What do you think?

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What do you think about Anarcho-Authoritarianism?

are you retarded?

What do you think about Anarcho-Autism?

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Anything that is Anarcho-"something" makes my head hurt.

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So bloody polite, as always

i mean i guess the warlord could be seen as a king of sorts

this exists?

so warlords?

Purtroppo si

Be sure to steer clear of Anarcho-Judaism

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wtf is that


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Isnt that what we have now? But they call it Democracy.

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It's like ancap, but everybody is a king?

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it's a bit like libertarianism from what I've understood. I just don't get it.

>not being anarcho-anti-anarchist
And you call yourself redpilled?

It makes no sense, like anarcho-fascism or female penis

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Unfortunately, it will inevitably devolve into Anarcho-Capitalism as the serfs learn to code.

autistic bullshit
Anarcho Monarchism is like;
ruler of chaos
peace of islam
freedom is slavery
war is peace
lies are truth
ignorance is a bliss

monarcho-capitalsm is better

Anarcho-me tooism

>Free market
>Strong military and border control
>No democratic system to be used to empower minority groups

Oh Yaeh!

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Soo, this?

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I'm more of an Anarcho - Totalitarian, free market communist tbqh

Strong military creates the possibility of a coup, the best system for long term stability and prosperity is monarch + strong navy + weak army. Of course this option is only available to the island nation master race

The navy can coup you when they get on land too. They are still men with guns.

The point of any military force is to deal with outside forces, but to avoid abuse of power the population must be free to own weapon and the power of the state must be extremely restricted.

Fake and gay

Does nobody knows what Anarch actually means?
The word anarchy comes from the ancient Greek ἀναρχία (anarchia), which combines ἀ (a), "not, without" and ἀρχή (arkhi), "ruler, leader, authority." Thus, the term refers to a person or society "without rulers" or "without leaders".

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isn't that a contradiction of terms?

Anarcho-Monarchism can happen, if people who accept anarchism are willing to voluntarly elect the king.

What part of without ruler, leader or authority are you not getting?

Literally Monty Python tier

So... what do you guys think of anarcho-anarchy?

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Why do people need to put "anarcho" in front of everything?

Does it somehow make something cool with the kids?

Strong military/Navy

Also, strong -trained/supplied citizen militia

= Unbeatable

Too much centralized authoritarian power.

>Does it somehow make something cool with the kids?



You know the whole "Teenage rebellious" phase, right?

Well, what if that were... weaponized?

Kings rule by right. They dont need your permission.

That it is "voluntary"; that you have a say in the matter, means that you dont have a king. Making the term Anarcho-Monarchism a contradiction and therefore useless and stupid.

>Kings rule by right. They dont need your permission.

By right of force, you mean.

>My political opinoins lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood,meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs)-or to"unconstitutional" Monarchy... Give me a king whose chief interest in life is stamps, railways, or race-horse; and who has the power to sack his Vizier (or whatever you care to call him) if he does not like the cut of his trousers.
-JRR Tolkien, letter dated 29 November 1943

Cant wait for the days when "rebellious" looks like something out of leave it to beaver.

Cant wait for the days when "rebellious" looks like something out of leave it to beaver.


So, if kings rule by right of force, they REQUIRE permission to rule.

otherwise, there will be fierce opposition contesting their rule, and if overthrown, their "Right" of rule goes out with them.