I am half black half white why do you hate me?

I am half black half white why do you hate me?
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You're also Irish

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People don't hate you, they pity you. People do hate your parents though. For giving birth to a creatura that makes people feel sorry for the said creatura.

I know these threads appear every fucking day but honestly why do you hate me?

Because you are a nigger

Pretty big chip on your shoulder. Maybe that's your problem.

Because you represent the death of millions of years of evolution. And it's not hate, it's a sorrow so deep that it manifests as physical pain.

Because you insist on this "half" shit. You're JUST black.

Im going to bed. See ya later. Hoping you get to have a nice wonderful sleep soon.

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> be me
> girlfriend just blew me
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> two seconds after I’m back on /pol
> cock is still hanging out
> what’s wrong with me?


You probably act like a buffoon and not like your white society

I dont act like a nigger im not one of those ghetto niggers who listen to rap for a living

Because you're a nigger.

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In general, people do not hate you. Regardless of what they may say here.

The problem you face is that the vast majority of people like you behave in a way that people here hate. The grief you get is in effect collateral damage.

I know a great number of 'racist'. The reality is that when we run in to a person who is 'black' or half black such as yourself who is 'just like us' in a cultural sense you are typically embraced far more quickly than some random white person. The problem you face is that many people have been burned so often that you may not get the benefit of the doubt.

Its not hatred, but awareness.
Awareness of the fact, that you will never be any of two, just a mutt who will never have his own people and culture.

Aren’t all Italians part nigger?

I doubt your not baiting, look a bit closer and youll see its an irish flag

I don't care. If I knew you or something you did that would affect my opinion of you. That being said the West needs to let in fewer immigrants writ large.

I agree with fellow potatoe

I don't, sup

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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