CANZUK when?
>CANZUK refers to the personal union and the proposal for increased ties between the nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. These include increased trade, foreign policy co-operation and mobility of citizens between the four nations.

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Do it bongosphere

As long as I can become a aussie shit poster and bang some Sheilas I'm down with it.
Get ready to get LEAFED you sick cunts.

Are we going to name this new country Canzuk?

we have enough negros in this shithole dont need anymore filth of the third world coming to australia from britain. maybe once we start handing out deportation leaflets ill consider it.

We are taking back the colonies lads.
Hope you are cool with that. If not...
we will do it anyway.
Bongsphere is a go, go, go!

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i think a canzuk federation would be a good thing.
make it so that these countries have freer trade and movement and try fight back against retarded continental ideas.

Great, we can all swap niggers. Hang on thats already happening.


isn't swapping niggers called the slave trade?


As a New Zealand European I hope my country will not join this, I don't want an open door to Burgers and Bongs, Aus is fine and maybe Canada but even then not sure about Canada, no offense.

canzuk doesn't include America, that's the Anglosphere.

no i don't even want to be in a union with scotland or wales

Britain is the whitest country though

ANZAC's already have our own thing going on
go be a CUK somewhere else

more niggers in Britain than people in NZ

More like Cuckcuck

The UK offers the most state aid which means it would be the UK which is flocked to.

don't care pommies need to piss off anyway

>coping this horrendously

Australia and Canada have more

so literally just NZ opening up its borders to niggers its loosing the chinks, hardly a good swap for us

Fuck off

New Zealand is FULL









was under the impression NZ was empty since YOU ALL FUCKING MOVE HERE

Raising the IQ of both countries :^)

Why not UNAC? I doubt it would have anymore balls than the Commonwealth.

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NZ is our clay

Australia doesn't think about NZ they only want to annex it because they saw a map once

NZ will remain what it was. It would be the UK and Canada to which undesirables of all races and creeds flock to considering they offer the most state aid.

Besides, I wasn't advocating for any union with you, believe me. I said I'd decentralise the UK with each country having their own parliament except NI and limit the monarchy to England.

that's about how many move to Australia in a slow year
there are half a million kiwi in Australia, that's 10% of the kiwi population

>there are half a million kiwi in Australia, that's 10% of the kiwi population
over the last 70 years though

I don't mind the odd Australian immigrant, and if we had skill shortages would't mind English Scottish Irish and Welsh also South Africans and Rhodesian's but I don't want an open door to the UK with all their filthy pakis and blacks and extreme anti white bongs, I also don't want all the non Whites in Canada thanks, NZ has it's own culture that needs to be strengthened

>Besides, I wasn't advocating for any union with you
OP is "increased trade, foreign policy co-operation and mobility of citizens between the four nations"

>and Rhodesian's
there isn't any left

And I said I didn't want that. Shared culture is a massive meme.

compared to the 60k Aussies that live in NZ

Good because we are not the same

yeah and NZ only stopped being economically shit since 2014, so there is a lot to catch up on

It's not that. It's that Anglo diaspora is a massive meme.

Knock the UK out of the and the union would be perfect

Then you're taking the hardest blow of them all since the Canadian government offers the second most state aid after the UK.

Who cares you fucking whinging Pom if you don’t want kiwis then close your borders and shut the fuck up

just call it KEK

I'll always vote against it

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and take NZ out

>It's that Anglo diaspora is a massive meme.
it doesn't exist

No, it exists alright and it's massively widespread but there are no countries outside of England where it is exclusive.

No free movement between CANZUK.

I'd personally love visa free work and travel to Canada and New Zealand, but I don't want to subject them to our population. The immigration system exists for a reason, and that reason is to keep the undesirables (of which we have many in the UK) out. Unless of course you guys are interested in importing Islamic terrorism, just like Europe has.

Pay your damn taxes you fucking sheep shagger or you deserve every maori cock up your ass.

So long as Trudeau is PM that shit should just be CUK.

I don’t honestly think they would leave the UK they have all their enclaves here and then they will go and leave their communities just to go to NZ I doubt it I don’t think the girls over there will fuck them for a bag of crisps

Don't you mean chips?

>oi australia cuck out to our shitty draconian governing style even more by solidifying your alliances with us
fuck off leaves and uninted cuckdom poofters

anzus or anzac, nothing else

yanks need to also piss off

ANZAC all the way.

Why are the antipodes so butthurt lads
anglo pride worldwide

>mobility of citizens between the four nations.
Fuck off, we're full
I think Australia and New Zealand are full too, but I can't say so with certainty

Probably depends on which country has the most attractive job + welfare opportunities for low skilled workers. At the moment that might be the UK, but with easier movement to the other CANZUK countries (plus better opportunities for things like housing), it wouldn't surprise me to see that change.