Bort bringing his waifu over for family dinner when?

>totally not obvious falseflag
Fuck off

>Last thread got deleted because of fujoshit
>Let's start with shipping shit this time!
The absolute state of Boruto

Sarada is the endgame of Boruto.
Grampa Hiashi will not allow his plan to be tampered by a mere genelet child.

>implying Uchihashit jobber genes are part of Hiashi’s plan

How the fuck did she even flew against the tree

> mods deleted much older thread for sake of the shippingbait

Look at the childrens hair. Who is the real father?

Konohamaru is that strong.

Also: Himawari getting her own series when?

I know Konohamaru is decently strong but not to the power kind that defies law of physics

Konohamaru is nothing but a shitter, losing against a couple of kids? Even a sharinganless Kakashi blew the entire class the fuck out. Konohamaru is Iruka tier.

Apparently he's not strong enough to counter basic genjutsu...

Fujoshit threads doesn't have thw same flamewar that shipping threada ar least.
I tgink janitor/mods doing it on purpose


He's gonna be the 8th hokage until Sarada gets past the Uchiha rabies.

Kakashi had it easier. Konohamaru had a big target painted on his chest. Kakashi had small ass bells on his waist. Plus kakashi took it far more seriously than konohamaru because of boruto's attitude

she fucking flew

The last thread got deleted because it had a request in the OP, which is against the rules and is reserved for /r/ or /wsr/.

Which character has the best porn by series


bonus points if you back up your choice with proof

your mom

Is this bot or something?
or maybe mod, shit looks too official

Or he’s just not a newfag, dumb frogposter

your words hurt me user
at least i can say that your waifu cheats on you


Which confirms my theory even more
At least he is an seniorfag that is

Boruto already did.



I hope there is an doujins at comiket
Hopefully some user will alert us

>'whos your parents"
>"oh, alright"

>Konohamaru being the sensei of the kid whose parent killed his grandfather.
Is it really all water under the kannabi bridge?

"Hey Boruto-kun...Wanna fug?"

Well what do you want? Anyone who wanted interesting story or writing from this series gave up by that point. All that's left is fujos and shippers.

Shippuuden. There's barely any doujins for original, they all look outdated as hell and all are pretty vanilla with exception of that shitty edgelord series where the girls would be killed in the end. And say what you will about Wataru's proportions and uncontrollable shipping, his works are hot.

Kawaki won't have much to worry about then...

Ninja Dependence series is probably the only really good doujin of Naruto. The one that everyone dies and the two with Tayuya are the best ones, really translated well the edginess of early Naruto.

It was 2edgy4me

That's I want to talk about, the Ukyo Kodachi writing.

Since he writed Boruto The Movie, I think he put some high promises for the characters that don't respond to their development.

For example, Boruto made two promises during the movie: to surpass his dad to Sasuke, and protect Sarada no matter what.

He already did his first step to become strong, training with Sasuke, but what about Sarada?

She barely made any step towards some training or excel with her sharingan. Meanwhile, Sasuke during the Chuunin Exam already had a cursed seal and trained with Kakashi to develop Chidori.

My hopes are that the writers include much more things in the anime adaptation, to compensate the 'Boruto only' approach.

She keeps saying that want to become Hokage, but the way things are now, there will be two outcomes: or she will become frustated for her lack of progress, turning into anger (and Uchihas are very good at this), or she will accepted Boruto growth and start a relationship with him, with he been the strongest Hokage bodyguard ever.

>shit tier image
>starting the thread with autism
Purpleturd lovers are the worst

>shinobi jidai wa owaru

is hokage still be relevant in the future?

>Implying she stands a chance against Salad
They are literally perfection

Please, let's not start another Sarada vs. Sumire fight. How about we all cool down and talk about something else related to Boruto? Like predictions for the next episode or chapter, or Kara, Kawaki, or even the new ninja science tech?

i can't wait to see Boruto the Movie, weekly animated arc

Reminder that Kiba deserved Hinata.

Sakura should do everybody a favor and jump Boruto's bones.

I didn't know Iruka was so popular in Japan.

Him and Kakashi basically a gay couple as Naruto is their son in eyes of the fujos.

I wonder if any of the background graduates from the class Boruto was a part of, such as Team 25 (Hako, Houki, and that other guy), could appear in the movie arc?

Fujo's man, Kakashi+Iruka was an incredibly popular gay pairing only surpassed by Naruto+Sasuke. Nips love gay shit, feminine guys and edgy shit; which is why the Uchiha clan were so popular.


>Kiba over Rock Lee
what the actual fuck

Holy shit it's true, I regret searching it.

That’s not Naruto

Why is Naruto fading from existence in that picture?


She probably would have that desire once she sees edgy bort.

>literally all Aktasuki members except Konan, Kakuzu and Hidan ended their lifes with suicide

How the fuck didn't you notice that he was included in every fucking opening despite not appearing for 600 episodes?

You sound like an expert
Why is Hidan popular in Sup Forums?

He's a hottie.



>Bort bringing his waifu over for family dinner when?
Post that one comic. you know the one.

>purpleturd posting


Posting shit like this should be a bannable offense.

I got you, fampai

That guy does better, more detailed art than Kishimoto. I want a grimdark version of Naruto from him.


Not this one, but this is cute too. Saved.

Salad a best

If best meant worst.


You know it's true







>are you my real papa?

Water under the Great Naruto Bridge, sure.

Post more Salad on Bort

There you go

What happened to those two scrubs that were on Konohamaru's team? What are their powers even?

>long hair Sarada

No. Her hair should stay short.


But long hair is cute.


On some girls but Sarada is many times cuter with short hair.

It would be pure pottery if she got the Itachi hair cut


If we're talking part one manga length tied back just like Itachi then that would work. But all these images with Sakura style hair? just gross.

Would Sasuke finally pay attention to her if she did so, as she already looks a lot like him?

Hawawa crush on Boruto confirmed?

Have you been living under a rock?


>Scratch marks on his back