Isekai General

Why is he so perfect.

What are you reading today Sup Forumsnon

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I’m reading what others do on Christmas.

>Elf girl
>anything but shit tier

Isn't this the slut LN where all the girls are unvirgins and the MC is trying to look for a virgin?

Slow translation though

Why is the MC still surrounded by lolis?
When will he finally get to fuck the crazy maid?

Does that get any good?
I dropped it when the other hero is nailing the girl and tanaka is listing in jerking it.

I'm really into Death Mage Doesn't Want a Fourth Time right now its getting more and more happy which makes me sad from the way it began. Though it seems like the other reincarnated people are going to start coming in soon so that has me keeping up.

RiP thread

This. We need Dwarves.

Tanaka's author has the greatest naming sense. He doesn't waste his time coming up with character's names, he just goes "aww fuck it" from the start and does whatever.
>republic of Pussy
>Cyan Bitch
>Loco Roco
>Christina, Mercedes, etc., etc.
>all the named random mobs
Much better than the usual pretentious french- or german-like names that no human being can physically pronounce.

The first Thursday of the month can't come soon enough.

>tfw still no 1.0 isekai

>all the girls are unvirgins
Not all, only one confirmed if I remember correctly "the purple hair slut"

Look, if Seo made an isekai, there'd be dragons or some overgrown bisons ramming into best girls while they travel through plains. Would you really want that?

The other slut did anal.

Tbh, she's a bigger slut since she only fell in love with tanaka because of his schlong

>overgrown bisons ramming into best girls
Who Wouldn't
Technically She's still a virgin.

>Seo finds a way to Truck people even in fantasy

Tanaka needs to rail brown elf

>Isekai General
Oh, I hate this.

>Why is the MC still surrounded by lolis?
Because Why not?

How many has he fucked?

Find out yourself.

Does this thread ever mentioned that new hot topic isekai in japan ?
I forgot the exact title, it's something like
>The JK whose skill is to copy the ability of those who cum inside her.

1 if artitst doujin considered canon

>girl get run over by wagon in isekai world
>reincarnated into the modern world
>grow up to get run over by a truck
>reincarnated back to isekai world

It's a never ending cycle for Fuuka

Based Tanaka
i should catch up

Fuck off

>Fuck off
Why though?