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The thumbnail made it look like they censored the niggers massive schlong.

Why doesn't Tornado wear panties?

From this point, I think it'll go like this:
>Zombieman meets Genus and talk about stuff, he then leaves for Hero Association's headquarters
>Garou wakes up and meets Orochi then leaves with Monster Cell
>Jobber Squad does it's job and present Monster Association's executives
>Saitama meets Garou and defeat him
>Garou meets the ugly kid and then everything goes like in the webcomic, however every single fight is much longer

She does, but they're probably painted on her butt, just like her dress

What killed the hype?

She wears panties. They're just invisible ones in the manga.

Its like she's wearing nothing at all

First two lines can't work in that order. Remember the limiter reveal is while Garou is fighting the demon group. No way ONE will just move that.

is there any more battles like boros
i stopped the tournament shit because it was boring as fuck

It's possible, if the limiter reveal would show Garou vs everyone flashback pic. After all, Zombieman is just in front of takoyaki's shop.

She is a big woman, not necessarily a tall one, so have no need for silly panties.

what the fuck is the point of "cleaning" a digital release manga? i am angry, what the fuck is that shit

Murata should work as a porno director already

Tornado in that page looks like she's about to be BLACKED and PORKED.

It's the work of ONE (1) user

Well, I guess it does is a possibility. ZM being in front of the shop doesn't mean much, ONE could play around with that and still have all the stuffs up to Garou vs demon group happens.
Though I'm the first to agree it's quite a lot of things happening and timeline wise it would be weird. At the very most, ZM would have that discussion with Genus in the hour.

Neck yourself.

If anything, it's Darkshine and Pig God who would be scolded and stepped on for being weaklings and taking her job. But Darkshine would probably try to calm her down and Pig God wouldn't care much.

I remember reading some times ago a H manga/doujin where a midget girl that wants to be a star gets her hands on a strong aphrodisiac, but accidentally makes it inhale to a huge black guy and a huge fat guy that then fucks her silly. But can't find it anymore. It has lots of cum inflation too.


So that people will pay attention to her and she can threaten them for looking.



Left > right, I don't know them but boobs in tight conservative looking dress makes my inner prude aroused.



Get in line son




Began Lily's 3d model.

So far I got hers, Fubuki's, Tatsumaki's, Dos' and Psykos' in progress for the girls. I'll most probably do Mosquito Girl, LinLin and Eyesight too.

New chap when?

Nice as usual.
>Mosquito Girl
Good man.

Best taste, user; TinyTats is shit.

Did anyone tell Murata yet about the repeating text bubbles for pages 8 and 10?


Several people mentioned it on twitter.

Smurf is capitalizing on being the only person who draws OPM lewds, including edits.

Can't blame him. OPM is a dead series so he has monopoly.

Hopefully you also do for those girls from the Narinki group.(if they get to do anything in the manga aside from jobbing).

He's japanese.

Would be a possibility I guess. The smug one is nice.


>The smug one is nice.
Very. I wish I knew what the slang was to refer to those prominent eyebags.

Left, right is only for cuck porn retards

Correct, user!

There was no hype to begin with. OPM is a very niche series. Even Murata said in his stream that he can't feel OPM hype at all.


Narinki group kills the tiger level monsters to hype them and then proceed to job to the Demon level monsters, some of them are forced to eat the monsters cells while the others get rescued by Drive Knight.

Thats one way it could go.

she wears panties, but stupid people cant see them

And a turnaround video.

oh men, adult almost cake petite women are my fetish. A plus if they are flat as a fucking plank. People call me pedofaggot or low test, it's suffering.

Well, actually you could sell those models to a game company or a 3DPorn company

is there a new chapter or something?

Well, wonder how that work in this case since those are technically fanarts.


I feel 2017 was overall a much better year than 2016, Longer chapters, better fights, developments etc.

My Top 5 OPM moments in 2017

Saitama serious punch on Elder
All of Saitama/King moments
Suiryus rampage
Garou overwhelming Gatling
"Are you Kidding me"

It came out yesterday.

The line art is inked, looks hand drawn, but the shading looks like CGI, or photograph. So out of place. Did Murata draw this?

did I miss a TL thread?
well shit

Some rough translations were posted yes. You haven't missed too much though.

Drive Knight didnt get offpaneled, if he did, then One shouldve had WDM being offpaneled too.

Why the shitty ass filter on the dresses?

That's some retarded logic.

People realized it was Reddit: the Manga

Some retard ruined it thinking it looked better or something

The more realistic shading does make their body/dress look way softer than the original, which is a good thing.

If by softer you mean shitty plastic CG then yes

Random insult isn't an argument. The original cross hatching is nice, but a more realistic approach is totally fair.

How is that an insult when that is exactly how it looks, since when is something that looks like plastic a "realistic" approach?

Why does it look like their dresses are CG now?

Because you don't read threads before making dumb posts.

Slow release dates for a manga exclusive arc? I'm still interested, but I held off of reading for a long time to let the chapters build up a bit.

Those are just edited.

Last year the releases were slower and mostly contained like 12-17 pages.

It would looks good if it didn't stick out like a sore thumb.
Paint the face and hair too and it'll looks good


because someone put a dumb filter on it

> filter

It's totally done by hand.

I wish Jin would stop with the ball crushing already.

I miss black sperm

I've held off a long time.

>ywn experience this level of sexual pleasure

You reminded me Space Jin drew two new OPM fanarts a few days ago.

A cute Tats.

He means the edited one.

And a really fucking cool Golden Sperm.

That's what I meant as well.

Lets be happy we are finally getting the MA raid in 2018, if we are lucky we might get Garou vs Darkshine by the end of the year.


One admitted he screwed up with pages 8 and 10.

>what killed the shitposter


you need to fuck off

Perhaps Tatsumaki's dialogue in page 8 is"Do you know the Monsters Association hideout?

How exactly?

Where was this posted originally? Twitter?

Dialogue content, he said to wait for a while while the correction happens.

The filename should give you the answer.

Oh, that's funny, I hadn't realized. Tatsumaki says exactly the same lines in those two pages.

Murata will probably announce it in the next streams

Why is the shading on Tatsu's dress different if these are the same images? I'm guessing the pen-shaded one is the original? Or did Murata update the release with the digitally shaded version?

Someone added the filter for OP's image, already explained in the thread