One Piece

Our girl is okay. Brook for new Yonko soon.

>Carrot not taking part in final Yonko battle
>Jinbe mvp of the fight
How many Jinbe death fags are committing sudoku this week?
Carrot is going home and Jinbe is helmsman. This settles it.

I wanna thank Oda for a great and an exciting chapter to end 2017. I hope he stay hot for the next chapter. The three chapters were great! I’m glad the Nami has Zeus to use for fights!

Even if you redditfags argue that the strawhats and Jinbe fought Big Mom in a clever way and thus were able to knock her off the ship and shit, the fact is that they shouldn't even be able to do the things they did against a fucking yonko.

>Jinbe blocking Napoleon
>Chopper blocking Big Mom's attack and being perfectly okay
>Brook being so fast a yonko couldn't even see him???

All three of those feats are complete bullshit and only shows us that Oda doesn't know how to properly power scale and how strong a yonko should be in his own story.
A hit from Gear 4 Luffy did absolutely nothing to her but now the far weaker members of his crew are throwing her around like she aint shit.
If this shit is any indication for what to come then I have no doubts that Kaido is easy going down too. I fucking hate the """"teamwork"""" meme. Some people should just be able to overpower guys on the level of Nami, Chopper, Brook and Jinbe and a yonko would definately be one of those people.

Jinbe blocked an Akainu attack spee.d reader

You Jinbei haters and Carrot haters are gonna get double when both joins

You ever think that you might just be underestimating the Straw Hats?

Why in fucks name didn't Zeus electrocute both Nami and Brook... and Chopper as well. Why can't Big Mom freaking injure (or more logically) fucking murder Chopper? Ooooh he's on guard point. Prometheus not attacking Nami, Chopper and Brook? Napoleon can't fucking hit Nami? Jinbe survived a sword fire attack from fully enraged Big Mom with his bare hands and weaker haki and lived to tell the tale? Get the fuck out.

>Our girl is okay.
No she isn't. Please hurry and get this poor girl some food!

>hes going to shit this thread up with samefags too

It's hard to steer a ship when you only have one arm.

Brook's body works like a lightning rod

>Brook too fast
He wasn't fast Spee D. Reader-kun he just stunned her when he asked for her panties

Fucking kek you people are really mad about Big Mom being done in like this.

What do they expect the yonko to be completely invincible forever? If that was the case, the Strawhats could just give up now. They're on of the strongest crews on the planet, it makes sense that half of them could do this much. Not to mention that BM is weakened herself. This was a good wake up call to all the people who thought that Luffy would need another time skip to defeat a yonko in the near future.

Why do all the shitters have to pretend like the strawhats just beat Big Mom? All that happened was she got stalled for a couple of seconds.

>Sup Forums calling big mom a meme/jobber beacause she got pushed back.
>pushed back
>while severly malnourished
>having been on a rampage for fucking how long
>while in a rampaging state

and she's still perfectly fine.

remember when Jinbe blocked Akainu

Lightning does strike the tallest points and brook is carrying a steel sword

>b-lister strawhats + jinbei use combos and indirect attacks to only stall Big Mom
>"this is bullshit, how did weak trio beat Big Mom"
y'all stupid as fuck

One of these is not like the others.

thats exactly what everybody is doing just because they act weak they're not and people act like they know how durable choppers guard point is, I gets since its chopper people wanna call BS but if it was anybody else they would be hyping them up with new feats

>Admiral jobbers
>fuck this shit
>muh plot device
>get the fuck out oda
>blocked attack with bare hands and water waa

Way to waste time Oda, literally nothing happened again.

Just wait for next year. You guys are impatient. Take it slow and and enjoy the chapter.

These people just like to complain. If the Straw Hats start to lose they complain and say they should be stronger after that timeskip. If they start winning then they complain and say that they shouldn't be that strong.

What do you keep saying jinbe is week? Jinbe is not weak. Jinbe is one of the strongest beings in the entire is damn world.

Chopper can tank a hit in his tank state. I'll accept it.

Brooks entire thing before being able to freeze people was his speed.

You are underestimating the strawhats. They are ready for this stage. Oda did a good job of showcasing how strong big mom and her crew was when i thought hed never be able to have them live up to the hype s actually he still kinda failed but it's adequate. but the strawhats are right there with them not leagues under.

How many more timeskips until she becomes a raging a sex goddess?

Its one guy look at the poster number

Yall are acting like the weakling trio+Jimbe just beat Big Mom, they only killed/converted a homie and stalled her about 5 minutes.

Bro just stop reading for a couple years then come back to see if anything happens cause I doubt it anythings gonna happen

Life or Dick. what do you do?

But there are many people like him.

If Urasawa was writing Wan Piss most of the Strawhats would've died ages ago

No Jinbei is next week

She already is.

Next chapter Jinbe is using hydro pump on Prometheus, BM is falling in the water, and the Straw Hats are calling it a day.

Cap this.

Damn straight he is homey

post yfw we find out Weevil intercepted and BTFO'd Zoro's group

Next chapter Wano arc starts though.

>Won't die a virgin
Dick it shall be



Digits confirm it.

>J-just wait something will happen!!
It's been like 15 chapters where nothing happened because Oda used the time limit trick to waste time and drag this on. Sunny and Big Mom running around, Luffy fighting Katakuri and Sanji baking.
This is a joke and Big Mom crew is weak, can't even take care of a single enemy.



>mfw the captain of the strawhats barely beat Doflamingo and now only two arcs later the weak members of his crew are already fucking up a yonko

It's just autistic powerlevelfags

I want to fuck Carrot.

Tonight's special feature
"When green-texting frog posters don't agree"

Ok why the fuck did Zeus not hit Nami at all when she was the one taking action.
Did I miss something or is Oda really that much of a hack?

sorry boys but weren't germa supposed to "save" the straw hats from mama this chapter?

>Jinbe blocking Napoleon

Jinbe fought Ace for 3 days straight. Also first time we saw him use BLACK armament haki and a new shark skin technique. Point is invalid if he's using new techniques.

>Chopper blocking Big Mom's attack and being perfectly okay

If you use your eyes you'd notice Big Mom used her hand, not her sword. Guard point always blocks things softly.

>Brook being so fast a yonko couldn't even see him??

Please show me a page where Big Mom is using observation haki. As far as I know Katakuri is the observation haki specialist in the crew, not her.

Oda is going through Alzheimer's

I’m not waiting for something to happen. I’m just enjoying the latest chapter.

We all do

>poster number still the same.
Get a life samefag

>Why didn't Aokiji just freeze and murder every strawhat when he first met them, instead of going arround talking about Robin.
>Why is Enel able to breathe in the Moon.
>Why is a ship able to fly to a Sky Island with the help or pressurized water.
Your question are retarded.

>Please show me a page where Big Mom is using observation haki. As far as I know Katakuri is the observation haki specialist in the crew, not her.
I'm pretty sure that as a Yonko she would be able to use CoO, but right now she might not be using haki at all, otherwise she would have turned her sword black

Imagine if Zoro and the others were there. They would have completely annihilated them.

Even if she were her mental state and hunger sickness will hinder her observation haki. Already been proven with Enel and Katakuri.

Brook is a devil, he had already slept with the lady. Katakuri better call him Big Dad.

>Established posters having a back-and-forth dialogue
>"Wow fuck off samefag!"

I'm not entirely certain CoO works on Brook since his skeleton has no muscles to read movements from, his actions are purely his spirit/df moving his bones. Or Katakuri might have seen him breaking the picture, unless the explanation there is that it was just a crazy scene.

All Nami and co. did was buying time and snatching Zeus from a weakened Big Mom.

What were people expecting from this chapter? BM wrecking the crew and the ship?
That Luffy and Zorro were the only characters to survive in the presence of a Yonkou? That would make for some very boring arcs to come.

also, this chapter was a godsend for reaction pics


I want Carrot to have my kittens.

And how the fuck does that have anything to do with what I've just wrote?? Aokiji wasn't a villain the same way Big Mom is. Points 2 and 3 are just how the One Piece world is. Are you implying the inconsistencies in this trash tier fight (Big Mom vs Jinbe and 3 shit strawhats) are also a part of what makes One Piece the series it is? Kind of like the full package you get? That bad writing is inherent to One Piece and I just need to swallow it all like an OPfag would.
You are beyond retarded, you're an OP fag and an dickmunching apologizer for Oda's shortcomings.


Switch Blackbeard and Shanks.

Why didn't Law just switch Doffys personality with some random jobber and then kill him, why didn't Luffy just go straight into Gear 4 and end the fight before he took any dmg.

One Piece is crazy good this year.

The answer is simple. Oda is a hack. Any other excuse is daylight faggotry for Oda.

Right or left?

What week was that?

You make retarded questions and don't expect retarded answers, its almost like you want to be the one writing the story, good thing you aren't since you have a very bad understanding of how One Piece works faggot.

if they have submarine technology and Vegapunk is building shit like lasers, why don't the marines just torpedo pirate ships from below their hulls?


Why don't the Marines send the Admirals to kill Big Mom?

Lasers don’t work underwater, duh

>retarded question
>Valid criticism and spotting fights inconsistencies is retarded.
The state of OPfags who think their shit story is flawless.

fuck off bnhatard

Why didn't Moriah just wait inside his room for daylight, instead of actively engaging in a fight with the Strawhats after he stole their shadows.

You know you're actually strengthening my point that Oda is hack, not the other way round?

every week

>Its a brook being based Skelly chapter


she only wants to make babies with luffy sorry user

All the (You's) are from me, you're still retarded.

Why didn't the marines just cut Ace's head off before waiting for all the Whitebeard pirates to arrive.

>jinbei tanked a yonkou slash
Am I supposed to find this impressive and suck Jinbei's dick like you've been doing for years? Yeah no, sorry but I'll take the "Oda this is Hack" option instead. Jinbei has always been a Mary Sue but this is getting out of hand.

in chinese zodiac the rabbit really likes an always follow monkey

>Jinbei has always been a Mary Sue

Chapter thread days are full of cancer and speed readers


No you're just stupid and should learn how to read a manga.

the battle was inevitable when they captured ace whether he is dead or alive whitebeard is going to war

>Rabbit, Monkey
>This pair is made for each other, having several similarities in personality and life. Both of them can tolerate everything of each other, as long as they have enough space and freedom. Their love lives are full of fun because they have a strong sense of curiosity to get to know each other. Usually, they share common attitudes and opinions about life.


>they don't make panties at Big Mom's size

>weak trio takes out Big Mom
>Zoro jobs to a literal retard

I want this.

I hope BM stays thin. No one like fat sacks of shit.

>Jinbe tanked a Admiral magma fist
Am I supposed to find this impressive and suck Jinbei's dick like you've been doing for years» Yeah no, sorry but I'll take the "Oda his a Hack" option intead. Jimbo has always been a Mary Sue after one shotting Moria and fighting Ace in some random Island for 5 days.