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I think all in all I wound up spending some $6000 between food, transit, Comiket, and other stores in Akiba, Nakano and Odaiba.

>backlinking in the OP
inb4 404

I just hope Mr Wong saw his passport again


If I have spare $3000 I would have been there and mingle with the sweaty weebs.

Put a smile on my face. Fucking nostalgia.


Hey, can you take a few pics of what's inside the Fate servant stories?

He should get a fat female relative to cosplay as Jaiko.





Post the rest of the haul friendo

Top cosplay


I love how he painted on Shou's sunken-in cheekbones.

RIP user. The fat men from those loli rape doujinshi finally got to him.

A lot of Toku cosplays


Always the best cosplay



Can you take some pics of that FFXIV book's insides?


Translations when?

What's the Guilty Gear stuff?

Very nice haul, user.

Whenever someone posts their haul during Comiket, it seems like 90% of it is just garbage.

how much did you spent on it in total?

kill them all looks dank.

No SUKEBE Order VOL.01 tho.


T2's FG/O for C92 never turned up to the best of my knowledge. Did he delay it till C93?

>someone sold Hakumei to Mikochi not-so-dakimakuras
Oh wow.

>Moon Flower

Is Comiket just a Fate convention now ?

>Why do self employed artist make stuff that people want to buy?!?????
And no. You can find pretty much anything. Nobody has translated r-worcus 40k doujins either. It's just a matter of what's popular, lad.

Is this supposed to be Saikano?

Or maybe you just have shit taste?

Post nagato

next year maybe, it's growth this year has been pretty outlandish.


good shit fampai

Isn't the point of being self published to make what you want to make.

Well that's unexpected. Why would someone be cosplaying something more than a decade old, unless there is new content I was not aware of?

That's literally only something a small group can get away with, in self publishing you cater to a market or you fucking starve.

Are you that much of a newfag, user? It’s also for self-exposure. Many artists start off as doujinshi only before landing jobs in industry.

Because people sometimes want to cosplay from series they like

*an incredibly small number.

Don't kid yourself, for the most part it's just a way to make a living using the skills you've developed, and it comes with the benefit of at least getting to dictate your own timetable.

Yes and no. You usually do good work if you do what you want, but you also have to make sales. Once you make sales, a circle picks you up, when a circle picks you up, you get more popular. When you're popular in the circle, the hope is you're picked up by a professional manga producer. Until then you do what sells. You need to eat.

No, I'm pretty sure it's everyone else that has shit taste.


A small number, yes, but still sizable. Doujinshi don’t make a lot of money, though, but I agree with the rest of your points.


$6000 in one day?

Guess I might have some saving to do before I make the pilgrimage.

Do they normally announce the price of what they're selling in advance of the event? Might be easier for me to plan my budget around what I want.

Exactly. And those people make so much Fateshit because (GASP) they like Fate.
Doujin stuff is literally always a deficit, unless you have a huge name. People still release doujin manga and games and whatnot because they honestly enjoy doing so.
I guess that kind of mentality is not something that an American would ever understand though.


Yes, just follow on Twitter, Pixiv, etc.

Why do assume that FGO stuff isn't what they want to make? I've seen people say stuff like this before and I don't understand it. Artists are people too and they can like popular things just as much as anyone else.

>muh americans


Well Japan has a fuck ton of convention

Any LWA C93 doujins ? NSFW preferred.

Hopefully there's a Bondrewd cosplayer there he can hang out with.

Salesfags are huge jews who believe that people can only do things for profit.



Not uploaded yet, no. It'll all be het faceless old man rape shit anyway so what's the point?



Cute. Anyone have a name? Or just more pics?

Post some inside images of the moon flower please!

>It'll all be het faceless old man rape shit
Wow shit user, exactly what i wanted, any source links for that ?


You make a few grand a couple times a year and work on commission on the side.

>Doujin stuff is literally always a deficit
Printing runs for shit that sells at 500 yen a pop is dirt cheap. And you can move a lot of that in the day and over time shift the rest of it on melonbooks or similar, and there's tons of crosspromotion that goes on right before any comiket, the reason? they all understand and wanna help each other out. They aren't losing tons of money on this if they do it more than once. They wouldn't be able to keep it up. A lot of artists live on a pretty slim line.

t. Bong who has managed the finances for artists in the past.



Not if you're a NEET and actually trying to live off of it.

Is that kill them all an artbook?
I saw it on pixiv, but can't into runes.

This guy's stuff

You disgust me. No, no sources, just I know what's likely to be done. Then again, is LWA even popular in Japan? If it isn't, it'll just be whatever the artist wants, rather than what sells. There honestly isn't that many LWA stuff anyway. Think it's all futa/yuri anyway currently. Hence my guess.

>rutile and husbando
>nobody likes phos

>they like Fate
I wish they didn't.
That's because I assume artists are the kind of people who want to distinguish temselves and express themselves in a personal way, not making the same shit as everyone. But I guess not every artist is like that.



Meh, it’s still not as lucrative as you’re making it seem except for the more well known and established circles.

There ARE those few artists that jump to whatever's popular...


>different people have different tastes
shocking, I know

>Reeeeee stop liking what is popular
Just check any artist's Twitter, likey half of it will be posting FGO screenshots. You know, because it's fucking huge in Japan. Hell, even Ume-sensei already did a doujin for FGO.

This is the attitude of a happy man. LWA and especially Diana posters are shit but I respect your approach

>Printing runs for shit that sells at 500 yen a pop is dirt cheap.
And how much more do you think they spend actually making that shit? Not to mention how more often than not they'll print more copies than sell, unless they're already popular enough (in which case they risk not being able to sell as much as they could).
Doujin culture is mostly about passion and fun, profits are very minimal if they ever happen. You'd have better luck trying to make a bit of cash by selling your works online, which is most likely why there are so many digital-only sales these days.


Ah i see, i thought theres a LWA doujin wheres Diana get fucked with faceless men.
Too bad LWA isnt popular in Japan & the only LWA fanbase is a Yuritards chinks.

Where did you see me reeeeeing ?
You need to chill.

I'm not making it seem lucrative, I'd say about 2 months of work will go into it if you go into comiket production mode, a bit more if you're doing it over a longer space of time. a few grand ain't great for 2(+) months minus costs. But it's a nice lump of cash all at once vs a stream from freelance work and good promo, especially with all the modern twitter cross promoting that goes on.

I don't care what brand whatever sexy brown girl I fap to is attached to. If she excites my dick she's good enough.

This user knows what he’s talking about.