Why are you against LGBT rights?

Why are you against LGBT rights?

Soon us straight men can enjoy sucking dick without the social stigma.

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Why don't you start by sucking mine?

gays are a subversive element bent on destroying the nuclear family unit, alongside to being pedophiles 60% of the time all the time

based kalindra chan poster

I don't want to suck dick. Only bitches suck dick.

mtf often dislike having their dick sucked though

Faggots have the right to involuntarily committed to a psychiatric ward.

>us straight men
fuck off bong

Traps are gay, it shall be illegal

>Looks at image
>Sees the bulge

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lgbt don't get more rights and freedom then anyone else and that's final, now shut up already with this shit thread.

I'm a straight guy, but I've fucked two guys before just to see what it was like. And by "fucked", I mean "been fucked by". Took these guys in the ass (for the record, I've only been buttfucked twice, and both times it was anonymous craigslist hookups, just to sate my own curiosity.)

Anyways, it feels pretty good. It hurts at first, of course, but once he's loosened you up a bit you can just sort of relax and enjoy taking the dick. Feels best when you're on your back getting pounded missionary. I'm not a faggot or anything, but it hit my prostate just perfect and made me squeal and wrap my legs around the guys who were doing the fucking. Came pretty close to a prostate orgasm, too.

Women instinctively avoid men that have done gay stuff, even if you kissed a bloke you are no longer husband material.
Even the ones that claim to love poofs are like this.

Nothing against the non crazy ones, but it's something to keep away from children.

And they don't need special rights, same goes for blacks, that are way worst to society at large.

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Can you even copy and paste it properly?

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i dont enable mental illness

>no gay rights
>no traps
>no best waifu material
>no will to live

would succ desu

>the panicked thots faces when they realize they are steadily being replaced by sex dolls

cant wait

Genetic generated cat boys.

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>tfw you can'mt even LARP correctly

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>destroying the nuclear family unit
How does someone else's sexual activity destroy your family unit?

>pedophiles 60% of the time

>mfw no 5.000 dollars sex doll

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Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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Fag here. He'd be my perfect ideal if he didn't put on that shitty womens clothing, have fake tits or do hormones.
Why do trannies keep ruining men.

You can have my share, knock yourself out!

When the society don't see family exclusively as a structure composed by father mother and child.

Higth IQ people tend to also high on openess, making them more susceptible to drugs and degeneret behavior such as pedophilia.Gays tend to by high IQ on average so they are over represented on it.

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Fuck off faggot

what do they like?

Because it is sinful, harmful to the nuclear family, and encourages negative social behavior all without any real benefits. Frankly it just does bad things to society in general. There is a reason it was always traditionally persecuted.

>Straight men
>Sucking dick
fuck off faggot
Don't forget to sage!


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>Soon us straight men can enjoy sucking dick without the social stigma.
you posted the exact one yesterday

Hell is for ever!

We're living in Hell, user. Death is the eternal peace.

Ivan knows the solution

This thread again? Go away OP.

The real question here is why hasn't kalindra made some serious porn yet

Nahh there is no way. That "bulge" is small first off, and also it is just the lighting and stuff that creates the illusion of a bulge.

If that is a guy then I will declare right here right now that I am gay. But It won't come to that because that is a girl. Probably the sexiest girls I've ever seen too, my god.


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Because it's being forced down our throats like a cock gets shoved down a faggot's throat.

I don't give a shit when 2 trannies cornhole each other, but when they try to tell me that I need to call them xer or zeh, or whatever the fuck kind of pronoun their mentally ill little minds come up with, then they can fuck right off.

I don't like the whole movement because it encourages men to be weak. It's pathetic.

Bad News.

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>The illusion of a bulge

Oh you!

Just make weaponized gay a thing.
Only gay people can get aids.

ahhh kalindra, the source of many straight men's sleepless nights.

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It's not even a bulge really.

I don't get it

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is that a mcqueen dvd player?

>sucking dick
Hehehe I have good news for you goyim!

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>knowing trannies by name
absolutely British

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I will bite the bait.


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If you're sucking dick then you're not straight.

>Hillary supporter

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Oh god. Just call me a nigger jew.

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I wanna penetrate its asshole dry.

Pls someone, what is her name? I need it for research
What are you even trying to get at? If you are trying to convince me she is a he then you need to show me proof. That pic still looks like a girl and looks like someone different.

Lad it's clearly a girl, stop fetishizing that QT's are traps. Every fucking time you cunts pull this crap. Traps are fucking gay.

How the fuck can you say that and put that flag? Your are disgusting

Being sodomized.

Suck dick. Call yourself straight, hmm makes sence.

t.tranny expert

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I'm not. I would be a super slutty trap like in OP if I weren't so ugly.

Hey, selling backs as property is a healthy behavior, but who dafuck would pay to fuck a 5 yo nigger?

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I've got some bad news user...

I have use an Emma's daily for medical reasons and it's about the size of my little finger and it hurts like hell. I can't figure why you faggots do that shit

tfw could afford one but it'd cost half of my savings

why can't you just admit you're a faggot and be done with it?

Proof or fuck off fagit

>that fat upper pussy area
>that face
I need a name before I break my nofap

>this pic
s-stop pls

I don't want to suck a dick though, that's fucking gross. I only want to be with women who identify as women and were born as women because that is how being straight works, you are a latent homosexual.

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user really wants to see some tranny dick


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>upper pussy area
Ooh boy, do I have news for you...

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Kill yourself sodomite shitskin

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Kill yourself sodomite weeaboo

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So much anger...
Look dude, its not my fault guys are better than women at everything, even... you know, at actually being a woman.

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