Fall 2017 sales thread

LL Sunshine (41,768)
Osomatsu (10,321)
Deremas (9,570)
Kekkai (6,865)
Yuuki Yuuna (4,774)
Kino (2,730)
Umaru R (2,635)
JUST Because (2,054)
Code:Realize (1,837)
Night Blood (1,258)
Konohana Kitan (1,158)
Dies Irae (719)
Shobitch (522)
Two Car (219)
Ousama Game (Unranked)

Rankings next week:
SideM (11,036 pt)
Blend S (2,763 pt)
WUG (1,759 pt)
Juuni Taisen (1,466 pt)
Animegataris (315 pt)

Gintama (2018/01/24; 4,055 pt)
Hozuki (2018/01/17; 1,501 pt)
Girl's Last Tour (2018/01/24; 1,337 pt)
Sangatsu (2018/01/24; 771 pt)
Imosae (2018/01/26; 714 pt)
Kujira (2018/01/26; 238 pt)
Osake (2018/01/24; 245 pt)
Inuyashiki (2018/01/24; 113 pt)
Dynamic Chord (2018/02/28; 95 pt)
Itsudatte Bokura (2018/03/21; 93 pt)
Love Kome (2018/02/23; 62 pt)
Black Clover (2018/02/23; 58 pt)
UQ Holder (2018/01/31; 49 pt)

Wooden Spoon:
Urahara (2018/03/21; 22 pt)

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>Shobitch (522)

>3 replies
Nice bump, OP.

Was Urahara really bad?

>those sales for Inuyashiki

Sasuga nips.

This. Mods pls.

>everything is bombing except idolshit and fujoshit
What a time to be alive.

I only hope SSR does alright.

>Black Clover (2018/02/23; 58 pt)
>UQ Holder (2018/01/31; 49 pt)
>Urahara (2018/03/21; 22 pt)

Top kek

>Yuuki Yuuna (4,774)

That is just first volume right? Wonder how the new parts are going to sell. Probably one of the few times later volumes sell more then the first.

Also no gems?

Is the first volume a recap or something?

Yeah. It's just the movies. New episodes did not start until episode 8.

Why does somekindofthing like it? I watched it and it was terrible.

>no gems?
Sales site admin is a turboautist and doesn't track CGI shows because "not anime"

Serious question: could he have some kind of mental condition? His dislike of CGI and het seems extraordinary, all the moreso the fact that he refuses to explain why he hates CGI in the first place. Also, his extreme liking of Flip Flappers and Sakura Trick seems rather disturbing and seems to exceed even the series' Japanese fans.

Why would they buy this again if they already have the BD for the movies?

Wait are you idiots using that sjw someanishit site to track shit? Why aren't you using the DVD wiki? It's better in every way, don't give that faggot clicks


>Why aren't you using the DVD wiki

Because we can't read japanese?

It updates slowly so it's not too good for the latest data.

I don't know. Sold over 4000 copies though for something they already have.

Funny thing is even though he hates 3dcg anime, he loves Hatsune Miku shit which in itself is 3dcg based.

I'm 100% certain he's genuinely autistic or something. He's got a whole list of things that triggers him beyond belief. I know Eupho in particular almost made him kill himself, and I'm sure if you sent him a pic of like Cocona holding hands with a man he absolutely would. Certified n/u/tjob.

Well, Miku is not anime but cgi in anime is cancer.

>someone contemplating suicide over an anime having a het end (whose source material had a het end anyway)

3 hours and barely 25 replies

Kemono Friends died and it took the stalker threads with it

Funny thing is Eupho (anime) didn't even have a het end, but I guess simply the possibility of it is enough for that kind of people

wtf I love KyoAni now
I hope there's more yuribait anime with straight het endings in the future, so the /u/fags can finally pull the trigger and kill themselves.

>I hope there's more yuribait anime with straight het endings in the future

Well, Silver Link just tried that
>Two Car (219)
Didn't end well...

It's always like that tho

Hibikek anime didn't end with a het ending, you dumb hetfag.

Two Car isn't yuribait, the main characters are straight from the very beginning.

Not really, in the past years we had harems, cute girls, action or whatever selling decently too.

>Imosae (2018/01/26; 714 pt)

They are certainly going all out so that people buy their stuff

>The absolute fucking shit state of Two Car, Blend S, and Animegataris

Of course he is autistic, the sort of work he does is only possible to an autistic person.

Somehow I doubt it. I'm autistic myself and I've never been that obsessed with anything, and when I have issues I try to explain them instead of repressing talk about them. Maybe it's not necessarily autism but something else that's also related to mental health.

Gems is 6284.

>Sup Forums defends CGshit now

Have you bought enough flip flappers BD for a S2 yet?

>buying flip flop

I would if I could

when is mahoutsukai no yome?


but that's houseki no kuni

It only sold 6k first volume? With all the shilling it had on here I expected at least double.

I dunno why would anyone call mahoyome "gems"

MahoYome is 7043

>With all the shilling it had on here
>Sup Forums is the primary consumer of anime BDs

>tfw Madoka is slowly fading into irrelevance while nips still eat Yuuki Yuuna up


No new material means dead show.

Because YuYuYu is the better series

Rebellion killed Madoka, mate, let it go.

If you're lucky Takahiro will kill yuyuyu with the last episode.

Some years ago I wouldn't say that, but WaSuYu and (so far) S2 made me change my mind and prefer YuYuYu.

>fading into irrelevance
It isn't, it is still fucking huge and the second largest magical girl IP in the moment.
Because YuYuYu has been releasing content constantly and was wise enough to keep its spin-offs clearly connected to the main series.

This, and the Madoka spin-offs being pretty bad on their own too.

Different Story was okay.

Don't you have the mobage?
Anyway, the story ended in S1 and I don't know how they can continue it without turning into horse shit. Just move on.

It was in the last thread.

Madoka is still huge but Shaft is going full retard those last few years.

Don't worry, you'll go back to preferring Madoka when Takahiro asspulls a happy ending where everyone is fine and things go back to status quo in the next episode.

What do people have against happy endings nowadays?

I have nothing against happy endings, but I have a lot against bad writing. YuYuYu S2 is setting itself to have a really shitty outcome for the main characters: The tree that's powering them up is weak and nearly dead, Yuuna either has to sacrifice herself to save humanity or die from the curse the gods put on her, and to top it all of, they have to fight those gods now with less power than they used to have back in S1.

The only way I can see this ending happily is with some major asspull, which I hope doesn't happen. Not that I want them all to get slaughtered by the gods and the world to end, but I want these events to have consequences in the end.

>LLSS sold more than literally everything else combined

I follow him on twitter and it's okay, you need to read more than just the posts on his site.

>UQ Holder absolutely fucking bombing
It already sold stupid well. During the movie run, the WaSuYu Blu-rays sold 7k. Each. Ticket sales were worth 1k or so too. YuYuYu is raking in cash.

Only thing I'm expecting from LL selling well is PDP series

This time preferably without school closing down bullshit plot


saleswittols owned hard

I agree, if this turns out to have some deus ex machina happy ending I'll be disappointed.

>Black Clover (2018/02/23; 58 pt)

Top Kek. I thought this shit is the boku no hero academia killer?

He's a yurifag, they're brain damaged.

>>LLSS sold more than literally everything else combined

Better than being second rate to Yuri on Ice

God forbid movies of those 2 shows premiere around the same time

You can read his review if you're that interested.

>expecting sales from long-running pierrot anime

Urahara is Crunchyroll’s first attempt at seriously funding/producing an anime original.
It flopped but streaming sales will lessen the debt.

Like what happened to Osomatsu, right?

>dropped to 40k from S1's first week 60k

This franchise is as dead as Star Wars.

Osomatsu are really lucky making 10k Because S2 doesn't even put a scratch on S1.

Yuri bait will conquer the world!

>what is Naruto/Bleach in its prime?

With that high rating on Nico?
Keep those mental gymnastics going

Shame, I enjoyed the show a lot despite being yuribait. Hopefully there's a manga sequel.

>nico ratings
>mattering ever for anything


99% of Sup Forums does the same thing, it's so stupid.

don't worry, hagfags will find a way to shit on it and doomsday it


Jewniplex is the one making the call

>the main characters are straight from the very beginning.


What are you talking about, it opens with them fighting over coach's dick.

I miss edgy bitch user

He was here last Stalker thread. He was there and the thread still died without reaching 200 posts

And then ends with them still fighting over coach's dick.

>Konohana Kitan (1,158)
>Nips still have shit taste in curren year + 2

Why don't yuri shows sell?

Dude, let the thread die as it wanted

>Two Car
Good, I hope the people behind the writing won't work on anything ever again

>LLSS, im@s, YuYuYu and PriPri is not yuri