Jimmy carter is the greatest president of the last 50 years prove me wrong

jimmy carter is the greatest president of the last 50 years prove me wrong

protip: you cant

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I'm the greatest

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go build a house

Terrible POTUS, but a genuinely nice person from what it seems. Obama was the worst POTUS and a shitty human being.

>implying the most honest president of our lifetimes would larp as an aussie shitposter

The greatest sissy slut for me, that's it.

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hurr durr jimmy carter was a bad president becoz cnn and fox news told me

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At least that isn't an insult, I guess.

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That's praising you!

Zzz off to bed now

Read that as Jimmy Kimmel
And nah that goes to Reagan

(((reagan))) was the best president goy

Told people to wear sweaters in their houses because he couldn’t negotiate with OPEC he was pathetic. Gas lines for days. Handed Iran over to the radicals. The list goes on and on. Gerald Ford the bumbling fool was better.

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I would have said JFK but it’s been more than 50 years since he got killed by Deathstroke

Regardless of his presidency, Jimbo seems to be doing better than H.W. Bush right now

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Iran was Eisenhower's fault. OPEC was a response to the Iranian meltdown which once again was due to Eisenhower and BP overthrowing the democratically elected government of Iran and replacing it was a brutal dictator who forced Jewish degenerate values on the people.

>nearly causes ww3 by letting his warmonger little brother get in a position of power
>this is somehow a point in his favour

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Yeah, thank you.

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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JC got a bad hand and was to nice. Also fuck ted Kennedy, I hope he is burning in hell now.

JC may not have been the best on economics, but everything else he was great. Him pardoning all the draft dodgers was based. Also he named the Jew later in life.

>JC may not have been the best on economics
based on what metrics even if you disagree with the post war Keynesian consensus the monetarist policies of reagan to bush junior still would have caused stagflation

>prove me wrong
he's american


Sweden has fallen to faggots. Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't

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I agree, but I just did not agree with some philosophical economics view points he held. Also him creating the department of education was bad in my opinion even though he did it for the right reason.

Overall he was just a nice real Christian who could fight that pedo Ted Kennedy.