What would happen if all the jews and muslims disappeared

What would happen if all the jews and muslims disappeared

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Niggers will still destroy Earth.

We would colonize the entire solar system in 100 years. Max.

>add niggers and spics

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Sup Forums would still find something to put blame on

>Sup Forums would never exist as all of us managed to get jobs without the bullshit excuse they use to shame us.

>public education wouldn't suck.

Hey Sup Forums, it's
am I right?

This. Niggers are the absolute worst. At least kikes and muslims can create some type of civilization

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europe and the asians can unite and make the continent america into a parking place

Galactic dominance.

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Eurasian Empire

>kikes and muslims can create some type of civilization
Where? When? Kikes have always been parasites on other peoples civilization. And the civilizations in MENA countries predates islam and have been going downhill since their pedophile false prophet was turned down my the kikes

I disagree. The Jews have been the ones pushing this diversity is our strength bullshit. If we eliminated the Jewish populace, Americans wouldn't be subjected to their bizarre influence. We would whip those niggers back in line.

>100 years

Add niggers and spics to that, and we'd have a colony on Pluto by 2040

the Asians will take control with their breeding habits

Whites + Japs + Gooks + Poo-in-loos vs The Chink Menace.

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there would be less corruption and more progression

you do realise the Jews and Muslims are the ones sending the Negros right ?

This goy gets it. Blacks would be little more than a nuisance without kikes poisoning their impressionable minds and egging thrm on against us.

Without der Juden the major problem races for the US would be the spics and especially the Chinks.

None pushing marxism in academia, open borders, and pushing anti white ideias

Non killing people with trucks of peace, knives of peace and home made bombs of peace

Would be great

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A land war in Asia

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This will be better place for peace
Jews and muslim = cancer of the earth
Nah Jews gave their privilege, they ain't shit without Jews

Most niggers would also disappear since they're predominantly Muslim across the world.

What would happen if rapture occurred and only nonwhites existed?

Jews will stop having fun

/you would shift their focus upon Asia, or east Europe-Russia tensions and agitate for the destroction of either of those.

Jews have never built a civilization, they've destroyed plenty, but never built one. Even today, with Israel, the only reason Israel doesn't become the shitholes that neighbour it is because of the billions in dumb goyim tax payer dollars they get and the fact they use the US as their own personal goyim.
Jews love their prophecies, they might push atheism for the goys, but there's no one as fundamentally religious as Jews, not even the Muslims who are exploding their way across Europe. I hope they remember the story of the Golem properly, and don't just do what they have their goys do - only remember the parts you like.

Recolonization, world peace, anime becomes real.

World peace

Absolutely. If they hadn't flooded the workforce with bitter women and niggers, I would have had my family and would have saved the white race.

Instead, the second I got out of highschool, the Selfish Boomers punched me right in the gut and said "Fuck You Buddy" Nafta has passed.

>Remove Israel
>Middle East becomes stable again like it was for 800 years before Israel arrived in 1948

In 1950 the population of Africa was below 300mn. In 2015 it was over 1.2bn. Its expected to hit over 2.1bn in 2055 due to the rapid birth rate. That doesn't include their foreign born kin in the western world.
Literally a virus in humanoid form.

Not with Sub saharan apes still around we won't.

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The Third Rome (Aka Ottoman Empire)

Rashidum Caliphate
Fattima Caliphate

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we would still have to get rid of the nigger.

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Satan would just use some other race


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Jews are the only reason whites aren't living in caves , their blood has raised the average white persons iq

Niggers would be powerless

ill bite, cause of that hot pic,

Answer: asian and white breeding would commence.

Without the Jew the nigger goes back to being nothing more than 12% of the population.

whitoids would start killing each other again like they did for thousands of years
jews are the only people capable of keeping the whitoid's bloodlust in check and they despise them for it

>What would happen if all the jews and muslims disappeared
throw the niggers in africa in there also. Then the world would have peace...

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wronger than wrong, we would have a breeding fest wih the east asians and we would have the new hapa race inhabiting the earth powered fully by chinese solar panels.

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come here too discuss important discovery,

>What would happen if all the jews and muslims disappeared
I'd slap that ass twice

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