Indo european thread

can we get a indo european pride thread?
white people only ofc.

welcome: Iranian ,pakistanis, swedish etc.

not welcome: semitic shitskins

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bumping with cool national anthem of pakistan

Why did Nordcucks never accomplish anything? Look at ancient Mesopotemia, Rome, Greece, Egypt, Aztec. Why did all great civilisations NOT emerge in the north?

not true

TBF Nordcucks had their best times in the last 150 years, sadly I don't think it will last much longer.

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You are not a 100% Indo-Euro if you don't look like this...

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>implying Aryan invasion wasn't the final nail in the coffin
They were the Sea People of the east.

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The Aryans created Europe as we know it.

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You are not a 100% Indo-Euro if you don't look like this...

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Gtfo gene stealing slav monkey.

>white people only ofc.
that's so retarded
so once in forever we have a nice cultured history/civilization thread and you have to poison it with this white people only garbage

what's the matter with you?
Be a fucking person.

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He is a fingol offspring, not Indo-Euro...
I am a German :)

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go back ahmed

Dirty semite vermin detected.

I look almost exactly like that except am manlet :^(

Keep telling yourself that, you human plunger.

Um, wasn't the Indus Valley Civilization destroyed by the Indo-Europeans?

Indo-European (Nordic) race from Greece.

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The (((Sea Peoples))) of the Steppes you mean.

AKA horseniggers

Those (((Aryans))) destroyed Europe as is their eternal pastime.

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Then you are not fully Aryan, but still very close.
I am a German from Oberschlesien. :)

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Romans and Greeks were Aryans too, at least their upper classes...

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>indo european pride thread
>posts indus valley civilization
>posts albino dravidians
gtfo pajeet


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Indo-European (Nordic) race from Norway

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Yes, and there are a lot of fundamental problems with this retards logic beside that. Like the fact that the Hittites destroyed the civilizations of the fertile crescent that are Europes cultural precedent and then failed to do anything of value with them.


Indo-European (Nordic) race from Kurdistan

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I German guys I'm German please believe me please believe me! Lmao untermensch.

Indo-European (Nordic) race from Ukraine.

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G*rman go home leave polan alone
I actually agree that the upper classes of Italic and Hellenic cultures descended from Steppe conquerors and imposed their language upon the conquered, likely introducing light hair and eyes to the Mediterranean. But by the Classical Era the DNA had mostly evened out. Modern and Classical Meds genetically are basically the same.

You are a German too :)

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Slavshit whore
Kurdish Mountain monkey

>G*rman go home leave polan alone
No, they should leave my Silesian Heimatland :)

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Schlesien...the crimes of the Anglos and Soviets can never be redeemed, they deserve hell.

Why so rude, my German friend?

But you're not :p douche

The Indus Valley civilisation wasn't Indo-European it was Davridian

the good ol days

Yeah I'm going to need to you to put your arm all the way in their the shit blockage is too thick for the plunger to shift.

Anglos were just the good goys of (((them))), I do not hate them for that. And the bolsheviks are gone in Russia.

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You realize that Greeks can have blue eyes and blond hair? My grandmother is 100% hellenic and she has blue eyes and blond hair.

I am :)
Yes, they can... due to the Nordic Indo-European admixture...

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Silesia is either Polish or Bohemian you faggot

Ihave many friends in pakistan that are blond and blue eyes

fucking degenerate polack cocksucker fucking slit ur fucking throats u worthless scum.

>Danish invasions
Oh wow such proof you have there
t. Mountain Jew who profited from said crimes
Yeah I can second this. I know some very fair Greeks

Indo-European (Nordic) race from Egypt.

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Whatchu doing in Poland? What business do you have in gods blind spot?

Research what they did to the Germans after the war. They murdered millions... At some point it doesn't matter anymore who the leaders were. Anglos have blood on their hands and they still act as if only Germans did horrible things. They cry about the Blitz even though they bombed German cities first. It's not the time to fight with the Anglos but their crimes towards the German people shouldn't be forgotten. The millions which lost their home and were murdered and rape shouldn't be forgotten.

Only jutes were "Danish" (actually West Germanic).

Anglos were from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and the Saxons were from the Lower Saxony, also in Germany.

I know it's pointless to argue with WE, but the Indus civilization (Harappa, Mohenjodaro, etc.) was around before the Indo European invasion. The Hindu religion(s), Sanskrit language and a lot of what we think of as "Indian" culture genuinely were from the Indo-Europeans, but they have jack shit to do with the civilization that was there beforehand.

Also the Indus civilization had indoor plumbing, and post-Indo-Euro invasion India is and has been the public defecation capital of the world. Pre-Roman and medieval Europe was also pretty bad with fecal matter, just tossing it wherever. This implies street shitting is an Indo European thing.

Those are the only human Germanics, oddly enough. Pomeranians and Prussians are horsenigger rape babies

>Whatchu doing in Poland?
My ancestors avoided deportation.
>What business do you have in gods blind spot?
Continuation of the Prussian-Silesian Germanic tradition.

Pommeranians and Prussians were Nordic too.

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Atrocities where committed on both sides let's not nitpick but forgive and forget. A brotherly feud should remain just that pets not turn it into something ugly.

>Research what they did to the Germans after the war.
Those were slavs, not Anglos.

The point is that not just "Aryans" have blue eyes and blond hair. Fucking Mongolians can have blue eyes and blond hair. My grandmother doesn't have any Nordic or slavic admixture and has blue eyes and blond hair.

Well consider how much IEs loved their horses. The hohol/scythian knot, trying to make their heads look like horse tails. Horses shit everywhere - horseniggers gonna horsenig

Genghis Khan had green eyes and red hair, and no, he was not Tocharion (shut the fuck up you stupid fucking (((Pole))))

>Fucking Mongolians can have blue eyes and blond hair.

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Gtfo shit monger avoid deportation huh? By you grandma whoring herself out to slavshit scum you little rape baby?

Go home, Muhammad

t. whitey snownigger

Germans did the same shit to rest of the europe

Indo-European (Nordic) race in Iran

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I am home chink

It's not nitpicking, it's about millions people who were murdered after the war. And Germans didin't killed innocent people after the war. I don't want any revenge or something along that line but your crimes shouldn't be forgotten. America and tje UK should at least acknowledge their crimes towards the German people.

No, they just claimed Polish ethnicity and the communists didn't see a point in deportating them...

Later they claimed German ethnicity when it was no longer illegal to be an ethnic German.

Their crime was being German.

Indo-European (Nordic) race from Italy

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No. You home is in the shit hole middle east

Isn't it time for you to tuck in to some gutter oil fried cat shit, chang?

Post skin

No, the Anglos said to the Germans after the war that the geneva convention doesn't apply to them because they're not prisoners but detained enemies. Many innocent Germans lost their life after the war to the Anglos. Many Anglos( like for example Hemingway who killed 122 German prisoners after the war) seemed to have fun killing Germans.

Blondes have accomplished nothing.
Chad dark hair green eyes, reporting.

How do I get a dusky dravidian qt3.14?

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Why don't you post yours and then ask for mine.

>green eyes
You are a not a pure swarthyman either.

Mutts shouldn’t go after le 85% face, the child will be less white.

Shitskin detected. Even if I was a zipperhead, my inner forearm skin would pass as white

Albino Africans have blonde hair and blue eyes.
Dark hair light eyes are the real IEU’s.

We should dump all these refugees on your island to eradicate you rodents for the benefit of all of humanity into the future.

pakistan (nordic) indo european aryan

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Don't really want a used up white whore, all the poo chicks in my university classes are in high level math classes and don't seem to sleep around.

I'll take an Indo-European kid over a pure European whore any day.


I have a mutt friend (3/4 Anglo, 1/4 Italian, looks Italian) who is dating a Dravidian qt3.14. He met her at church.

>nose piercing
kek pretty sure that's the death penalty in pakistan and nazi germany.

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Nah, the blond hair and blue eyed Nordics are the purest Indo-Europeans :)

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