.

How do you feel about gun control now? He has malnutrition from living under a repressive dictatorial regime.

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La creatura.....

Reasonable people support common sense high capacity semi-automatic assault-nigger control.

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Sure blame shrapnel and not Tyrone toll paid

I believe the ar47 is the civilian version? Cant find proper vid on jewtube. I'm confused about this.'s_Armament_Company_SR-47

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I have a lot more sympathy for someone with actual injuries than for Camera Hogg and La Goblina.

wtf I hate human interaction now

She needs to man the fuck up and stop being a pussy.

Is her pussy OK? That's the only part that matters.

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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The intent of bullies is to dominate the weak.
One could call it a biological strategy, because it means that the weak are driven away from resources and pussy. Bullies take the pussy for themselves and reproduce more.
I can't stand a system that says you can't fight back with all means that are at your disposal.

This is just wrong. Face it.

if system works this way and smart but geneticaly weak people can't use their adventages to defend themselves we will quickly end up in african-tribe form of socjety. where you just travel through lands and fight people for their resources

I need to write this topic from an economic POV. Generally speaking:
* if there is hierarchy that enforces laws, people will be naturally selected to obey law and reproduce through being productive.
* if there is anarchy, the most violent savages win and dominate 'society'.
That's not even a moral judgment, it's a cold fact consequence of what skills and personality is necessary to survive in a given environment.

that's a facetious remark

Maybe she should have stayed in mexico

Can someone tell me if this dead niglet was identified?

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Burn the coal...

Interstitial inflammation.

oh herro there fellow westerner

>No one could have foreseen it
>What is an X-ray?
You are right. That is some cheap quality orthodontics

She'll be fine, it builds character.
Hopefully she'll grow up and purchase a firearm as soon as she's legally able.

>bullets give you a black eye

Cruz was bullied, lost his mom and was bullied some more. No excuse for going out and killing a bunch of kids (not that he did it) but maybe he wouldn't have been such a good patsy if the little hellions he was around wouldn't have driven him past insanity.

>>bullets give you a black eye

Was she beat by her husband?