Full Metal Panic!: Invisible Victory

Why the FUCK did no one inform me that one of my most fondly remembered series was getting continued after over a decade?

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There was a sticky and everything, dude.

Because you're a casual faggot? It was announced over two years ago, we had a fucking multi-thousand post sticky for it, and there have been a bunch of threads since, especially for the staff announcement last year.

I tried to call you and let you know, but you interrupted me by saying you have a dozen hard cocks in front of you and that "they're not gonna suck themselves".

I was probably out of my home country at the time then. You faggots should be talking about it more

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How often are we supposed to talk about a show that's been announced and hasn't aired yet? Especially when there's two years in between the announcement and the actual thing.


You should be happy instead, fool. You spared yourself a whole lot of painful waiting. Now you only have to put up with just a little bit.

It is not KyoAni, its Xebec slaugthering it at worse than Gonzo quality. So who cares?

>le xebec is shit meme
Just stop.

I can. But can you stop consuming shit? Doubt it.

>Xebec slaugthering
funny how xebec has produced the most impressive reinterpretation of a show and the best mecha anime in the last 20 years since 2012, while kyoani has produced nothing but blunders ever since k-on. but hey, you wouldnt know about that since all xebec shows youve ever seen were clockwork planet and to love-ru

I pity Fafner fags, their braincells turned into moss and the result is poster above

did some mentally deranged kyoani fag just talk about a depleting amount of braincells? quite ironic, gotta say.

Gonzo FMP

KyoAni FMP

xebec FMP

Speaks for itself

what are we supposed to be seeing here?

I think he wants you to see changes, so subtle, that they do not change the overall esthetic of the anime.

I'm also lost what he meant by that

i mean, if i am going to assume that hes retarded then he probably thinks that its a smart idea to compare a fanmade youtube clip that includes all the well animated fights of a tv show (second raid) to a teaser trailer that got released 8 months before the show actually airs (invisible victory). thats really the only thing i can think of.

Because you're a fucking newfag.

Maybe because you're a bandwagoning Reddit piece of shit.

any news on how much of the story they will adapt ? the trailer posted by 166350770>> doesn't seem to go far with the story( or maybe it was to avoid sploirer, very old spoilers)

First cour will go from Continuing on My Own to Make My Day.

Second cour (probably in 2019) will presumably finish the rest of the novels.

Are you ready, Sup Forums?