So Sup Forums... hero or villain?

so Sup Forums... hero or villain?

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national hero

Treason is treason, no excuses. He should have taken some other route to fix what ever he saw in need of fixing.

I wouldn't have run to Russia.

did hollyjew sensationalize him?
jew/goy villain

It's not a bad deed to betray evil.

He gave us the truth, he is doing god's work

>betraying the jews is bad

This Russian has sense. Now pressure your Government to nuke Britain please.

It's not ok to weaken your country and sacrifice your people's security for betraying jews. There're other ways.

Russian Spy assassination was an INSIDE JOB!

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>sacrifice your people's security
You're not damaging your people, you're damaging the faction that you know is the enemy of people.

Fucking this

Well to be honest a retard. Now I could be the retard because maybe his leaks where more than mass surveillance, but anyone with a room temperature is know or would figure it out. Now his life is ruined and I feel bad for him. He also could be just a character and they've become so drunk on their own farts that they don't care if we know and he serves as a warning.

>so Sup Forums... hero or villain?
Were we able to root out corruption in out government because of his efforts? Hero.

Was our national security compromised directly by specific information he divulged? Did anyone die because of the information? Villain.

Little bit of both I'm afraid.

>Microsoft share point admin
>never graduated college
>kicked out of the army for shin splints
The only thing of value he ever did was get a TS-SCI security clearance and he fucked that up.

National hero. History will be kinder to him than current generations.

>he should've let the government continue to unlawfully surveil people and abuse that power

go lick a boot. Telling people was the only thing he could do, he tried to report up the chain and nobody did anything. He gave up his life and his citizenship to tell the people the government was up to some shady shit.

I wonder if you realize how this will look in the history books.

This was the moment when we entered the death to privacy age.

That blood is on the governments hands, not his. Think of it like the government is committing an armed robbery and Snowden kills the robber but also hits a bystander.

None of that shit ever would've happened had the armed robber not been a such a goddamn slav

hero, obviously.
anyone thinks otherwise is just shitposting at this stage