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Ch 45 To The Predecessor, Her "X" is a Bolt Out Of The Blue

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Sensei x old fat principal guy should be canon

Commit suicide.

my dick is ready for the sensei duo


yoo, is this what I think it is?


>smile and optimism: long gone


>Can't tell
Is she dreaming about Moeyuki actually being her husband?

She's remembering that chapter where she was wearing the school uniform.

Oh I see it now, I'm liking the fact that Miharu is the opposite of Mafuyu in terms of personality

I’m curious if the protagonist will be exploited to death in the end.

Might as well dumping it



>Moeyuki continues to be Moe
No man should hold this much power



/lit/+sensei=sensei's imouto?







Old hags don’t win in a harem manga

Take note






if she's only 3 years older she might just be close enough age wise to break that rule




my fetishun


Doujin where?

Sensei's autism is stronger than Rizu's

Those thighs


This is an impossibly cute man. Say hi to him.

>to death

He's getting quality sushi.

>she's only 3 years older


>the scary glare runs in the family

So the sister didn't notice that they were drinking from couples mugs and just gave her a spare, here?

That's the face of a man who's been through this mess so many times he's starting to give up.

speculation, he's a 3rd year so 17-18, depending how long she's been teaching she could be 21-22

and the fact her sister still thinks she could be competitive suggests she's still young enough.

Could she guilt him into proposing this way?


notice the "if" at the start of

Or she's just biased. She even calls her onee-sama.

>moeyuki literally becomes a closet pervert

Anyone have a summary?

Check the previous threads.

I can't wait for the day sensei once again smiles like this.
Get to it, Nariyuki!

My god she is like a dog that always wait his master outside

Anons, hold me. I don't think my heart can take much more.
I'm waiting for the Viz version to continue with the compilation.

Delete your life.

>toothbrushes not kissing
Lewd level: too low.

Also, Mahiru, why are they using that shit on their heads while in the tub? What the hell is wrong with your delusions?


Sensei butt.

Every second with shampoo on their eyes is a second not spent staring lovely into each other's eyes.


Do you think her mom is just as hot?

>toothbrushes not kissing

I was thinking that too, surprised I wasn't the only one.
Is the Indirect Indirect Kissu too high level?

What happened to ch.44?

Love Marriage Ring? Could the author be saying something?


>not Sup Forums chapter

came out last week, we had the Viz version, Jaimini's slacked off again

Based Vizanon provided.

She was never /sci/. She was Sup Forums all along.

>sensei's closest thing to a love life is one of her student coming to clean up her appartment and take out the trash

She's going to lock moeyuki under her bed isn't she?

>She smiles right before he rejects her

No, she's going to give one of those tearful smiles after he rejects her. You know the broken heart smiling face look.

She had a cute run last week.

almost like the boring parts of a marriage, also while they had a lot of contact this is the first time someone calls them a couple, sensei is gonna start thinking about it

Sensei really makes me lose interest in the series. She somehow exists for fanservice in a non-sexual way, and her only real connection is to have Nariyuki take care of her as if she's a literal child. I barely register that the sensei from school is the same one that exists these days because she's 2 chapters away from being unable to figure out how clothes go on.
It feels like there's 2 tiers of characters. Fumino, Uruka, and Asumi are all fairly unchanged from how they were introduced. But Nariyuki, Rizu, and Mafuyu quickly devolved from potential depth and remain caricatures of themselves.

>45 chapters before Nariyuki gets to study properly
That takes quite a while

He studies off screen a lot, but aside from that one time Sensei tutored him as a reward for cleaning the room, this is the first real tutor he's getting
>inb4 Sensei's sister is as dumb as a doornail

Fumino is very different from how she was introduced. At that time she was daydreaming, confused and accidentally harsh in her words. She's now basically the deuteragonist, being wise to the feelings of the other girls and trying to help keep Nariyuki from making mistakes and having a rather developed understanding with him. She's very different as a character.

Uruka hasn't changed much. Asumi has changed the least, but that's because she was a late addition rather than an early one when the manga was still finding it's canter.

>sensei is gonna start thinking about it

It's alreay begun

>tfw he just wants to study and nothing else

Rizu looks so good in golfing outfit.

you can be a good professional and a have a messy apartment, if she was cold the whole time it would get boring fast, Yuiga has soften a bit, but I guess that's part of making friends, Rizu's degree of autism changes each chapter, last week she noticed Yuiga staring at her Rizus, Fumino has changed a bit, Asumi just got introduced, and finally you can't change personality if you don't have one to begin with

She sure have the superior genes.

It always seemed to me like Fumino's reason for sleeping early on was a lack of caring about studying and just how messed up her eating was, which seemed like good reasons for her change. She used to eat sugar all night just to study after all.
She's definitely gotten better about keeping her harshneess internal though.

She's the best girl after all

I think her reason for being tired all the time is implied to be that she stays up late to look at the stars.

Did she just get horny?

>/sci/ on the hat

>New girl appears
>sensei (smiling recovered) edition
Tsutsui is a god. As much as she is a fanservice character, I like sensei a lot. I hope we get more insight into her past. Maybe sensei sister and sensei swap places one day and the sister gives him the talk

>She used to eat sugar all night just to study after all.
just like my redbull overdosing in college, she is ready for the uni life

>we get more insight into her past
We just got some before. No doubt we'll get more from her imouto later.

You can be professional and have a messy apartment, sure, and being cold all the time would get boring. But her every interaction has her turning into a child these days that Nariyuki needs to take care of.
Need to go to school? She has no clothes, can't talk her way out of a situation, and needs to be guided as if she's blind through the school.
At the festival? She gets carried to a first aid station and then Nariyuki has to apply the stuff to her very minor scrape for her.
At the maid cafe? She has no balance whatsoever and needs to constantly be cared for.

In TWGOK-terms:
>Mafuyu fell down the teacher stairs to be at one level with Moeyuki.