A collective of parents is fighting to have her reinstated

>A collective of parents is fighting to have her reinstated.

>"We WANT our kids to be indoctrinated!!"

The absolute state of Texas.

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Why are they allowed to indoctrinate kids with this garbage?

Degeneracy gets everywhere, eventually.

>Suspended for asking for a little COMMON DECENCY for LGBTQDFASF++ FOLK???

Canadian-tier language policing coming to schools near you!

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Why are Conservatives so Totalitarian?

>This Isn't on the syllabus.

I would bless her with my seed

>The absolute state of Texas.
I can almost guarantee that she and most of those retarded parents are imports from Cuckafornia. They ruin everything they touch.

>We just... we just want to be accepted... and not persecuted! ;_;

[a few years later]


Should've put them in the gas chambers when we had the chance, lads.

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spotted the anti-intellectual.

really nigga

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can't wait to see Anna Kendrick play her in the inevitable biopic

Elementary school children should not be taught about this sort of thing. Knowledge of traditional hetero relationships is all that young children need to know in any system. This is an important part of left wing and neo marxist activities, destroying "normal" aka destroying our traditions.

There is no need for debate. The enemy will not change. We must have war.

Only war can save the West.

That's discrimination. It's literally unconstitutional. Go be a snowflake somewhere else.

Dirty LEsbo. How old were the children ?

Fucking trash.

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Of course you shill for war you warmongering degenerate. The norms of a civilized and tolerant society seem like a straight-jacket to the barbarian.


>a collective of parents

I guess it's obvious why it wasn't a "group of individual parents" Resistance is futile.

Never trust the meek. They're the most power hungry and power abusers in existence.

There is this rather strong pattern in the gaming community of people who ended up transitioning having other social issues and major depression beforehand. I feel that this triggers the need for escapism (you want a new life or want to become someone else) and transitioning not only seems like a easy way to do that, but the community can be very welcoming so in a way it can also be seen as a way to solve your social issues and satisfy your needs of acceptance. Because of this I believe that there are people who transition that don't have gender dysphoria but convince themselves that they do because unconsciously it feels like an easy way out.

What worries me is that some transgender people in the gaming community are incentivizing others to transition instead of counseling and helping them make the right decision. To do this properly they have to acknowledge that transitioning is life changing (even if reversing is an option, it can permanently affect your career and your relationship with other people) and that believing that you have gender dysphoria doesn't necessarily mean that you have gender dysphoria. People with major depression are bound to make bad decisions and have a lot of random thoughts, this kind of drastic decision should only be made when you're in a better state and more mentally stable.

>the hardcore gamer tranny problem

Another issue here, is that some of these gamers have had ZERO interaction/praise from a real female, so they tell themselves this is just as good. Then these so called male to female trannies, mostly consist of very disturbed sex obsessed men who are trying to become their ideal woman.

I don't know how we'd do it, but I think there needs to be some sort of intervention to get these guys in a shape where they could possibly receive positive interaction with women. I fear it's far too late for a lot of them though.

Low IQ gadsen analyisis strikes again.

intellectualism kills cultures and civilizations
every time

cultures and civilizations have never been stale things.

it's like you think you're saying something super profound but really you're just a fucking retard

You ain't getting the 1950s back, boyo.

What are the chances that the "collective of parents" don't even have children that attend the school?

Of course she’s a failed artist who now found her “mission” to pollute children’s mind.

Why do these faggots all have a messianic delusion.

>Don't like how western civilization is being driven into a brick wall? Heh, I bet you want it to just stay like it was in the 1950's forever.

Listen up, conservapoops. Change of every kind is good. If something is changing - it is always for the better. Nothing can ever change for the worse.

She looks exactly like you would imagine she looks like kek

You're the ignoramus, friend. Go back to r*ddit because I think you frequent that site.

Good. Get that horse shit out of school. Learn something useful