What the fuck am i reading?

What the fuck am i reading?

A fucking masterpiece

Deadtube. It says so right in the picture you posted.

One of the best manga with one of the best waifus ever made.


I wish it would exist a cheat code to instant kill everyone that use the word "edgy".
Just to improve this world a little.

I genuinely like this manga.

Have there been any pee or toilet scenes since the last one with the goggles girl?

And hopefully never again.
Begone peefag!

Something more trashier than a Trash.

It went bad incredibly fast and manages to achieve new lows with every chapter. Only keeping it in reading list to save the gore pages for collection.

Fuck yeah.
Is like everythime you think, "how can this chapter/arc can be surpassed"?
And everytime the author achieve it.

The manga I have to settle for to get my edge fix since trash. got axed

>Something more trashier than a Trash.
I honestly don't know which is trashier between the two.

>implying that word doesn't describe dedtub perfectly

Trash. considering it has tons of gore AND rape
and is better drawn though maybe that's a point in DeadTube's favor

I'd be willing to bet that we're going to get a spinoff at some point in the future, or at least a manga made in the same vein.

2ch's Young Champion Retsu thread was like 80% Trash discussion, and the volumes seemed to be doing pretty well. I don't get the impression that Kenji is one of those mangaka who are barely scraping by.

I dunno, I don't doubt he'll go make something really edgy in the future but the last arc of Trash was basically "we cancelled, better kill everyone as fast as possible"

While I'd normally agree with you It's actually appropriate this time.

They announced the end of Trash between the releases of volumes 9 and 10, and they gave the final arc two and a half volumes (compared to the franchise's norm of one volume). That's not a case of "you're done, conclude the manga in the next chapter".

Kenji was probably just ready to go do something else. However, what works of his apart from Trash have left any sort of mark? He's going to pull a Sekirei and come back to it in 5~ years when he wants money.


An edgy social commentary about how far youtubers would go in order to get famous.

Or just a piece of shit.

Edgy fun and fap bait