New spinoff announcement soon.

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mediafire.com/file/z369599l7z7cvp6/Accelerator 42.txt
mediafire.com/file/0pnd77x70b6y8ac/Railgun 100.txt
mediafire.com/file/zfk1ltx7f11l1qj/Astral 7.txt
mediafire.com/file/llmjk35gzvlccvq/Idol 28.txt


The first PV for Index 3 will be camripped by the end of this thread.

Carissa and New Light slice of life archeology spinoff when?

It's the first day of Comiket, no PVs yet

>Tfw the new spin off is not about Himegami.

New Light is a lot more interesting and cute than Himegami so it's a win win

Are you 14 to watch this fucking garbage?

Is the mobage shitting itself for anyone else? I just wanna fucking play and it's being retarded

Oh sweetie, you have to be 18 or older to post in Sup Forums.

Dunno, ask /vg/ about it.

Then why are you still here, honey? Maybe you need to take your shitty cartoons for kids and get the fuck out of here.

Misaki a pile of shit

The translations of the official releases mess up quite a few times.



Most of the differences in translation are recorded here, you can see that it's really inconsistent when YP decides to swap translations around.

They refer to Miki as Mrs Miki, swap it to Mr Miki as they notice their mistake, and then swap back to Mrs Miki another few volumes later. "The One Who Purifies God And Slays Demons" is instead translated to "The Magic Slayer Of God's Cleansing".

When does the Misha rate up start? And when do we get info on the new guy? I assume he's going to have his own event like Miyabi rather than be added to pachinko

I am more interested in when they are going to add more playable Raildex characters. I hear that most people really believe Kakine is going to be next

I really think they should wait on Kakine until after VA reveal and PV (which might give us a visual on his power)

How many goddamn spin offs can we get?

Accel already has two spinoffs and there is no point to a Touma spinoff, so basically it's between Lessar and Saten. I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's Lessar to ride the new seiyuu hype.

You forgot that he could also be trolling. I doubt he'd be legally allowed to spoil the new spinoff. If it is Accelerator, I bet it will just be NT version of the Accelerator manga we already have

>it's Shokugeki no Touma
>salesposter has a stroke

Index S3 was cancelled, all glory to the Colonel!

Nogi is too pure to mess with us

I don't see why he'd be allowed to spoil the new spinoff via Twitter. So either he's lying or is guessing just like we are

Why is the mobage constantly disconnecting?

>steals your spinoff

Lap lolis

Shitposters are seething so much in past 20 hours.

Are we 100% sure a new spinoff is coming? Getting 3 new manga series in one year is nuts.

living the dream. I love lap lolis.

Warning, lap lolis may be predatory.

Still no any significant activity on 5ch raildex thread to day

It's a meme you dip.


Is there a way to make the mobage not take a fucking eternity to connect?

It was giving me a lot of problems earlier tonight but for me it seems to fixed itself. It was shitting the bed

Touma, Etzali and Kuroko BTFO

Does the Misha rate up start and Chinese midnight?

Touma doesn't care about her romantically so he wouldn't get BTFO if she ended up with someone other than him. More like her feelings would be what's getting btfo

Incase you miss it:

(Digital Raw) 電撃大王 2018年2月号
Dengeki Daioh February 2018 issue,
December 27th, 2017 release
Kamachi Kazuma content only:

>Toaru Kagaku No Accelerator #42 (22 Pages)
>Toaru Kagaku Astral-Buddy #07 (24 Pages)
>Toaru Idol no Accelertor~sama #28 (10 Pages)
>Toaru Kagaku no Railgun #100 (23 Pages)

Daioh20171218.rar (92 MB) multi download links:

js06 translations :
>Accelerator 42 Translation: mediafire.com/file/z369599l7z7cvp6/Accelerator 42.txt
>Railgun 100 Translation: mediafire.com/file/0pnd77x70b6y8ac/Railgun 100.txt
>Astral Buddy 7 Translation: mediafire.com/file/zfk1ltx7f11l1qj/Astral 7.txt
>Idol 28 Translation: mediafire.com/file/llmjk35gzvlccvq/Idol 28.txt

Toaru Virtual-on Manga #01 (24 pages)
Source: comic-walker.com/contents/detail/KDCW_AM19200122010000_68/

multi download links:
Toaru_Majutsu_no_Virtual-On__01.zip (4 MB):

many thanks, mate

Imagine this scenario. Komoe-sensei is walking down the street when suddenly a couple of scary looking thugs grab her and hide behind an alleyway and then proceed to rob her. She tells them to let her down and to stop what their doing but once they have everything they need they pour a bottle of alcohol over head and she gets drenched. They then throw her in a nearby dumpster thats almost empty and since she’s so tiny she cant reach to get out. Hours later, someone ends up finding her. Who would want it to be?

Kiyotaka Haimura is transmitting right now!


Ask about Casual Vento.

Kamachi watching? holyshit!


Looks like a New Years image

Fucking Mikotofags, don't harass Haimura.

Of course it's a 3rd worlder.

>No PV
Dead I guess

I'm gonna wake to a preview. I'm so excited

They're just asking you know. Doesn't mean they're harassing

Tomorrow or 31 december

Please don't be next year.

>Haimura draws a picture of Index and Touma
>"What about Mikoto-chan?"
This is pretty much harassment and isn't very nice to Haimura who's generously streaming what he's drawing. It sounds like the commenter feels entitled for a picture of Mikoto as well.

>mikotofags ruining everything again
as expected

Mikotofags are the most entitled little shits in the fan base.

Fucking Mikotofags I swear

Why does everything needs to be forced down our throat as harassment, many artist stream and people ask about other characters. It's not new and the artists know it so quite raging over something stupid just because a character you hate is in the context.

It's just not nice to Haimura. Especially coming from some illiterate Syrian who types わ instead of は. He didn't exactly ask for requests or anything.

Stop shitposting for fuck sake

Its harrassment and an entitled attitude. I would say this about pretty much any character. Its also well known that Mikotofags are entitled brats because she's the face of the series

Fucking Mikotofags ruining everything again

All of them, (there) is Mikotofags inc Haimura himself.

Learn English Freshit poster

Must be those fucking Mikotofags fault

>their country has the first alphabet in the world

eh, nice one but I think you need to read some history

My respect for Mikoto has just gone through the roof.

That's a non sequitur. Even if your country has the first alphabet in the world it may still have a lot of illiterate people.
And the point I made was that this person is illiterate in Japanese and English which are the languages this person attempted to use on the chat.

Not really, the rest aren't much better.

Yes really

Maybe if you're a hypocrite.


Haimura will stream again same time tomorrow according to his Pawoo account.

Stop bullying each other


True, but according to your point a person in order to be illiterate they should not be able to use the language at all but the person attempted a basic level in Japanese which implies they're learning. As for English I don't see any mistakes.

I'm just against the idea of attacking people because of where they're from, this is an user broad, it should stay out of this.

Are the rate ups active

Go back home, don't you have a mother to abuse?


It says that the server is not open

His English was also terrible, as is yours.

>this is an user broad
This is an anonymous board but the person in question commented with a pixiv account on a pixiv stream, not on this board. And this person intentionally mentioned that he was from Syria rather than letting his nationality remain unknown.

You have to go back to wherever you come from.

3.5 hours until it's the 30th in China. Even then you may have to wait.

Just because I'm defending someone does not mean I'm from there too. You should be the one going back to wherever you're from.

Sure. And I didn't mean your country.

He wasn't the only one commenting their nationality if you payed close attention. You're just triggered that they specifically commented about Mikoto and that's the whole topic.

Mikotofags are cancerous shitstains and deserved to be called out at every opportunity.

You are more cancerous, honestly.


I'm not the entitled, bratty shit that feels entitled to artwork, doujins, and to have canon itself pander to my desires simply because I like a popular character. That's all stuff Mikotofags do

So, I hear someone wanted to see the Raildex characters they have in store, you know what that means? News Time.

Thanks, I was looking for this image.

Except you are. You are a whiny and edgy bitch that absolutely loves to cry whenever Mikoto gets yet another piece of artwork or a doujin simply because she's a popular character. That's all the stuff you do. Now fuck off.

Is it news time already?

Misaki release when?!

I'm not the one that has to go "I want more Kamikoto too11!!!11! D-d-don't leave me out guise!11!!" whenever people start talking about the doujins they hope s3 gets, like a spoiled little shit

PV when?

There is no PV.

When you shut up about it.

No Jokes