Immigration to the Midwest

How hard is it for a Norwegian with a steady and relatively high income back home to immigrate to the American midwest? Is the old American way of life in the midwest dead or does it still stand a fighting chance? How about the % of whites in the midwest, is it high?
For some background, when it was written in 1814, the Norwegian constitution was heavily based on both the American and the French constitutions and inspired by their revolutions; we had just come out of a 400 year long forced union with Denmark. Maybe that's why I like the ideas of the American constitution so much.

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It probably isn't too hard to get in, especially if you find a job opportunity.
Most of my state (MN) is good to live in but the Metro area is shitty
Most states are pretty white but like I said the big cities aren't always so great

Move to Minneapolis. It's full of Somalians so you'll feel right at home

Easy if you have a roastie or corporate sponsor. Rural America is pretty white for the most part. Here's a chart to help you find a nordic murican waifu. My grandfather's family moved from Norway to North Dakota and my grandfather went to the Northwest. Good luck on your quest nordbro.

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The Midwest is not like your picture user, that's the southwest or northwest. MN is cucked, dont go there. If you do come into the counrty adopt hardline stances for freedom of firearms and speech and legal immigration only. You'll be welcome here. I suggest coming on vacation and visiting several states, whos environment and laws differ widely to get an idea where you'd like to live.

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>we had just come out of a 400 year long forced union with Denmark
>implying it was a "union"
yeah like the rest of the north you are all just DANE clay. This minor setback where we lost Sweden, Norway, Iceland and northern Germany is irrelevant.

How long has it been since Denmark has been relevant?

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close to 200 years now. We had a good run from 900 - 1800. Things started to unravel in the 1600s and then we just got destroyed and left like a broken trinket of the past.
still here though niggers!

Oh fucking please.

The union was formally called "Denmark-Norway", not "Denmark".

That picture is from Kentucky.

Most big cities in midwest are niggerridden, suburbs and small town almost entirely white. Economy is booming here

It seems like you guys are handling the migrant hordes better than the rest of Western Europe based on the lack of horrifying stories and terror attacks we hear of. Keep on doing whatever it is Denmark does.

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and what was the flag for the "union" friend? Who were the absolute monarch? Dont kid yourself Norway was simply a colony of Denmark much like Scotland and England.
but what does it matter now anyways. In 20 years there will be more Norwegians on this earth and Danes as we are a dying breed. Just dont let the fuckign Swedes get their way is all I ask.

Just get a visa and overstay

but that would be breaking the law something the Norgebros tend not to do.

Not if you get citizenship married.

Hey that’s Shawnee national forest in your pic

I’ve been there

I have lived in the rural and metro Midwest my entire life. I don’t know much about the “American Spirit” here. It’s mostly just people getting degrees and getting jobs, trying to get by. Maybe somebody will start a business and start making 100k or whatever

Yeah I guess it’s still alive here. Rural midwestern people are pretty fat and they drink a lot though. They’re kinda depressed. I think most midwesterners want to move to Colorado or something.

The Midwest is called the “rustbelt” now because the economy took a beating. But it’s coming back now. I’d take a trip out here and take a look. Maybe check out Wisconsin/Michigan/Iowa/Indiana/South Dakota.

I took a trip down to Indianapolis Indiana and really liked it recently. Wisconsin is kinda cool too I guess.

South Dakota is a desolate state that is in the midst of being developed. There’s kind of a frontiersman spirit there I would say, at least as much as you can get in 2018

Norway isn't about to let the Swedes get their way judging by what kind of government we have had for the last 4.5-5 years.
The absolute monarch was the Danish king and the flag was the Dannebrog, but that doesn't mean that there wasn't a union. Two parties in a union don't have to be equal. Scotland wasn't a colony, it willingly agreed to enter a union with England in the 1700s some time.
I assume you're aware of our extremely rigorous celebration of the 17th of May? Contrary to popular belief, we don't celebrate the end of the 400 year long night, as Ibsen put it, but rather we celebrate the Constitution which was signed on that day in 1814.
Denmark was definitely the "ruling" and leading country in the union, but Norway was NOT to Denmark as Finland was to Sweden (Finland didn't exist, it was just eastern Sweden; that was NOT what Denmark-Norway was like.)

Getting a green card is a literal lottery.

I have a degree in chemical engineering, applied for a green card and didn't win the lottery so I got rejected.

Fuck you America. If you don't want white Australians with bants and charisma then you don't deserve us.

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Buy a property for 100k+ and I am pretty sure you will get a visa.

This. Just look for a roastie to wife up. Overstay your visa if you have to it's not like the government gives a shit. You could probably get fucking food stamps and an obamaphone too.

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>scandis descending into arguments over ancient tribal bullshit

fucking snowniggers

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Come on over bro. The Midwest is 80% white and outside of the urban areas you will see little to no shitksins.

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Im in florida looking for a nice white midwestern state to move to.

Must be nice to have culture that doesn't immediately devolve into discussion about the holohoax and slavery. Let em speak ffs.

>I think most midwesterners want to move to Colorado or something.

Don't come to Colorado. If you are not a "Native" they will treat you like shit. Denver is full of homeless that came looking for legal weed. Boulder is a cesspool for Liberalism. Colorado Springs is pretty right leaning due to all of the military. The rest pf the state is pretty Red and likes to think it is still the Wild Wild West.

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This. This is one of the few threads that isn't crying about Jewish nonsense or Muh Slaveries.

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>Norway was NOT to Denmark as Finland was to Sweden
ofc not.

If Norwayanon wants to make a thread to rage about some medieval occupation of his country that's fine but I thought this thread about escaping eurotyranny.

Exactly. Finland was eastern Sweden, but Norway was not northern Denmark. Which leaves us with the only option left, a union.
Don't really know what we're arguing about, every history book and every relevant article speaks of the "Denmark-Norway union", Denmark-Norway's role in the Great Nordic war against Sweden in the 1700s, Denmark-Norway's defeat in the Napoleonic wars, and so on.

It was, but my danish friend over here derailed the discussion.
Thanks for everyone's input on the midwest, I'll look more into things.

Come to Idaho. We have forests larger than your country and more guns than all of Europe combined.

Fyi there's 2 swedes for every norwegian in this country and like 5 germans for each of them if you want a parallel plan to getting a job green card.

>medieval occupation
>Don't really know what we're arguing about
nothing much just your standard friendly stabs that all northerners participate in.
what is your education level? Because you can get a green card if you are a high specialized worker.

yuropoors would probably hate it since public transportation basically doesn't exist in the midwest. i guess the freedom is cool, but you absolutely need a car. sometimes i just wish i could take a bus. then i remember niggers ride the bus and it's not too bad

>wanting to live in a mutt and nigger infested shithole country
choke on lutefisk you traitor

>I took a trip down to Indianapolis Indiana and really liked it recently.
I live on the North side of Indy. Awesome city. Downtown has a few "dark" areas, if you smell what I'm cooking, but other than those, this area is fantastic.

I have a bachelor in political science and a masters in electrical engineering (Civil engineer/sivilingenior).

Forgot to add: The bach in polsci is from a time where I didn't know what I wanted to do and studied what interested me, lol. Couldn't find work so started on a civil engineering course at NTNU in Trondheim instead.

Unfortunately the Norwegian people of ND also love refugees so there's a ton of Somalians polluting Fargo and Bismark. Fucking disgusting man I hate seeing them out they don't belong here at all

>Civil engineer
then it should be possible to get a Green card through a company in the states. It will take some groundwork and it helps if you know someone over there in advance.
I know 3 people who moved over there and worked for years. Oddly enough they have all returned back to Denmark now.

says the swiss nigger who profited off of every war and drug dealers throughout the world without ever getting their hands dirty themselves. you're fucking scum i pray to christ that one day you get what's coming to you. how dare you act morally superior you rat fuck

Most of indiana still has traditional values. You would have to avoid Bloomington and Indianapolis.

You're gonna have no problems locking down a job somewhere. You'll probably have to look for a job in a shithole city since that's where all the tech jobs are but then you can work remotely after that.

Avoid Hammond, Gary, hobart and just fucking avoid the northwest Indiana. Degenerates

Lol the king spoke German. He happened to be living in Copenhagen but that doesn't mean he was more danish than I am. To state that Norway was a danish colony is bullshit because the idea of nations barely existed back then - Both Denmark and Norway were ''colonies'' of an absolutist king. And he, like I said, happened to be living in Copenhagen.

Alright, thanks. Glad to hear that everything isn't outsourced to China just yet.

You've done well enough fucking up your own country you can stay in your containment zone

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I love going on vacation to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Do 'muricans hate it and Key West?

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Omaha here. If you are a hard worker and willing to contribute to our country you're welcome. Housing here is cheap; I saw an ad in a paper the other day for a 3 bed 2 bath starter home that a company will build for you for ~95k including mats.

I did a 6th grade project on Denmark because all the cool countries were taken and I heard legos come from there

What is winter like? Culture? Any good medium sized towns?
>t. former wi/mn faggot looking to retire soon

Oh and by the way
>forced union
That is bullshit, at least for the most of it. And that union was beneficial to us in most ways, just think where crippled norway would be if it wasn't for Denmark. They literally built Norway after pic related

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Midwesterners aren’t mutts mountain kike.

Flordia is zogged as fuck but if you like throwing raw chicken to gators and spearfishing lionfish it's pretty good. I hear there's good hog hunting out there too. Finland's pretty dope, btw. Music festival hooligans redpilled me on how Hitler saved Finland from the Russians and one little spot on my back wasn't covered by mosquito spray and it was a swollen itchy mess the next day.

Why do people from nice countries want to move here? I don't get it.

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What's the plot size?

Why would you even want to come here?

Quite sad how much Indy has decline. I went there on Sunday with a buddy and saw niggers and pride flags everywhere. The nogs were even at the Rathskellers which is the most implicitly white place in town.

>the king spoke German
his mother tongue was Danish as he was a Dane. It was even in the damn law that only a Dane could be king precisely because of problems with Germans trying to get the crown.
>He happened to be living in Copenhagen
haha yes he did as he was the Danish monarch.
>that doesn't mean he was more danish than I am
? yes it does?
fun fact it was only absolute monarchy from 1661 because of the war with Sweden. And the king that made it so was Christian 4. and he was a Dane through and through.
>"Christian IV spent more time in Norway than any other Oldenberg monarch (Danish royalty) and no Oldenburg king made such a lasting impression on the Norwegian people"
does that sound like a king that just "happened" to be born in Denmark? Come now its getting stupid

t. danish diaspora
Just fuck off. Yes, the black death crushed our country to a bigger degree than Denmark and Sweden, but the SURPRISINGLY well believed myth that "without the oil Norway would be nothing!!11!1!!" is false.
Picrel. Taken from wiki.

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you can pray to your kike lord all you want you fucking loser. how is it bad to profit from war you nigger? it's how you win every war, profit from it. but you're too uneducated and inbred to understand that. keep fighting wars for the kikes though.

>not mutts
fucking kys 56%er

North America is historical Eden, wipepo feel the call. Unfortunately darkie-kin also feel the call, except for welfare. Evidence: north American mummies are Caucasian, the old ones. When whites returned to the continent, Amerindians were destroyed without effort. Cursed.