Brit/pol/ - RIP Jonathan Bowden

He died today six years ago

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Is that what he said to the parents of the kids he raped?


I picketed one of the speeches he gave in 2010. He told me to get a job and I called him a nonce.

Good times.


Shame I will never get a chance to see the man talk in the flesh.

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any evidence?
you sure told him

>lil c doing his running man signature move
fucking kek

Utter state of everyone that's not you.

Wish we could swap him for you.

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form the vanguard
form, form the vanguard

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You know who is is trying to bait lil c and he'll probably take the bait. Gentle reminder to report off topic posts.

god bless this man. greatest speeches i have ever head

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Who's ur favourite tripfag lads? Mine's PreuBe.

you haven't heard any of Oswald's then

>dad went out last night
>came home at midnight
>go into the bathroom today
>his suit is in the bath, drenched and covered in mud
>trousers smell weird like he may have pissed himself
who /alcoholic dad/ here


fuck off lil c


Pube is what this general deserves.

I tried to make it through his speech on Marxism. It was so full of errors I gave up. I guess he sounds smart to right wing tools though.



Lads, how do we stop minorities aggregating in a vanguard way?

this general is cancer and you contribute to it by letting him back lmao. degenerate fuck.

>coping this badly

what were the errors?

post slags

>implying there is anything you pussies can do against or the Coalition of Wealth
Face it, you cowards didn't even have the balls to stand against me so how do you expect to bring down a worldwide organisation?

Not alcoholic but does come back home wrecked sometimes, his job requires a lot of socialising. He's getting a bit old for it desu.


death squads

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Excellent point made.

Who is this?

>Anarchist flag
aannddd.... into the bin your post goes.

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>his job requires a lot of socialising
does he work at a pub?

Shut up virgin.

shitposting obviously

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>has a literal faggot on his flag

Excellent point made.

was he killed by mi5niggers?

hows ur degree going

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>I don't like admitting it but I largely agree on that too.
Same, except I don't mind admitting to it and am getting closer to the point where I'm willing to sacrifice my comfort and convenience.

>I think there's something to be said for fusing together technological progress and ruralism under a nationalistic approach to governance - elements of the 'Blood and Soil' - but whether that is sustainable I don't know.
His argument is that it can't work. But the distinction needs to be made between small scale technological progress and that of large scale organisational technological-industrial progress and dominance, because people take him to be calling for the abolition of all forms of technology, which is not what he actually said.

Probably, he died very unexpectedly. I reckon the establishment were terrified of him.

Wrong reply sorry, no he works in the city.

The most prolific pedophile in the uk

kek i was very confused for a minute

Nietzschean Credo -

Interview with Bowden -

Western Civilization Bites Back -

The "Pulp Facism" Lecture -

Race is Culture, and Culture is Race (short) -

Underneath the Mind (short) -

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Bowden on Ezra Pound -

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good ta, jan exams went well just got 3 summer ones left thats it

Conversations with Richard Spencer:

The Essence of the Left -

The Uses and Abuses of Nietzsche -

Nietzsche, On The Genealogy of Morals -

The European New Right -

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The Iraq War -

Frankfurt School -

Feminism -

Democracy -

Politics, Politics -

Oswald Spengler -

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Who even cares what you say? You're as unmemorable as Ralph Waldo.

>spreading BNP special branch infiltrator lies

user, put it to rest now.


And we've stepped over the prospect of being sorry.

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WWII and Holocaust Revisionism -

Agamemnon and King Lear -

Manchester Speech -

European Culture: A Bullet through Steel -

Cultural communism, Conceptual art, and Stewart Home -

The Economic Crisis caused by Speculation -

The Real Meaning of Punch and Judy -

British Sculpture -

Bowden's 2005 Film "Venus Flytrap" -

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Another thread I've conquered.

>Conservative from Tower Hamlets

Clearly a false flag.

just wrote a poem lads what do you think

Though warrior women
Bravely walk the walk,
Derivatives of disproportion
Draw heinous hypocrites
To their flock.
Where did all the laughs go?
Are you out there, Louis C.K.?
Once crucial conversations
Kept us on our toes;
Was it really in our interest
To trample Charlie Rose?
And what’s with this ‘Me Too’?
This infantilizing term of the day...
Is this a toddler’s crusade?
Reducing rape, slut-shaming, and suffrage to reckless child’s play?
A platform for accusation impunity?
Due process has lost its sheen?
But, fuck it, what me worry?
I’m a hero,
To Time Magazine!

I liked his commentary

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Nice, cheers user

Thanks for these mate!

Lemme guess: he talked about actual Marxist praxis and you thought “Marx’s version of Marxism doesn’t align with this. Could Marx be out of touch? No... it’s the revolutionaries who are wrong.”


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It’s possible. He was a bad boi.

Mi5 pls go

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>Of course you discriminate. You discriminate over who's your enemy and who's your friend. You don't treat people as all the same except in some universal ninnydom which only exists in the minds of people who want human nature to be different from what it is.

Fucking bang on.

One of my favourite excerpts from Bowden. 'Underneath the Mind'.

Please ask for my permission before saving my files


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>am getting closer to the point where I'm willing to sacrifice my comfort and convenience.

Good - and it's a positive trait to have. I'm not so sure how far I am capable (will should never an issue, or excuse, for anyone who truly cares) to go, but it is something to be worked on.

>But the distinction needs to be made between small scale technological progress and that of large scale organisational technological-industrial progress and dominance

Precisely. To use an incredibly crude example, something like a mobile phone can exist without the likes of Google having access to all of your conversational data, browsing history, etc... One does not necessitate the other, even if it helps to enable it. Too often the position is presented as black or white, with the inevitable goal driving those towards the Google side of the argument by preying on insincerity with regards to comfort.

And he was never against technology, only the rapidity at which it spread and disrupted societal norms - and even then not in a blanket fashion. Medicinal progress is wholly different towards the development of 'social media', or conveniences that allow for complete detachment from the outside world. They are not to be treated with the same disdain as they aren't the same. It's a very nuanced argument and he makes it incredibly well; which is why it's a shame it's often lumped as a, as you say, 'abolition of all forms' approach, which is probably only done to lampoon it and pigeonhole it with other fringe ideas.


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Start buying guns.

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Legend for our people. "Liberalism is moral syphilis..and I'm steppin' over it"




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>p**rcunts think they can report my man
Shit/pol/ will pay dearly.

Another thread I've conquered.

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State of Shit/pol/ mongs.

fuck you op

UKIP: 3%


>Remainers Are 'Cave Dwellers' Says Jacob Rees-Mogg

>Mail's petition to give the contract for the UK's new blue passport to a British firm tops 185,000 signatures

>Crackers NUS Conference Occupies Itself

>Corbyn is a member of two more anti-Semitic Facebook groups

>'Is the EU trying to make Brexit impossible?' FURIOUS British MEP rips into Commission

>Why do politicians refuse to tell it how it is on immigration?

>What do people think about Brexit?

>Councils 'have no choice' but to raise tax bills

>'Youngest councillor' dies suddenly aged 21

>Maths professor works out it'll cost you £774 to fill up your Panini World Cup sticker book

From 'bites back':
"there is a natural tendency to kick .. and it's life affirmative to kick, and to traduce it and kick its bottom..." "and this will attract many people to our side"

1:09:20 or so.
Late 2016 in a phrase.

gonna get pissed tonight lads


Why did my post get deleted.

Bongistan is finished.

Enjoy your islamic prayer, cucks.

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You can't kill us.

I'm drinking beer and I'm gonna get vodka later.


The non believers (p**rfags) are waging war against us.