''Move along. Nothing to see here...

>''Move along. Nothing to see here. The family that lived at this address have been arrested on suspicion of a hate crime.''

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I weep for you, Britain.


Thought crime coming soon

>Merseyside police raid family home for not paying their TV license



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>stop being racist mate, let your girl come with me

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is that satire?

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But, do YOU have a raiding loicence?

Bong hate thread?

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well well well, wot ave we got ere? postin police jokes without a joke loicense, yea??

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>nothing wrong here mate, keep moving along

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that's not real, right?

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>British police don't need guns because they have superior training compared o burger cops

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My god, you brits are so shit, it makes even me angry.

I want to go to war with Bongistan. If they are going to go full kike then they don't deserve to be here.
These people should be building bombs and destroying their corrupt leadership and the trash imported by them, but instead they watch trannys on Channel 4—AFTER paying for their license.
You bongs disgust me. May you burn in hell.

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Hans, I need to stop coming to this goddamned board first thing in the morning. I feel nothing but white hot rage.

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Everytime i see something bad happening in cuckisland,

i have a good laugh

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>move along m8

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Fuck I can't fucking stand Briton. The whole country has turned into a giant Monty Python skit.

Dont mind me, just dumping

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This shit's never gonna be gold.

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it is beyond saving m8

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Sadly it is. There are several news articles praising the action on Google.

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In London...call someone a "paki" go to jail for 2 years.

Fukkken bullshite, Mate!

Wow WTF..... Britain is lost

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Oh thats fine thry were a bunch of niggers

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do rappers in the UK brag about having a tv without a licence? =D

One of my favorites

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Please tell me this is fake

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They hang random ass flags there from all the commpnwealth Scotland even a mutt flag sometimes for our allies and shit, I’m not saying I think it’s a good thing it’s just the reason behind it isn’t showing solidarity with the rape gangs

Real talk, please. Is thia fake? What's the point in creating these? I'm having a hard time believing this is real...

At least one thing came out of Bongistan, Australia!

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So this is how the West falls.

>stiff upper lip

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George Orwell 1984 is coming true.

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Mfw Germany is exactly the same fucking place

It’s the daily mail so it’s most likely bullshit, probably what happened is one women went there to volenteer and then they twist it. Most of the articles are completely over exaggerated

Make it stop! Make it stop! PLEASE

Ok Anons, this is getting real depressing.

They're way past that
Pic related

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Oh come on that's fake, no one is going to let their woman fuck those dingy spooks

No money for police, but they have enough money to put fag pride decals all over the vehicles.

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This is what is considered 10/10 in London.

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oi m8 not smiling are we??show us yer straihgt face loicense

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Saddest of checks for you, good leaf.

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It’s the daily mail so more than likely 99% bullshit.

According to the mail, the government using an open tender for our new passports and announcing the preferred bidder was £150m cheaper than the closest British bid is a treacherous move and makes a mockery of Brexit, even though economically the next few years are going to be a shitshow and spending needs to be smart

we're just getting started

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When cops arrest people in England they make some officers stand guard at their house after? For how long?


guess ddr spitzl area thing again at the end of this even the police needs to pay for their role in this.
This isnt funny anymore and it sure as fuck wont become fun again for as long as this is allowed to go on.

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Your passports will be made in France. HAHA Brexit success!

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this one is neat

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/fit/ BTFO!

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So how many Ivans have been arrested for hate crimes today?

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Well, we...um...uh...

Ah, bollocks. He's right, Edgar. We'll have to go get a loicense.


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Prison costs you nothing and you get a nice warm bed without having to pay the heating bills. I think the Scots are the ones getting the shit end of the deal here.

don't hurt the thieves lads

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