The War On Masculinity: Sperm

>Recently we undertook a cross-sectional study on fertile men in Japan to describe the current status of semen quality of Japanese men. We took confounders into consideration to allow a comparison with a previous European study. Japanese fertile men proved to have a semen quality at the level of Danish men, who were reported to have the lowest level among the men examined in the European study. This low level of sperm concentration in fertile Japanese men may result from differences in lifestyle or other environmental factors, but we cannot rule out the possibility of ethnic differences caused by different genetic variation or combination.

>Adult Asian men also have smaller testicles than European and Hispanic men, average testicle weight is about 33% lower in Asians than in Caucasians. Estimated daily sperm production in Chinese men is also less than half of that estimated for Hispanic and Caucasian men, according to the same study.

chemicals, pesticides, stress and obesity. The modern way of life is destroying manhood.

How do we safeguard?

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Babies are for the fiscally irresponsible.

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STOP putting your mobile phones in your pockets (at least do so with airplane mode on)

START supplementing D-Aspartic acid to aid in regular masculine functions

STOP wasting so much semen all the time

>seperating hispanic and european/Caucasian
Unless they mean specifically non-european hispanics (like black or native american ones)

Makes no sense

Is this a real problem or just hype? I'm sure any low sperm count person can impregnate any girl easily.

This is none problem. You all should get a wife and pump out some kids rather than worrying about this.

Stop eating animal products.
>People and animals are exposed to POPs mostly through their diet, occupationally, or while growing in the womb.[1] For humans not exposed to POPs through accidental or occupational means, over 90% of exposure comes from animal product foods due to bioaccumulation in fat tissues and bioaccumulate through the food chain.
Stop eating saturated fat.
>A lower sperm concentration and total sperm count in men with a high intake of saturated fat was found. A significant dose-response association was found, and men in the highest quartile of saturated fat intake had a 38% (95% CI: 0.1%, 61%) lower sperm concentration and a 41% (95% CI: 4%, 64%) lower total sperm count than did men in the lowest quartile. No association between semen quality and intake of other types of fat was found.
Start eating high-antioxidant fruits and vegetables.
>Progressive motility was 6.5 (95% confidence interval [CI], 0.6, 12.3) percentage units higher among men in the highest quartile of β-carotene intake compared with men in the lowest quartile. Similar results were observed for lutein intake. Lycopene intake was positively related to sperm morphology. The adjusted percentages (95% CI) of morphologically normal sperm in increasing quartiles of lycopene intake were 8.0 (6.7, 9.3), 7.7 (6.4, 9.0), 9.2 (7.9, 10.5), and 9.7 (8.4, 11.0)

Thats why japan is such a succesful country. They arent running after a stinky hole in their testosterone haze like other subhumans

Guess what the Japanese put in everything?

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Japanese fertile men proved to have a semen quality at the level of Danish men, who were reported to have the lowest level among the men examined in the European study.

Denmark, start living healthier.

Japan, stop working yourselves to mental and physical unhealth.

The orient, specifically Japan, is a good model for how nations should be minus the degeneracy.
A nation that prioritizes their own race, encourages honor and duty in it's citizens, and takes steps to improve the economy while keeping a sustainable birthrate is what every nation on the earth needs and should be like.
Sadly America decimated Japan and I don't think they will ever recover.

Isn't the average adult asian man like 50yo?

It's genes stupid.


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you become what you eat faggot

>D-Aspartic acid
Interesting, but might be counterproductive for people with sufficient testosterone :


Aye, if you do some solid research on this amino acid, you'll discover that you really should not be taking more than 3g per day, any more than this can start to have negative effects.

If you have a decent level of testosterone, you might only want to take around 1-2g per day to aid in sperm motility, growth and quality.

Serious question: is there such thing as unbiased information on iodine? I have taken it on and off, and I definitely feel its effects when I'm taking it, but the medical literature is utterly divided. Half of them say Lugol's Solution is poison, while the other half calls it a cure-all.

Personally, I've found that when I take it alongside proper supplements (selinium, magnesium, zinc, sea salt), I feel really good, but my skin breaks out. I will also sometimes get headaches or generally feel strange ---- and yet there is also a persistent increase in sensory perception and an increase in positive mood. Surely this can't be a placebo effect, right?

TL;DR: Is there any unbiased info on iodine, and general opinions on iodine?